New Mercedes-Benz G 580 EV Unveiled With Four Electric Motors & Tank Turn Capability

All-electric G-Class develops up to 579 bhp and 1,164 Nm and claims to offer all the off-road capabilities of its sibling with an internal combustion engine.

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Published on April 24, 2024

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  • All-electric G-Class first new Mercedes EV to not use the EQ prefix
  • Quad-motor powertrain offers up to 579 bhp and 1,164 Nm of prak torque
  • Offers similar approach, departure and sideward slope angles as internal combustion G-Class

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the much-anticipated all-electric G-Class, or as the company officially calls it, the new G 580 with EQ Technology. The all-electric G-class is the first model to break away from Mercedes’ current EQ nomenclature system with future EVs also set to drop the naming system. The G 580 EV retains all the boxy looks and proportions of the standard G-Class with minor cosmetic tweaks identifying it as the all-electric model. The big change however are under the skin with the traditional internal combustion powertrain replaced by a quad-motor all-wheel drive electric drivetrain capable of propelling this 3-tonne SUV to 100 kmph in under 5 seconds.


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Mercedes Benz G 580 With EQ Technology 1

The G 580 With EQ Technology retains the G-Class' iconic looks with only minor design tweaks.


Starting with the looks, the G 580 EV retains all the boxy and upright looks of the iconic G-class with only subtle changes to the design. The standard model gets body-coloured headlamp surrounds and a closed of grille featuring a four-slat design. Additionally, buyers can option the G 580 with the EQ-style blanked-out grille with illuminated surround and black housings for the headlamps. Mercedes says that the A-pillar also gets new cladding to help improve aero while towards the back the rear wheel arches feature air curtains and there’s a roof-mounted spoiler too.


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Mercedes Benz G 580 With EQ Technology 1

The G 580 gets a closed-off four-louvre grille as standard; blank-out grille with illuminated surround is an option.


The electric G-Class retains the tailgate-mounted spare wheel though Mercedes offers the option to replace it with a square storage box to store away items such as the charging cable, tools etc. Edition one models get the storage box as standard with the option of replacing it with the spare wheel.

Mercedes Benz G 580 With EQ Technology 2

First Edition models get a square storage box mounted to the tailgate in place of the spare wheel; is optional on the other variants.


The cabin is also unchanged from the internal combustion G-Class replete with the twin 12.3-inch digital displays atop the dashboard. The carmaker says that the G 580 with EQ Technology does gain an updated voice assistant with some voice-controlled functions no longer requiring users to use the term ‘Hey Mercedes’. Additionally, the EV also gets around 20 voice commands unique to the G-Class. Buyers are also offered a range of options including a rear-seat entertainment package with twin 11.6-inch touchscreens and a Burmester 3D sound system among others.


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Mercedes Benz G 580 With EQ Technology 5

Cabin is identical in design to the petrol and diesel G-Class


Moving to the powertrain, the traditional petrol or diesel engine has been replaced by a quad-motor all-wheel drive all-electric drivetrain with individual electric motors powering each wheel. Total output stands at 579 bhp and a mammoth 1,164 Nm of torque. The motors draw power from a 116 kWh under-floor battery pack with Mercedes claiming a range of up to 473 km on a single charge. On the performance front, Mercedes claims a 0-100 kmph time of 4.7 seconds while the top speed is limited to 180 kmph. The G 580 weighs in at 3,085 kg (kerb weight).


Mercedes says that the G 580 with EQ Technology supports up to 200 kW of DC fast charging capable of charging the vehicle from 10 to 80 per cent in about 32 minutes. The vehicle also supports up to 11 kW of AC charging.

Mercedes Benz G 580 With EQ Technology 3

Mercedes says that the G 580 EV retains all the off-roading prowess of the internal combustion models.


Mercedes has put in effort to keep the SUVs off-road capabilities intact despite moving to the electric powertrain. The G 580 with EQ Technology features a torque vectoring system that Mercedes says mirrors the performance offered by locking the internal combustion model’s differentials. Unlike on the internal combustion models, there is no physical switches to activate the system with the functions engaged by the vehicle’s computers. The battery pack also gets some serious protection with a 26 mm thick, 57.6 kg skid plate protecting the SUV’s underbody and vital components from any damage when the going gets rough.


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The electric G also retains the option of ‘low range’ with each of the four motors featuring a gearbox with reduction gears. The option for low-range can be activated when the vehicle is set to the ‘Rock’ off-road drive mode.

Mercedes Benz G 580 With EQ Technology 7

The buttons for the locking differentials between the air-con vents replaced by ones for low range, G-Turn and G-Steering.


Activating low range will also allow users access to the much-hyped G-turn feature with the G 580 EV able to pull 360-degree tank turns standing on the spot. This is achieved by the electric motors rotating the wheels on each side in opposite directions. Mercedes however says that the G-Turn function is limited to just 2 full rotations before the function is deactivated. A less showy feature tucked away in the off-road setting is G-Steering that uses the G 580’s torque vectoring system to individually control the power to each wheel to help reduce the vehicle’s turning circle. This feature though can only be used at speeds of up to 25 kmph.

Mercedes Benz G 580 With EQ Technology 8

26 mm thick bash plate protects the battery from debris when driving off-road.


Mercedes says that the G 580 EV has approach and departure angles of 32 degrees and 30.7 degrees respectively and can drive on sideward slopes of up to 35 degrees. The SUV has a breakover angle of 20.3 degrees and has a fording depth of 850 mm. In comparison the 2025 internal combustion G-Class has approach and departure angles of 31 and 30 degrees respectively while the side slope angle is unchanged at 35 degrees. Water wading capabilities however are notably lower at 700 mm.


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The all-electric G-Class will go on sale in global markets later this year with Mercedes already confirming that the model will come to India at a later date.

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