Last Recorded Price
3.75 - 6.51 Lakh

Datsun Go Overview

Fuel Type-icon

Fuel Type




Manual/ Automatic



19 - 19 KM/L

Tank Capacity-icon

Tank Capacity

35.0 L



5 Seater




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Base Variant


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Top Variant

T Optional CVT

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Body Type


Go Color Options

Datsun Go is available in 6 different colors namely Amber Orange, Vivid Blue, Ruby Red, Blade Silver, Opal White & Bronze Grey.

Go Safety Ratings

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0.00 Max. 17.00 Adult
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15.06 Max. 49.00 Child
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Datsun Go Safety Ratings

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The Datsun GO is an automobile that prioritises utility above everything else. The car is compact, comfortable, and easy to use as well. The GO makes a strong case for itself with its unique design, space, and features. How does it measure up as a value proposition? Here’s taking a closer look.

How is the Design?

The Datsun -GO has taken a new direction for a bolder appearance. From a dashing exterior styling to an impressive interior, the new -GO does make a strong statement. The Datsun GO is a one-of-a-kind automobile that was designed specifically with urban living in mind. Because of its little size, it can be readily stowed away in almost any confined space. Not only does it have a distinctive appearance, but the engine is also very good. The Datsun -GO lives up to its name by being a lively, all-action car that’s ready to go wherever you want to venture. The -GO does have some distinct styling cues that differentiate it from its competitors. It looks the part and also flaunts Datsun’s somewhat quirky yet practical design language.

How does it perform?

The new Datsun -GO features superior Japanese engineering with options of a 0.8L and 1.0L I-SAT engine technology to deliver an efficient performance. With an Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) and a responsive power steering, it makes for a way smoother drive.

How’s the Mileage?

The average mileage of the Datsun -GO is around 20.71-22 kmpl. This is a frugal engine and you will witness it once you start using the car.

How’s the Driving Experience?

Bold and stylish outside, advanced and comfortable inside. It's a joy to get behind the wheel of a Datsun GO. The acceleration, handling, and stopping power are all above average. The journey itself is very comfortable. Because the map system is so precise, navigating through congested areas is a breeze for you. The only disadvantage of the vehicle is that it does not have a lot of space for cargo.

What’s the Interior like?

The cabin of the Datsun GO is one that boasts ample space and a high level of comfort. Even with three adults occupying the cabin, there is more than enough room for passengers. The chairs are supportive and comfy, and the dashboard may be operated with little effort. The one and only drawback of the vehicle is that it does not have a lot of power. The Datsun GO is a little automobile that gets excellent gas mileage and was designed specifically with city driving in mind. The cabin of the car is roomy and pleasant, and it provides seating for a total of five individuals. The dashboard can be operated with little effort and comes equipped with a number of helpful amenities, such as a navigation system. In addition to that, the automobile boasts a dependable engine and is easy to manoeuvre.

Tech and Infotainment

The Datsun GO is a car that has been created with the idea that its passengers will be interested in technology and infotainment. Because of its many features, it is considered to be among the most technologically advanced automobiles now available on the market.

A range of tech and infotainment amenities, including as a touchscreen display of 8 inches in size, GPS navigation, and a backup camera, are included as standard equipment in the vehicle. In addition to that, it features updated speakers and sound system, in addition to a hands-free phone system. Because of this, you won't ever have to take your hands off the wheel to adjust the volume on your music player or answer a phone call.

The Datsun GO was developed with the contemporary commuter's requirements front and centre in mind during the design process. It provides a journey that is both pleasant and affordable, in addition to having technological elements that make day-to-day life easier. The Datsun GO provides you with everything you require to stay connected while you are commuting, from hands-free calling to a cutting-edge information and entertainment system.

Using the hands-free calling feature in the automobile is a simple thanks to the built-in voice recognition system. Simply recite the name of the person you wish to speak with, and the automobile will handle the rest of the process. You may also use the car's music player to listen to your favourite songs without having to take your hands off the wheel at any point in the driving process.

The Datsun GO also comes equipped with a user-friendly infotainment system that makes the operation of all of the vehicle's features simple and hassle-free. Because the screen is wide and simple to read, it is an excellent choice for time-pressed commuters who wish to remain one step ahead of their schedule. You will have no trouble navigating your way around the city thanks to the inclusion of a map display in this navigation system.

Safety Equipment

The new -GO is packed with improved safety features from a strong crash-resistant body shell to dual front airbags, ABS+EBD and front seatbelt reminder to name just a few. Wearing your safety gear at all times is a requirement whenever you get behind the wheel of a Datsun GO. This includes buckling up in a seat belt, wearing a helmet, and protecting one's eyes. To maintain your safety while driving, you should take extra precautions at all times and pay attention to the road markers. The new Datsun -GO comes equipped with an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) so that your car is under your complete control, always. The Datsun GO is a great little car that comes with a lot of safety features.

