BMW R 1250 GS Features & Specifications

  • Engine CC

  • 1254.0 CC
  • Fuel

  • Petrol
  • Mileage

  • 21 KM/L
  • Brakes

  • Dual floating disc brakes/Single disc brake
  • Max Torque

  • 143.00 Nm
  • Max Power

  • 134.00 bhp
  • Tyre

  • 120/70 R 19/ 170/60 R 17
    • ABS
    • Engine Kill Switch
    • Gear Indicator
    • Fuel Warning Indicator
    • Low Oil Indicator
    • Fuel Gauge
    • Low Battery Indicator
    • Pass Light
  • BMW R 1250 GS Colors

    BMW-R 1250 GS Striking Black and yellow

    BMW R 1250 GS : Striking Black and yellow

    Available for all variants.
    BMW-R 1250 GS Light White / Silver

    BMW R 1250 GS : Light White / Silver

    Available for all variants.
    BMW-R 1250 GS Black storm metallic/black/agate grey

    BMW R 1250 GS : Black storm metallic/black/agate grey

    Available for all variants.

    R 1250 GS Variants


    Ex - Showroom

    R 1250 GS Pro

    Petrol,21 KM/L

    Starts at 20.55 Lakh
    The C&B Verdict
    car&bike Expert Rating
    The BMW R 1250 GS is one of the highest-selling full sized adventure bikes in the world. It is loaded with features, offers great off-road and touring ability and is a hoot to look at too. Where the R 1250 GS scorers is in its torquey performance, sophisticated electronics, and great balance with superb low speed agility. It's also a great touring bike, can easily be used for the inter-city commute and will gladly handle any number of corners you throw at it on a twisty mountain road.
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    Product Detail Review


    The GS is a classically beautiful motorcycle and it will leave you wondering how this machine is so revered. The GS a top-selling adventure motorcycle that has been decently modified into the new BMW R 1250 GS. To the surprise of the fans, the engine is more powerful and equipped with better technology. The elementary details of this bike will make you realise the philosophy of its design and what makes it the talk of the town. This bike is a top-tier BMW and the quality and finish are more pleasing than before. This bike has been painstakingly fine-tuned for making it eye-catching and instantly recognizable. 

    How is the design? 

    Coming to the design of the BMW R 1250 GS, it is the latest flagship model from the GS lineup of BMW Motorrad. This versatile beast perfectly fits into the adventure segment with stunning features and cutting-edge technology. It is an out-of-the box concept design which is both ambitious and handsome at the same time. All the characteristics are actually centred around its self-made boxer engine. The chassis involves a longer trellis-styled subframe which is mounted at the back of the motor. The front of this bike is rather smaller, connecting the steering headstock to the engine unit and the tele lever front end is the final touch to the good looks of this bike. This system eventually links the front fork suspension to the mounted monoshock with the help of a wishbone that is kept under the skin where it is not visible. 

    How is the performance?

    The insanely powerful boxer engine on the BMW R 1250 GS builds character as soon as you pick up the speed. This GS is powered by a dual cylinder, liquid/air cooled, 1254.0cc engine which is paired with an electronic fuel delivery mechanism and a six-speed gearbox. You will soon realise the uniqueness in character in each gear because of the performance it offers at a minimum rotational speed. In fact, the off-road work of this bike is pretty impressive. The braking mechanism is dynamic as always and shuts the throttle automatically immediately under panic braking. However, the performance of this adventure bike is not edgy or aggressive. The electronic suspensions automatically adjust based on the different modes of riding; and the preload is automatically detected with the help of an onboard computer. The rider can, however, adjust to it by selecting either from the ‘min’ and ‘max’ options. It proves to be an ideal beast in different riding conditions, and this is not an exaggeration. 

    How does the BMW R 1250 GS ride? 

    The BMW R 1250 GS does the off-road work pretty well with its massive engine and the cutting-edge features. This bike is just so impressive from the very beginning. This bike will be loaded with a massive amount of power in a matter of a few seconds, and the suspension soaks with ease in big jumps making the ride smooth. The low-slung engine in the bike develops an immediate realisation of low-speed back. It encourages you to exploit the limits of its ground clearance, wherever possible. The 20-litre tank makes you feel more manageable and natural. When it comes to off-roading at a slower pace, this can be your easiest adventure machine, with its low centre of gravity and light steering. On the road, the motor is incredibly smooth and easy at low revs and the response from the throttle is quite natural to get along with. 

    How comfortable is the BMW R 1250 GS? 

