Nissan Magnite Long-Term Final Report: The Service Centre Visit

Our time with the long-term Nissan Magnite concluded with a routine visit to the service centre and this is how it went

By Dhruv Attri


1 mins read


Published on February 15, 2024

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  • Our Nissan Magnite long termer goes for a routine service
  • Nissan Magnite comes with four free services
  • Nissan offers 2 years/ 50,000 km warranty on the Magnite that can be extended to 5 years.

The Nissan Magnite has been a trusty performer in carandbike’s long term garage. We’ve driven it through the new as well as old bylanes within the city, wide open highways and on roads riddled with more bumps than a puberty-stricken teenager’s face. And it has managed to handle almost everything without a fuss. But just before our time with the car came to an end, Nissan called it for a routine service to which I obliged.


The service centre also had a pick and drop option but I decided to drive it myself to see the procedure. The Magnite has a grand total of four free services. Here’s the schedule. 


  • 2,000 km or 1 month
  • 10,000 km or 1 year
  • 15,000 km or 18 months
  • 20,000 km or 2 years


Our car was eligible for the last complimentary service at 20,000 km/ 2 years where the labour charges are waived off. The service includes oil filter, engine oil and AC filter replacement. Apart from that, everything else from the fluid levels, underbody, chassis and the other components are given a thorough inspection. Once serviced and washed, the car is then taken for a drive on the road for final check. The whole procedure took around three and a half hours. 


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So how much did it cost to service? Well, it cost Rs 2,318 (plus GST) which includes cost of parts whereas the labour service is complimentary. The above amount is a ballpark or minimum amount but it can vary on the basis of service requirement and the car’s condition. While the car was being serviced I was seated in the lounge which had a TV that let me keep an eye on the platform where the car was being serviced in real-time. 


Nissan offers a 2 year/50,000 km warranty as standard with an option of extension to up to 5 years. The Magnite also comes with prepaid maintenance packages as well. 


Our long termer was quite fuss-free except on a few occasions. So what was worth cheering and which areas does it need improvements in? We have answered that in detail in our long-term review here. You can also watch the video here.  

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