Which variant to buy?

The Datsun -GO price starts at ₹ 3.83 Lakh and goes up to ₹ 4.96 Lakh. The -GO is available in 6 variants. Out of these 6 variants, 5 are Manual and 1 is Automatic (AMT).

The Datsun GO is available in two different iterations: the standard and the Plus. Air conditioning, power windows, and an alarm system are all included in the Plus model. The basic model does not have air conditioning, but it has a better fuel economy rating than the plus model.

It is up to you to decide which of the alternatives to go with; however, each of the possibilities has both positives and negatives associated with it. If you are looking for a vehicle that will get good mileage on the highway, the most fundamental version of the car is probably your best bet. However, if you need extras such as air conditioning or power windows, it is probable that spending the extra money on the Plus model will be worth it to you.

Which Cars Compete in this Segment?

The Datsun GO is a compact vehicle that takes on rivals like the Renault Kwid, Hyundai Santro, and the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800. It still has some way to go before being a reliable option like the Alto or Santro, but it still makes a compelling proposition for buyers with its decent features, good mileage, and most importantly, its attractive and unique design.

Verdict Value for Money?

In general, the Datsun GO is a car that offers exceptional value for money. It has good mileage, comes at a really affordable price, and is packed with decent safety and entertainment features. The car looks good on the road and is also nice to drive. These aspects combine towards making it a compelling option for buyers in the segment.

Datsun Go Price List (Variant Wise)

Datsun Go Ex-Showroom price ranges from ₹ 3.75 to 6.51 Lakh. Datsun offers Go in 19 variants. The top variant of Go is T Optional CVT and the base variant is D BS IV.


Last Recorded Price

₹ 3.75 Lakh
1198 CC, Petrol, 19.8 KM/L, Manual
₹ 3.99 Lakh
1198 CC, Petrol, 19.8 KM/L, Manual
Go D
₹ 4.03 Lakh
1198 CC, Petrol, 19 KM/L, Manual
1198 CC, Petrol, 20.1 KM/L, Manual
1198 CC, Petrol, 20.1 KM/L, Manual
₹ 4.68 Lakh
1198 CC, Petrol, 19.8 KM/L, Manual
₹ 4.7 Lakh
1198 CC, Petrol, 19.8 KM/L, Manual
Go A
₹ 5 Lakh
1198 CC, Petrol, 19 KM/L, Manual
1198 CC, Petrol, 19.8 KM/L, Manual
Go T Optional BS IV
₹ 5.02 Lakh
1198 CC, Petrol, 19.8 KM/L, Manual
₹ 5.28 Lakh
1198 CC, Petrol, 19.8 KM/L, Manual
Go A Optional
₹ 5.4 Lakh
1198 CC, Petrol, 19 KM/L, Manual
Go T Optional W/VDC
₹ 5.53 Lakh
1198 CC, Petrol, 19.8 KM/L, Manual
Go T
₹ 5.75 Lakh
1198 CC, Petrol, 19 KM/L, Manual
₹ 5.94 Lakh
1198 CC, Petrol, 19.8 KM/L, Automatic
Go T Optional
₹ 5.96 Lakh
1198 CC, Petrol, 19 KM/L, Manual
1198 CC, Petrol, 19.8 KM/L, Automatic
₹ 6.31 Lakh
1198 CC, Petrol, 19.6 KM/L, Automatic
Go T Optional CVT
₹ 6.51 Lakh
1198 CC, Petrol, 19.6 KM/L, Automatic

Go Specifications & Features

Explore an in-depth overview of the Datsun Go specifications and features, offering comprehensive details on its engine choices, fuel efficiency, torque, power, transmission, dimensions, and trunk capacity. Additionally, gain insights into the car's advanced safety features and infotainment system.

Engine CC

1198 CC




19 - 19 KM/L

Max Torque

104 Nm

Max Power

67,76 bhp


Manual, Automatic


3788 mm /1636 mm /1507 mm

Boot Space

265 L

  • c&b iconBottle Holders In Front Doors (1.5 L)
  • c&b iconFront Power Windows
  • c&b iconFollow - Me - Home Headlamps
  • c&b iconGear Shift Guide
  • c&b iconDigital Techometer
  • c&b iconPower Windows Rear
  • c&b iconRear Sensor
  • c&b iconVehicle Dynamic Control
  • c&b iconDigital Clock

What's New?

