Ola Electric Motorcycles Design Patents Revealed

Ola Electric has filed design patents for three electric motorcycles, each different from the other. And these are not the ones that were showcased as concept bikes in August last year.

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Published on May 10, 2024

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  • Ola Electric files design patents for 3 electric bikes in India
  • One of them will be a simple, practical, electric commuter motorcycle
  • The other two will be more performance oriented

If you remember, Ola Electric had showcased 4 new concept motorcycles in August 2023. Like concept models usually are, the bikes had a rather unique and unconventional design which would have not exactly been production friendly. But now, the company has filed patent designs for three more electric motorcycles which seem to have a much more conventional design. In fact, one of the motorcycles seems to have a commuter-esque design, something like a regular workhorse of a motorcycle would.


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Ola Electric Practical Bike Design

Ola Bike Design 2

Looking at the sketch closely, you notice that the bike has a flat seat, tall handlebar, telescopic fork up front and dual shock absorbers at the rear, all of which point to a commuter motorcycle. Also, notice that the motor is hub-mounted, and the tyres are skinny, as you would see on a 110-125 cc motorcycle. The swingarm is a regular box-section unit and the bike seems to get a single disc on either wheel. This is likely to be a bike that could take on a petrol-powered 110-125 cc motorcycle. 

Ola Bike Design 3

The other two motorcycles have a rather similar design. But even then, the seat, handlebar, rear section and the headlight seem to be different. The body panel on the side where the battery should be, that is different too. The tyres, suspension and the swingarm seem to be similar. Currently, there is no information available on the technical specifications of Ola's electric motorcycles.

Ola Bike Design 1

Now, Ola had earlier said that it will launch its first electric motorcycle in 2024 and we could see a working prototype in August 2024. Once launched, the Ola electric motorcycles will take on the likes of the Revolt RV400, Matter Aera 5000, Tork Kratos and Oben Rorr. 

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