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Petrol, Diesel Prices Hiked For The Eighth Time In Nine Days

Petrol and diesel prices in Delhi have been increased by 23 paise and 27 paise respectively, that brought the prices to Rs. 82.13 per litre and Rs. 72.13 per litre.

Petrol and diesel prices in Delhi have been hiked by 23 paise and 27 paise respectively. expand View Photos
Petrol and diesel prices in Delhi have been hiked by 23 paise and 27 paise respectively.


  • Petrol and diesel prices are revised daily by the state-run OMCs
  • Petrol rates across all metro cities hiked by up to 23 paise
  • Diesel price in Delhi increased by 27 paise, to Rs. 72.13 per litre

State-run oil marketing companies on Saturday yet again revised the fuel prices across India. Domestic petrol rates have been increased by up to 23 paise whereas diesel prices jumped by up to 28 paise in metro cities, as per the notification by the Indian Oil Corporation. In the national capital, the current price of diesel stands at ₹ 72.13 per litre and petrol at ₹ 82.13 per litre. On Friday, petrol and diesel rates in Delhi increased by 30 paise and 45 paise to reach ₹ 81.89 a litre and ₹ 71.86 a litre, respectively.

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Customers in Kolkata will now have to pay ₹ 75.70 for one litre of diesel

Over the last nine days, the capital city witnessed a cumulative hike of around ₹ 1.06 per litre in petrol prices while diesel rose by Rs 1.60 per litre. The two auto fuels have recorded an eighth price hike in the last nine days. Buyers in Mumbai will now have to ₹ 78.66 for one litre of diesel and ₹ 88.81 for one litre of petrol, seeing a hike of 23 paise and 28 paise respectively. In Chennai, Kolkata and Bengaluru, petrol retailed at ₹ 85.12, ₹ 83.67 and ₹ 84.87 respectively. On the other hand, diesel retailed at ₹ 77.56 in Chennai, ₹ 75.70 in Kolkata and ₹ 76.46 in Bengaluru.

Here are the prices of petrol and diesel in the five metros on November 28, 2020:

City Petrol Diesel
Delhi 82.13 72.13
Mumbai 88.81 78.66
Chennai 85.12 77.56
Kolkata 83.67 75.70
Bengaluru 84.87 76.46

The 58-day hiatus in petrol price revision and 48-day status quo on diesel rates was led by no change in rates between June 30 and August 15 and an 85-day status quo between March 17 and June 6. Fuel prices vary from state to state because of different rates of local taxes and VAT imposed.


Fuel prices defer from state to state depending on the incidence of local sales tax or VAT.

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Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation, and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation are the three major oil marketing companies in India. The oil marketing companies revise petrol and diesel rates daily and make necessary changes to align the petroleum prices with global benchmark and dollar-rupee exchange rate.

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