Rising from the ashes, Nissan’s low cost brand, Datsun made a comeback aiming primarily at the emerging markets. Focusing on affordability, economy and prudence, Datsun came up with a practical car for the budget conscious customers, the ‘GO’ hatchback. Despite being a basic hatch, Datsun GO gives an impression of an opulent vehicle from the outside. It certainly has large dimensions as compared to rivals belonging to budget division.

Datsun Go Styling is decent, it works well for GO, although being a basic hatch it misses out on features like fog lamps etc. With the base variant priced at Rs 4.02 lakh and top-end trim available at Rs 6.51 lakh, the GO series comes bereft of various features to curb pricing. Interiors are carved to offer ample room and seating layout is quite interesting with 5+1 seating alignment, but the features aboard, styling, fit & finish are pretty disappointing. Yet another impressive feature of the hatchback is the large boot space measuring 265 litres. Like most of the budget hatchbacks, this one also gets petrol only engine set up coupled to a manual tranny. The hatch scores well on the performance front where most of the rivals lag behind. Pointed at the first time buyers, Datsun’s GO carries a price tag that fits well within the affordable limit.

Datsun Go Exteriors

While talking about exteriors of GO, dimensions do need a mention as the car isn’t a miniature. With an overall length of 3785 mm, width of 1635 mm and height of 1485 mm GO stands out among competition appearing evidently large. Front fascia gets a set of swept back halogen head lamps and a trapezoidal radiator grille finished with chrome. The bonnet is short and bumper snatches most of the limelight. Lower side of the bumper gets small air intakes. The character lines on the sides are not very prominent, chrome detailing in missing too around the door handles and window frame. Arches are carved neatly and there is an awkward void between wheels and arches. Rear profile is impressive, it gets small clear lens tail lamps, body coloured bumper and petite rear windscreen. 

Datsun Go Interiors

This A segment offering may not have premium interiors just like other contenders in this division but it certainly offers comfortable space. Interiors styling is too basic, especially the round shaped dash-mounted AC vents and dials appear dated. Gear lever is placed on the dashboard which is a little uncomfortable for the driver. Steering does not feature any mounted controls, but this is something that is not available on other hatches in the same segment. Connected seats in the front row provide space to seat two passengers (keeping the driver’s seat apart). However the seat offers space to accommodate an adult and a kid, or two kids for that matter. The fabric upholstery is a bit fundamental, even the quality of material, fit and finish indicate at the company’s cost cutting measures. There is decent amount of space for storage even on the dashboard like the useful shelf placed beneath the steering column, glovebox on passenger side but it lacks a lid which kills its functionality. Door pockets offer ample space but there is no cup or bottle holder in the centre. Moreover, the rear lacks bottle or cup holder or door bins. Rear seats are not snug, also the connected front seats hinder view from rear. Boot space is lavish at 265 litres, but it doesn’t come with a parcel tray. 

Datsun Go Engine Specifications & Transmission

Datsun GO is available only in petrol version, a 1.2 litre, three cylinder, 12 valve DOHC petrol engine is equipped under the engine hood. The in-line cylinder develops 68 PS of power at 5000 RPM along with 104 Nm of torque at 4000 RPM. A five-speed manual transmission is paired to the petrol engine. 

Datsun Go Features

On the outside, the vehicle gets sash tape on rear door finisher and centre pillar, follow-me home head lamps and speed sensitive wipers with intermittent and drop wipe function. Inside, the hatchback features rear assist grips, full moulded door trims, closable AC vents with silver finish, three-spoke steering wheel, spinal support front connected seats, integrated head rests in front and rear, full door armrest etc. 

Datsun Go Performance & Mileage

The 1.2 litre, three cylinder engine sourced from Micra outputting 68 PS at 5000 RPM infers a healthy power to weight ratio for the car weighing 788kg. This reflects in the way GO performs, especially at high and mid revs. Claimed mileage for the petrol motor according to ARAI is 20.6 kms in a litre. 

Datsun Go Accessories & Infotainment

Datsun provides a high range of customization packs like trendy package, sporty package, women edition, family pack-1, family pack-2, essential package-1 and essential package-2. Trendy package comprises of reverse parking camera, antenna, parcel tray, audio with smart phone connectivity, rear speaker and mood light. Sporty package offers rear spoiler, fog lamp kit, door visor, alloy wheel, exhaust finisher, body side molding, body graphics, scuff plate with LED, art leather seat cover, steering wheel cover and gear knob leather. Women edition package includes reverse parking sensor, parcel tray, side curtain, security system, cushion kit, rear curtain, body graphics, mood lights and cushion kit. Family package is available in two options, the first one offers carpet mat, side curtain, PVC luggage, parcel tray, security system, cushion kit and art leather seat cover.

