Meet E-Diggi, A Fiat Millecento From 1954 Converted In To An EV

The E-Diggi is a brainchild of Ador Digatron, a joint venture between Ador Powertron and Digatron Power Electronics from Germany, which is headed by Ravin Mirchandani in India.

By Kingshuk Dutta


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Published on May 23, 2022

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  • The E-Diggi started life as a 1954 Fiat Millecento
  • it was restored to a working condition by a French gentleman in Pune
  • It was retrofitted with a battery pack and an electric motor

There's something about vintage and classic cars! The lines, the coachwork and the sheer class that they ooze, is something that is difficult for modern cars to match. And one such car is the E-Diggi. On the outside, it is a beautiful classic, a 1954 Fiat Millecento but it is the inside, wherein lies a twist! Ador Digatron, a Pune-based specialist in energy storage, e-mobility and batteries, decided it will be a good idea to turn the gorgeous Fiat Millecento into a mascot for the company and electrification in general. 


(The E-Diggi was found on the side of the highway, where it was bought by French gentleman in Pune, who lovingly restored the car to its former glory and beauty)

Specifications E-Diggi
Battery Size 48V
Battery Capacity 10 kWh
Electric Motor Capacity 21 kW
Range 70 km
Top Speed 60-70 kmph

It is true! Ador Digatron believes the E-Diggi (Diggi is short for Digatron) will do its bit to get the conversation about electrification going, especially with classic and vintage vehicles and strict rules around them running on roads. The story behind the build is as beautiful as the car, if not more! It was in possession of a French gentleman, who made his living as a baker in Pune, Maharashtra. 


(The E-Diggi started its life as a 1954 Fiat Millecento)

He found the 1954 Fiat on a highway, in a not-so-good condition, but decided to restore the car to its full glory and beauty, going to the length of the car repainted in original colours, 68 years after it was manufactured, putting a Premier Padmini engine under the hood to turn it in to road-going vintage car.


But the French gentleman had to move back to France and that's when Ador Digatron stepped in and bought the car and began retrofitting it with an electric motor, battery and the works, a lockdown project, if you will. Different teams came together and began the process of electrifying the Fiat. First, the internal combustion engine was dismantled, the floor was re-purposed to fit a propulsion system that used a battery pack and an electric motor. 


(The team at Ador Digatron lovingly worked on the restored Fiat to convert it into an EV)

The fuel tank and lines were done away with. Then, the car was given a fresh lick of paint along with the chrome bits getting some love too. Lastly, lithium-ion battery pack was fitted in the boot of the Millecento while the motor went up front, under the bonnet. The initial tune of the motor proved to be a little too powerful and the car was fitted with adequate brakes that matched the power output.

The final result was a vintage car that stood right on the cusp of old-school nostalgia and a strong whiff of modernity. A cutesy, charming, heart-warming Fiat from '1950s, turned into an electric vehicle, that the company hopes will do its job as a mascot and educate the average road-goer on electrification.

Photos Courtesy: Energizing India.TV


Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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