New MotoGP Four Tier Concession System For 2024 Revealed

The new system aims to counterbalance Ducati's strategic advantage and address concerns from manufacturers about competitive disparities.

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Published on November 29, 2023

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  • New four-tier concession system aimed at bolstering struggling manufacturers
  • Different tiers offer varying benefits: from test tire allocations to wildcards
  • Ducati's towering 700-point dominance pushes it into an exclusive A-rank

In preparation for the highly anticipated MotoGP 2024 season, a sophisticated and intricate four-tier concession system is set to make its debut, strategically crafted to bolster struggling manufacturers, most notably Japanese outfits like Honda and Yamaha, in their battle against the formidable Italian Ducati team.


Last season, Honda and Yamaha found themselves with fewer than 200 points each in the constructors' standings, while Ducati soared with an astounding 700 points. This glaring contrast prompted MotoGP's decision-makers to devise a system aimed at restoring equilibrium, necessitating unanimous approval from the European trio - Ducati, KTM, and Aprilia - despite initial hesitations from KTM and Aprilia.

The previous concession setup, revolving around podium placements across two years, failed to qualify any of the manufacturers, despite notable performances such as Fabio Quartararo securing three grand prix podiums for Yamaha in 2023 and Honda clinching a victory at COTA with rider Alex Rins.



The newly minted system introduces four tiers based on a factory's points in relation to the total available. With its impressive 700-point haul, Ducati comfortably surpasses the 85% threshold for A-rank, leaving no other manufacturer in B-rank territory.


These tiers come with significant implications. A-rank Ducati faces reduced test tire allocations (down to 85 sets, a reduction of 15 from the current allowance) and is barred from utilising wildcards. Meanwhile, B-rank allows for three wildcards, while C-rank (Aprilia, KTM) and D-rank (Yamaha, Honda) open the door to six wildcards.

However, distinctions exist between the D-rank of Yamaha/Honda and C-rank of Aprilia/KTM. D-rank manufacturers enjoy unrestricted testing at any circuit with their main riders, while C-rank adheres to specific circuit limitations and necessitates test riders for their test sessions.


While Aprilia/KTM are subjected to the engine spec freeze, they benefit from an extra aero update during the season, provided they relinquish a previous aero specification. Notably, these concessions will be recalculated every six months based on accrued points in specified periods.


The overarching goal of this new system is to counterbalance Ducati's strategic advantage, wielding four teams and eight riders, which optimises their weekend preparations through comprehensive data-sharing policies, unlike other brands.


Seemingly aiming to address the concerns of KTM and Aprilia regarding the competitive edge of Honda and Yamaha, this paradigm shift initiates with the 2024 season but kicks off immediately with the commencement of the 2024 test days during the upcoming Valencia collective test.

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