The Best Automotive Pranks From April Fools' Day 2024

Indian brands like Ola Electric, along with other global manufacturers like Volkswagen, and Honda all made jokes on occasion of April Fools’ Day

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Published on April 2, 2024

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  • Ola Electric revealed an autonomous electric scooter.
  • Hyundai unveiled Dogbility, a transport solution for dogs.
  • Isuzu revealed a perfume named ‘Driven’.

April 1, or April Fools' Day as it is more commonly known, presents the perfect occasion to pull a fast one on the internet. This year was no different, with several automotive brands joining the AFD bandwagon to prank followers with ‘innovations’ that seem nearly logical, at least at first glance. We take you on a spin through some of these pathbreaking reveals shown off on April 1, 2024, that are not quite real.


Ola Electric


Ola Electric unveiled an autonomous electric scooter, named the ‘Solo’. Seemingly based on the S1 Air, the e-scooter is said to be equipped with an in-house chip with an interesting name (LMAO9000) and a ‘QUICKIE.AI’ system. The Solo, as per Ola, can manage self-charging – where it can find the nearest charger on its own, and Human Mode – where it makes small talk with other vehicles and roadside chai vendors. The video was clearly meant to provide a few laughs, but company chief Bhavish Aggarwal later shared another clip, saying the company has indeed prototyped a self-balancing, autonomous scooter.




Hyundai revealed a set of futuristic vehicles for dogs, termed ‘Dogbility’, complete with a dome-like roof structure, said to provide good headroom and futuristic wheels sporting paw print logos. The vehicles are envisioned in different sizes and are tailored to accommodate as many as 334 dog breeds.



The system was developed after extensive research involving over 300 dogs from across 52 breeds


Honda announced a ‘Pet-Activated Wireless System’ (PAW-S), an innovative solution that aims to improve the way pets interact with vehicles. The system consists of an electronic dog tag that automatically opens the vehicle’s boot as the dog approaches it. Other features include a nose-activated infotainment system, interactive video footage of wildlife, spill-proof bowl holders ISOFIX points for dogs and a walkie-talkie feature for communication with the driver. To make it sound genuine, Honda said the system was developed after extensive research involving over 300 dogs across 52 breeds.



The scent, according to the brand has been secretly tested by the most experienced pick-up drivers


Isuzu jumped in with a perfume named ‘Driven’, which according to the company, is meant to 'capture the essence of the strength and boldness of the 4x4 D-Max pickup truck'. The scent, according to the brand, was secretly tested by the most experienced pick-up drivers in the UK to ensure they could definitely ‘pick-up’.



Volkswagen pranked fans by pretending to unveil a Harlequin edition of the ID.3


On a more serious note, Volkswagen led fans on for weeks when it released teasers hinting at the launch of a Harlequin edition of its popular EV, the ID.3. People who assumed the vehicle would be launched as a tribute to the Polo and Golf Harlequins of the ’90s, were disappointed to find out that this was in fact, a prank or to better put it, a PR stunt by the company. The brand also revealed renderings of the ID.3 Harlequin edition, which only added fuel to the fire, as many found the colour scheme quite appealing and demanded that it be launched.

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