Ways To Keep Your Car Engine Cool

The engine is one of the most important parts of the car system that powers the vehicle and allows it to move!

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Published on March 7, 2022

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    Engine overheating is a major problem that cars have to deal with. When the engines are not operating under optimal conditions, frequent misfires occur and in severe damages, engine replacement might be the only solution. Summertime can be especially difficult for engines as overheating becomes more plausible. It is important to know the ways in which the engine can be prevented from overheating and apply them to prevent any serious damages.


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    Parking the car in a shade

    A pretty obvious solution; keep the car away from the sun and the car stays cool. Parking in a garage can also be a good option. The key is to avoid the sun whenever possible.

    Using the window shades

    Window shades are an inexpensive way to block out the heat. These shades are UV rays resistant and can protect the engine from overheating. The customer can even purchase custom-made ones that fit the car's model.

    Tinting the window

    This can be done by professionals in order to keep the engine cooler and prevent UV rays from damaging the car.

    Leaving the car windows slightly open

    Closed windows trap warm air inside, thus leading to the car heating up. Rolling down the windows can be an easy way of introducing ventilation across the windows to cool down the car.


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    Switching the AC off

    This can be a hard decision to make considering the fact that its tough to survive in such a hot weather. But, ACs tend to put pressure on the engine, thus, overheating it. Choose to enjoy the fresh air by rolling down the windows instead of taking the cold air from the AC.

    Turning on the heat

    Now, this might seem like a really bad choice during peak summer conditions, but this is a great way of cooling down the engine.

    Adding engine coolant

    The coolant is responsible for regulating the temperature of the engine, ensuring that the engine is in peak condition. Lower levels of coolant can be problem for the owner. One should get the coolant level checked, especially during summers. If the coolant is not up to the level, get it refilled as soon as possible!


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    Getting the radiator flushed

    The radiator contains the coolant fluid. Over time, this radiator gets dirty, and the engine starts to overheat. Experts' advice is getting the coolant flushed out of the radiator for every 40,000 miles on an average – the distance can vary for different cars.

    Keeping a check on the temperature gauge

    The car temperature is displayed on the dashboard for the owner to see. The needle should always point towards the center. If it's tilting towards hot, the engine should be turned off, allowing the heat to escape.


    Last Updated on March 7, 2022

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