International Yoga Day: Tips For Stress Free Driving

Restless drivers, potholes, bottlenecks at flyovers, unusual road blocks and many other things leave us stressed. We give you tips to tackle them all on International Yoga Day.

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Here are some tips and tricks to keep yourself calm and composed when driving


  • Here are some tips for stress-free driving on International Yoga Day
  • In order to keep calm while driving, pull over & do yoga
  • Be cautious while doing yoga around your car

Driving is meant to be a fun thing, however, with the traffic condition in our country of late, it has become more of a task. Potholes, bottlenecks, and unusual road blocks among others leave us stressed and tire the body. Obviously, it is impossible to remain unaffected with so much happening around you. However, there are techniques using which you can de-stress yourself and not let such situations affect your health. On International Yoga Day, we share some postures with you which can help you flex your muscles.

Breathing Exercises


(Breathing exercises help you keep calm when encountering idiots)

Sitting in one posture for too long can be quite tiring, especially in metro cities where traffic at times can get on our nerves. The best way is to breathe calmly while you are driving and when you stop at a red light, take long breaths along with looking over one shoulder and then repeat for the other shoulder. If you are feeling too stressed, it's always better to pullover and try doing Anulom Vilom which helps in better blood circulations and flow of oxygen.

Stretching Exercise


(Feeling cramped? Step out and stretch yourself. Let the body loose and relax before you start driving again)

You can even try doing a bit stretching when you are stuck in traffic. If the traffic is not moving or the red light is long, you can step out the car and stretch your arms and legs. If that is not possible, you can place your hands on the steering wheels and extend your spine while taking long breaths.


This is an exercise which you should do before you set off for a long road trip or when you stop by to take some rest for some time. Meditation helps to calm you down and improves your focus as well.

Shoulder Rotation


(Your shoulders take a heavy toll when driving for long hours. Move them around, rotate and you will immediately feel better)

This is probably the easiest exercise which can be done inside the car. You just need to place both your hands on the steering wheel and rotate both your shoulders first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. This helps in relaxing your shoulders and elbows along with increasing the blood circulation.

Stretching The Arms


(Stretch your arms and your upper body after a long drive! You will be glad you did)


When you have been driving for long and especially in traffic or across the sections where there are a lot of twisties, your upper body gets exhausted. In such cases, the best thing to do is to pull over and step out to do some arm stretching. You simply need to stretch your left hand towards right and lock it with your right hand and vice versa. This not only helps in relaxing your arms but also the entire upper body.

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