BMW Recalls Mini Cooper SE Over High Voltage Battery Defect

Approximately 128 vehicles were affected, causing water to seep into the battery system.

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Published on May 6, 2024

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  • Mini Cooper SE (2021-2023) models were recalled due to a potential water leak in the high-voltage battery housing.
  • Water ingress could cause electrical faults, stalling, and, in rare cases, fire.
  • BMW will inspect and reseal affected batteries free of charge for owners.

BMW, the parent company of Mini, has announced a recall affecting a select number of 2021-2023 MINI Hardtop 2 Door (Cooper SE) vehicles in North America. The recall is attributed to a high-voltage battery housing issue, where improper sealing may permit water ingress into the battery system.


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MINI Cooper SE 2


Approximately 128 vehicles were reported to be affected by the manufacturing oversight, causing inadequate application of sealing compounds around the housing halves, which could allow water to penetrate the vehicle. In the event of water ingress, isolation faults may occur within the high-voltage battery, resulting in warning messages being displayed in the affected vehicles.


According to BMW, it could get worse over time, potentially leading to multiple isolation failures and vehicle stalling. In rare instances, extended periods of inactivity could result in overheating of the high-voltage battery and, consequently, a thermal event.


The decision to recall was prompted by field incidents, including one in the U.S. in October 2023 and another in Germany in January 2024. Engineering analyses of the vehicles involved suggested that thermal events were likely triggered by multiple isolation faults in the high-voltage battery system.


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MINI Cooper SE 1


Upon further investigation, BMW identified an insufficient sealing process during the production of the high-voltage battery for specific and limited periods. As a result, the company has opted for a voluntary safety recall.


In the recall notice, BMW states that it will be contacting the affected car owners. Customers can schedule an appointment with a certified Mini dealer for a thorough inspection of the battery housing. If necessary, technicians will reseal the battery to prevent water intrusion. The entire repair process, including parts and labour, will be covered by BMW at no cost to the vehicle owner.


Additionally, BMW plans to conduct further field monitoring to track isolation faults and ensure the safety and reliability of the affected vehicles.


Written by – Ronit Agarwal

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