Audi Activesphere Concept Teased Again Before Launch

The car will be unveiled on January 26.

By Sidharth Nambiar


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Published on January 24, 2023

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  • Completes a 4 car line-up of futuristic EVs
  • Stated to be the perfect "Outdoor Vehicle" with comfort and off-roading capabilities
  • Design features a coupe like profile with the underpinnings of an off-roader

The Audi Activesphere concept has been teased yet again just a few days before its launch. Audi has never been shy of experimenting in the new era. Its Activesphere concept set to launch on January 26, 2022, will complete a new 4-car electric line-up of concept models that Audi believes are the future. This line-up already features the Urbansphere, Grandsphere, and Skysphere. These cars have been designed to showcase various facets of Audi’s future design language. 


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Audi is calling the Activesphere concept a new style of car that is said to be the ultimate “outdoor vehicle” offering comfort and off-roading capabilities. The most eye-catching feature of the car is its taillamps which feature a strip-like design that runs throughout the rear of the car under a large sloping windshield. The shape of the car was already teased a few weeks back and it exhibits a never-before-seen design featuring a coupe-like profile with the burly underbody of an off-roader. 

        The interior features a minimalistic design with a rectangular steering wheel


Mild glances at the interior were also seen in what seems like a minimalistic design with a rectangular steering wheel with 2 spokes running towards the bottom and horizontal stalks connected in the middle. The wheel also features red accents on the side. The photos also show the new mirror stalks that are actually cameras that give a better rear view. The image also gives us a small glance at the bucket seats which features red upholstery. 

                              The car features new mirror stalks that are cameras


It is safe to say that Audi has some very exciting plans when it comes to the future. The complete unveiling takes place on January 26 when we will finally get to see what Audi has been working on all this while. 


Last Updated on January 25, 2023

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