Mercedes-Benz Plans To Launch More Electric Cars In India

Mercedes-Benz India, which launched the EQC electric SUV last year, doesn't want to stop with one model, and plan to launch more electric vehicles in the country in the coming years.

By Seshan Vijayraghvan


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Published on July 1, 2021

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  • Mercedes-Benz became the first luxury carmaker to launch an EV in India
  • The company wants to bring in more EVs and is evaluating the EQS as well
  • Over the next 4 years the company will launch 22 new cars, including EVs

Mercedes-Benz India became the first luxury carmaker in India to introduce an electric vehicle with the launch of the EQC electric SUV. And it was followed by the launch of the Jaguar I-Pace, and now, Audi too is set to launch the e-Tron electric SUV on July 22, 2021. Recently, speaking with carandbike on the latest episode of Freewheeling with SVP, Santosh Iyer, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz India said that the company plans to launch more electric vehicles in the country as it doesn't want to be a one-model brand.

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Talking about the future product plan for India, Iyer said, "We have 22 odd cars coming in our portfolio, some of them pure electric, in the next 3-4 years' time. Which of them will make it to India? Whether the EQS... I think we are evaluating. We are committed that we will not be a one-product company, we will definitely offer a big range also in the Indian market, and quite soon."

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The Mercedes-Benz EQA Electric Crossover based on the company's existing GLA

Right now, the company global EV portfolio includes models like the GLA-based EQA, the GLB-based EQB SUV, the V-Class based EQV van, and the flagship EQS, which will be offered in both the existing S-Class-based sedan and an upcoming GLS-based SUV body type. However, we must tell you that we do not expect to see any new EV at least for the next 12 months. During a previous conversation with carandbike, Iyer had confirmed that the company has no plans to launch the EQS or any other EV at least for the next one year.

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The GLB-based Mercedes EQB is positioned right below the EQC in the company's global line-up

The company is currently facing supply chain issues globally due to the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and that has pushed the arrival of some products further into the future. Back then, Santosh Iyer said, "We are struggling with the availability of EQC so no point in again launching more EVs and putting some confusion in the market at this stage. Also, EQS is available for sale only in the last part of the year, even worldwide. So, nothing in the next one year at least as far as the EQS or anything else goes."

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Mercedes-Benz India is planning to launch 22 new vehicles over next 3-4 years and the EQS could be one of them

In the meantime, the company wants to focus on expanding the EV ecosystem in India. Talking about that, Iyer said, "We started the electric momentum with the introduction of the EQC and we are very happy to see many players coming in, other brands coming in and that's what needed right now. We need everybody to participate in the market, and that will grow the market. In fact, our charging stations, we have around 100 of them across (India), we have opened up to all our competition segment cars, they can come and charge at these stations. Because what we want right now is to expand the ecosystem. The step 2 is what cars we bring in."

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