Triumph Speed 400: Is The Inflated Price Circulating Online Legitimate?

At the launch, Triumph shocked everyone with the introductory price for its latest motorcycle, but an on-road price break-up – doing the rounds on social media – has raised eyebrows.

By Amaan Ahmed


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Published on July 7, 2023

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  • Triumph announced an introductory price of Rs 2.23 lakh for the first 10,000 buyers of the Speed 400.
  • A price break-up surfaced online, adding over Rs 1 lakh to the bike’s on-road cost.
  • Price list includes delivery and intro kit charges, seemingly inflating the Speed 400’s price.

In contrast to the cheers heard when Triumph Motorcycles CEO Nick Bloor announced the price for the much-awaited Speed 400, some potential customers couldn’t help but sigh in frustration the day after the launch. The reason? An on-road price break-up, purportedly shared by a Triumph dealer, started doing the rounds on social media and in group chats. The reason why this price list is unpleasant is because it pegs the on-road price at just a little short of Rs 3.40 lakh – an increase of well over Rs 1 lakh to the motorcycle’s ex-showroom price. So, is it a case of dealers sensing an opportunity to make a quick buck by artificially inflating the price? carandbike did a little digging, and here’s what we found.


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The price of the Speed 400 is Rs 2.23 lakh (ex-showroom) for the first 10,000 buyers.


Firstly, there is the question of the legitimacy of the price list. While carandbike couldn’t independently verify the source of the list being circulated, sources say that dealers presently do not have a detailed price break-up for the Speed 400, and will only have it in the coming days.


Then there is the matter of the specifics in the list. One of the components that has irked many is the hefty delivery charge of Rs 17,000. While this may seem completely unnecessary A company source, speaking to carandbike on the condition of anonymity, explained that this is because there is unprecedented demand for the Speed 400, including in regions where Triumph doesn’t currently have a showroom.


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Triumph is understood to have received close to 9,000 orders already for the Speed 400.


“If a customer lives hundreds of kilometres away from their nearest Triumph dealership and cannot take delivery of the motorcycle at the outlet, we have to arrange for it to be sent to them, which is chargeable. However, if the customer takes delivery at the showroom itself, there is no question of a delivery charge”, said the aforementioned source.


Triumph currently has just 15 dealers across India (most located in the metros), with alliance partner Bajaj committing to opening 100 more Triumph outlets by March 2024.


Till these new Triumph dealerships are opened and running across smaller cities and towns where Triumph doesn't have presence yet, those living far away from a Triumph dealer may have to pay up, or travel to ride the motorcycle back themselves, or simply wait for an outlet to go live in their city.


Triumph is targeting opening 100 more outlets across India by March 2024.


Also part of the price list is an ‘Intro Kit’, which sources say is an accessory package. This package clubs some essential add-ons, which customers may want to opt for, and is priced at Rs 8,500. However, this, too, will be purely optional, and customers can choose to steer clear of it in case they are not interested.


As per carandbike’s sources, on-road prices for the Speed 400 (inclusive of road tax, registration, insurance and roadside assistance) will range from Rs 2.70-2.90 lakh, depending on the buyer’s location. Responding to queries on social media, Triumph Motorcycles India clarified, “We have yet to release the on-road prices for Speed 400. The on-road prices will be announced later this month.”




The influx of bookings for the Speed 400 is high, and the introductory offer price of Rs 2.23 lakh is set to disappear soon, with Triumph reportedly having received close to 9,000 orders already. So, those who place an order in the coming days will likely have to buy the bike at full price, which is Rs 2.33 lakh (ex-showroom).


Last Updated on July 7, 2023

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