The second package which is a tad premium contains fog lamp kit, body side molding, door visor, carpet mat, steering wheel cover, art leather seat cover, PVC luggage mat, cushion kit, side curtain, security system and parcel tray. Essential pack is also available in two choices, the first one comes with body cover, splash guard, steering wheel cover, fabricseat cover, PVC black and luggage mat. And lastly, the second essential pack which gives an option of rear parcel tray, steering wheel cover, carpet mat, fabric seat cover and remote locking kit. There is a mobile docking station that features amplifier, universal mobile holder, AUX-In, USB port for charging and front speakers on both sides.

Datsun Go Braking & Handling

Braking duty is performed by ventilated disc brakes in front and drum brakes at rear. GO hatchback handles well, the steering wheel is responsive and suspension serves its part adeptly. Even the ground clearance and turning radius add to the efficiency. What goes against the hatch is the noise created by rear wheels and wind which seeps into the cabin. The under-sized wheels are also a letdown while on the go. 

Datsun Go Safety & Security

For a budget car that comes for an affordable price, safety is compromised to cut down on the cost. Datsun GO comes with a handful of features equipped for safety of occupants like an optional driver’s airbag available on the top-spec variant. Three-point seat belts are fitted in front and rear across model series. Manual central locking is available only on the range topping trim and other safety features like child lock, head lamp levelling device and engine immobilizer are present in the entire line-up. 

Datsun Go Comfort & Convenience

Comfort equipment incorporated in GO hatchback include a digital tachometer, drive computer showing instantaneous fuel economy, average fuel economy and distance to empty. There is a trip meter, low fuel warning, electronic fuel gauge, gear shift guide, follow-me-home head lamps, air conditioner with filter, heater, speed sensitive electric power steering, power windows in front and 12 V accessory socket. 

Datsun Go Wheels & Tyres

155/70 R13 tubeless tyres get full wheel cover on the top end variant and rest feature wheel caps. 

Datsun Go Competition

In the arena, GO faces stern competition from Hyundai Eon, Renault Kwid and Maruti Alto 800. Given the size it has, the hatchback is also compared to Maruti’s Celerio and Maruti WagonR.


Ample power
Roomy cabin and large boot
Affordable pricing
Adept performance


Austere cabin styling
Under-sized tyres
Bad insulation
Frail after sales network.

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Datsun Go Mileage

42 %
Better mileage than other Hatchback
35.0 L Fuel Tank Capacity

What is the fuel efficiency of Datsun Go

Datsun Go mileage is 19 to 19 KM/L as per ARAI The Manual Petrol engine has a mileage of 19 KM/L. The Automatic Petrol engine has a mileage of 19.6 KM/L.

Mileage By Fuel Type

Fuel Type
PetrolManual19 KM/L
PetrolAutomatic19.6 KM/L
Check Go Mileage in Detail

Key Features of Datsun Go

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  • Datsun Go ex-showroom price in New Delhi starts at Rs. 4.02 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 6.51 Lakh. The Datsun Go on road price in New Delhi is Rs. 7.25 Lakh.
  • As for the claimed fuel efficiency, the Datsun Go Petrol variant returns 19.59 Kmpl.
  • According to the experts, The Datsun GO and GO+ now come with a CVT and the company has promised that these will be the most affordable CVTs in the country. We drive them both to find out more...

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The Datsun GO and GO+ now come with a CVT and the company has promised that these will be the most affordable CVTs in the country. We drive them both to find out more
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4 years ago
1 mins read
The Datsun Go is the next hatchback to enter the Indian market. New, as it may be, to India, Datsun has a rich heritage and the Go will be the first car among many to come to India. I drive it to find out more.
Review: Datsun GO
8 years ago
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We drive Datsuns first hatchback in India - the GO. It looks a good car indeed, but does it have what it takes to survive in this competitive market? We drive it to find out.
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C&B Expert Rating
1198 cc796 CC998 CC999 CC1086 CC998 CC
Manual, AutomaticManualManualManualManualManual
19 - 19 KM/L24.7 - 31.39 KM/L27 KM/L22 - 23 KM/L20.3 - 30.48 KM/L24.97 - 26.68 KM/L
Fuel Type
PetrolPetrol, CNGPetrol, CNGPetrolPetrol, CNGPetrol, CNG
Seating Capacity
5 Seater5 Seater5 Seater5 Seater5 Seater5 Seater
Fuel Tank Capacity
35.0 L35.0 L24.4 L28.0 L35.0 L32.0 L
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