Honda Files Patents For Variable Riding Position

Patent images filed by Honda show a new technology which offers rider the option of changing the ergonomics of a sportbike to a more comfortable upright riding position.

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Honda has filed patents for a new variable riding position technology


  • Patent images reveal new technology to change riding positions
  • Honda likely to showcase a concept with the new technology
  • The sketches show a Honda CBR1000RR with the new technology

Honda has filed a series of patent applications in Japan for what seems to be a new technology offering two different riding positions on the same motorcycle. The patent images show a Honda CBR1000RR which can have two different riding positions - an aggressive and sporty riding position, as well as a more upright and relaxed riding position. The key elements in the technology are the ability to move the bars and the screen, which provides the ability to raise the handlebars from the normal clip-on height because they are attached to extended tubes that run parallel with the fork legs.


The patent drawings show the simple mechanism through which the ergonomics can be changed on the bike

According to the patent application, the position can be changed by the press of a button. Also movable is the windscreen, which is also a simple operation. The top section of the front fairing is attached to a scissor-style frame that easily allows the rider to move the screen upward and into a more vertical position, if needed, for a more touring friendly riding position from an aggressive, sporty riding position. What is clear from the patent drawings is that this is not a complex mechanism that will require a ground-up re-engineering of the bike.


It's still not clear whether Honda will actually introduce a future CBR1000RR Fireblade with this new innovative technology, or if there will be an altogether new model which will showcase this variable riding position. Either ways, expect some sort of concept bike which Honda is likely to display, either later this year, or at one of the motorcycle shows next year which will showcase this unique new feature.

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