    It is not only the stance, design and durability that makes the BMW R 1250 GS comfortable. In fact, its comfort is determined by the well-balanced appeal that it has. The riding posture is pretty upright and you will experience a non-aggressive ride all along. The electronic wizardry has been designed to control and direct in the power, when required. The comfort is gradually felt and the rider develops a sense of trust and confidence. Eventually, you get familiar with it as if you are riding it for years. 

    How's the tech? 

    This bike is technologically advanced and the following list archives the additional specifications that the BMW R 1250 GS is geared with. 

    • This GS is powered by a dual cylinder, liquid/air cooled, 1254.0cc engine which is paired with an electronic fuel delivery mechanism and a six-speed gearbox. 
    • The BMW R 1250 GS dishes a massive 134 bhp of power at 7750 rpm and 143 Nm of peak torque at 6250 rpm. 
    • Electronic injection is implemented for the fuel delivery system of this bike. 
    • The front suspension is a BMW tele lever with a central spring strut and the rear suspension is a single-sided swingarm. 
    • The braking controls are carried out by dual floating discs at the front and single disc at the rear. 
    • Other features include ABS, gear indicator, engine-kill switch, low oil indicator, fuel warning, fuel gauge, pass light and low-battery indicator. 

    How's the mileage of the BMW R 1250 GS? 

    The average fuel economy of the BMW R 1250 GS is 21 kmpl. However, in city it can only achieve an average mileage of 15 kmpl. 

    Is the BMW R 1250 GS good value for money?

    If judged from the price-point perspective, the BMW R 1250 GS is a pretty good value for money. The overall brand name, the support and service from BMW, the tech features, the super powerful engine and the ride quality are all worth it. 

    How is the after sales service? 

    There are three service intervals for the BMW R 1250 GS and the first one is scheduled after 1000 km of riding, the second one is scheduled after 10,000 km of riding and the third one is scheduled after 20,000 km of riding. 

    Which motorbikes compete in this segment? 

    Some of the competitors of BMW R 1250 GS belonging to the same segment are Kawasaki Z650, BMW S1000 RR, BMW R NineT Scrambler, BMW S 1000 XR, and Ducati Streetfighter V4. 

    Verdict (Value for money)

    This bike is both an adventure motorcycle and your daily commuter. So you can use it in either way depending on your mood and requirement. However, the actual purpose is to give you that thrill, that adventurous feeling and if you are looking for that then this bike is a good value for money. 

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    BMW R 1250

    GS Price in India

    On-Road Price
    On-Road Price
    On-Road Price
    20.55 Lakh
    20.55 Lakh
    20.55 Lakh
    20.55 Lakh
    20.55 Lakh
    20.55 Lakh
    20.55 Lakh
    20.55 Lakh
    20.55 Lakh
    20.55 Lakh
    20.55 Lakh
    20.55 Lakh


    BMW Motorrad India made headlines ever since it unveiled the 2021 BMW R 1250 GS in the Indian market. Although the brand has received momentum in the automobile segment from far and wide across the country, its fame and popularity amongst bike aficionados got a notch higher with the new 1250 GS model. Pricing wise, although it seems quite an expensive model, the features and design philosophy justifies the R 1250 GS price pegged at Rs 20.45 lakh.

    Calling it an advanced update of the previous model is nowhere an exaggeration. After all, this motorcycle gets significant updates for 2021. The bikes have received momentum in India with the built units (CBUs). In general, the design philosophy of this motorcycle remains the same. So, it can be stated that the new BMW R 1250 GS retains the previous design elements with a variation in the colours. Lately, you will find four different colours of this model, namely, Style Triple Black, Style Ice Grey, Style Rallye and '40 Years of GS' colours sold in limited editions.

    This new R 1250 GS range receives innovations in adaptive cornering lights. Alongside, you will find headlight reflector that can swivel in around 30 degree arc; meaning, when this bike negotiates any corner and its headlight gets on the dipped beam, it pivots & aims its beam to a direction of where the model gets headed.

    you can even adjust the height with the pillion on board. And that’s where the new edition is a clear winner when compared to the old one! According to the company, BMW hints at the fact that it has updated the HSC or hill start control system on its motorcycle alongside updated the HSC Pro. Additional functions are passenger seats, heated rider and even heated grips that offer a total of five stages of the heat adjustment, controlled through TFT instrument.

    Besides the road as well as rain riding modes, the new 2021 1250 GS model has got the Pro riding modes. And these encompass dynamic pro, dynamic, enduro as well as enduro pro. The enduro pro and dynamic pro riding modes has individualisation choices for the purpose of setting the motorcycle to the individual requirements! In general, the GS Adventure receives a special store compartment, tyre pressure system for monitoring, and widened enduro footrests too!

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    R 1250 GS

    1 Variants4 Images
    20.55 Lakh