2015 Mahindra Mojo Review

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When you name a bike Mojo, you better make sure it lives up to its name or else you are asking for not so happy headlines hitting the press or social media. Well that they should be justified in doing so considering the long period of development, Mahindra Two Wheelers has taken to make sure the Mojo is 100 per cent on target. Frankly I went for the ride with little or no expectations from this new sports bike but came back positively impressed; here's why.

Our route from Bangalore to Coorg was a pristine highway and that's where Mojo's touring capabilities come to the fore. It's the 300cc liquid cooled engine that leaves you with a broad smile thanks to its refinement. I kept pushing the bike out on the open road assuming it would show some strain but I was surprised when it showed none.

Mahindra Mojo

1.99 Lakh * On Road Price (New Delhi)
Mahindra Mojo Price

Mahindra Mojo
Mahindra Mojo

The engine with max power of 27bhp was at ease cruising at speeds above 110 km/h and kudos to the Mahindra team for making this the bikes biggest strength. The peak torque of 30Nm kicks in at 4500 rpm to 6700 rpm and gives the Mojo strong mid-range acceleration band. The six-speed gearshift makes for spirited riding as it is quick and responsive on highways. It, however, isn't as smooth in city traffic as it takes its time when you look to downshift.

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The Mojo's exhaust note is a nice, strong rumble but not loud or intrusive. We rode the Mojo a bit in Bangalore city traffic and somehow the engine doesn't feel just as smooth or nimble enough like the bikes it's set out to take on - the KTMs. There is no surge of acceleration from the throttle; it's more of a linear delivery of power that you will get on the Mojo. We still haven't told you how fuel efficient this engine is but this will make for an ideal tourer with its 21 litre fuel tank.

Mahindra Mojo
Mahindra Mojo

Unlike many Indian bike manufacturers, Mahindra hasn't overstyled the Mojo's design. There are some extra bits of metal and gold covering that merges in well with the flowing design language. Yes, the twin pod headlamps do stare at you but the DRL lines, the sculpted tank, the large Pirelli tyres and of course the twin exhausts, all make a statement but none of it looks over the top.

The Mojo isn't very tall but is definitely heavy. The riding stance is easy but still aggressive like a street bike and the sculpted seat ensures some back support for the rider. The rear seat narrows out into the tail and brake lamps which look sharp and are LEDs. Most of the switchgear feels good and all within reach from the handle.

Mahindra Mojo
Mahindra Mojo Instrument Cluster

But where Mahindra might have tried a bit too much, is in the instrument cluster. There is the analogue tachometer with a digital display that's easy to read even in bright sunshine. And there are add on features like a speed test meter which records the 0-100kmph time, a maximum speed recorder, a malfunction light and an RPM recorder. Mahindra themselves admit the max speed recorder might push riders a bit too much and I feel that it could be a safety risk especially given the unpredictability that greets you on Indian roads.

The comforting factor is that the Mojo feels stable at high straight line speeds with the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tyres which ensure good grip and the chassis keeps things steady without vibrations. Adding to the stability is the suspension setup with the upside down front forks and a gas-charged mono shock in the rear. I was quite surprised by the way the Mojo didn't flinch at high speeds on the highway or broken roads in the city. The massive 320 mm front disc brake does add to the confidence with ideal progressive responsive as you hit it. For the time being though, Mahindra will not offer ABS on the Mojo, but has indicated that they will bring it soon. Phew, at least it is coming!

Mahindra Mojo
Mahindra Mojo Front Fork

The Mojo delivers on its name and Mahindra Two Wheelers will be relieved that all those years of hard engineering work hasn't gone to waste. There isn't any particular weakness or cons I can highlight on the Mojo but then the pricing could make or break it. The bike is expected to be priced around ₹ 1.5 lakh - 1.6 (ex-showroom) and I feel anything more than that could be detrimental for the Mojo. It's a bike that has surprised us all with its character of being a reliable sports tourer and promises to get the Mojo going for Mahindra Two Wheelers.

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