Toyota, Subaru, Mazda Commit To Further Development Of Internal Combustion Engines

All three carmakers will continue development of new-generation internal combustion engines with greater degrees of electrification.



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Published on May 28, 2024

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  • All three carmakers say internal combustion engines to have a future
  • Next-gen internal combustion engines to focus on alternative fuels and hybrid tech
  • All three brands to focus on different combustion engine configurations

Japanese carmakers Toyota, Subaru and Mazda have committed to continue to develop internal combustion engines going forward. The new generation engines will put greater focus on carbon-neutral fuels and electrification. The plan is to offer engines capable of running on a variety of alternative fuel types such as bio-fuels, synthetic alternatives and even hydrogen.


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Toyota enignes

Toyota 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre 4-cylinder developmental engines; new-gen units to be more compact than current mills.


"In order to provide our customers with diverse options to achieve carbon neutrality, it is necessary to take on the challenge of evolving engines that are in tune with the energy environment of the future. The three companies, which share the same aspirations, will refine engine technologies through friendly competition," said, Koji Sato, President, Member of the Board of Directors and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation in a joint press conference held by the three brands.


The three brands say that the main goal is to achieve carbon neutrality through the use of alternatives fuels and using hybrid technology to optimize performance and range. The new generation engines are expected to benefit from improved packaging allowing to more streamlined looks improving aerodynamics. The three companies will also be focusing on engines where each have developed its expertise – four-cylinder engines for Toyota, boxer engines by Subaru and rotary engines by Mazda.


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Mazda Rotary engine

Mazda dual-rotor hybrid powertrain concept.


“As we continue to refine electrification technology, we will also enhance our horizontally-opposed engines with an aim to use carbon-neutral fuels in the future. Moving forward, the three companies sharing the same aspiration will continue to advance the pursuit of sustainable excellence in Japanese car manufacturing," said Atsushi Osaki, Representative Director, President and CEO, Subaru Corporation.


All three manufacturers also showcased some of its upcoming engines. Toyota showcased a pair of four-cylinder mills currently under development while both Subaru and Mazda showcased their upcoming hybrid powertrains.

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