7 Things To Avoid While Buying A Used Car

When you are buying used car, it is important that you know what 'NOT' to do before you understand what needs to be done. So, here are seven things you must avoid when buying a used car.

By Seshan Vijayraghvan


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Published on May 8, 2021

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  • Don't go into it blindly, decide what kind of car do you need
  • Not inspecting the car properly before buying is something you must avoid
  • Not checking the car's history is also a mistake you must avoid making

Planning to buy a car? Well, you can either go for a brand new vehicle or buy a used car. Frankly, the latter is the more practical and economical option, and we have already given you seven reasons explaining why. You can read all about it on the carandbike website. However, if you have already read our story and have decided to go for a pre-owned vehicle, or you were simply planning to do that, to begin with, it is important to know what 'NOT' to do before you understand what needs to be done. So, here are seven things you must avoid when buying a used car.

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  1. Don't go into it blindly. If you start looking for a car without deciding what you actually want, you might end with a car that does not match your needs. Believe us you don't want to end up with the wrong car. First and foremost, decide why you are buying a car and what do you need it for. Do you simply want a daily driver? Or a family car? Or something for fun activities like road trips or touring, depending on that you can either get a hatchback or a sedan, an MPV, or an SUV.
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    Decide why you are buying a car and what do you need it for and select a body type that best suits your needs

  2. Next, there is the budget. Looking for a used car without finalising a budget is also a big NO-NO. It is another common mistake and you'll either end up confused about your choices or worse, with the wrong car. Get your priorities straight and decide what you want to spend before even start looking for a used car. Of course, if you find that right car, in the best possible condition, and you can go over budget then surely go for it. Otherwise, try and find the best possible option within your stipulated budget.

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  3. Not inspecting the car properly before buying is also something you must avoid at all cost. From the outside, the car might look in mint condition but it's always possible the mechanicals are not in good condition. Ask for a proper test drive of at least 10 km. If you know a trusted mechanic take them along and let them have a look and give you an assessment before you make the decision.

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    Make sure you inspect the car properly before you buy the vehicle, take a good test drive and get it assessed by a mechanic

  4. You must also avoid buying a used car without checking the odometer and other gauges of the car. Check if there any evidence of tampering (scratches, cracks) in and around the odometer. If you see signs of tampering of the gauges, or the cars condition and the odometer reading don't match, then it is probably best to walk away from the deal.
  5. Not checking the history of the car is also a mistake you must avoid making. If you are buying the car from an organised seller, like Maruti Suzuki True Value or Mahindra First Choice, they will usually have the records for you to verify. If you are purchasing the vehicle from an individual seller/owner, ask about the history of the car and check all documents, especially if it has had past owners. You can even check for past accident claims and records using the insurance number as they on the public domain.

    If you are buying the car from an organised seller they will usually have the vehicle history for you to verify

  6. Avoid going for long-term finance options. If you are getting a pre-owned vehicle, it's always advisable to buy it by making a full payment instead of taking a loan. Used cars are usually way cheaper than a brand new version of the same model, sometimes even 50 per cent cheaper than a new vehicle, so it's probably best to save up and buy it in one shot. On average you'll probably own a used vehicle for about 4-6 years maximum before replacing it, and you don't want to spend most of that period making monthly instalments. Do you? Of course, if that's not financially possible then try to get the least possible loan tenure and find the best possible interest rates. For used cars, the ROI is much higher.
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  7. Do not pay the entire money upfront. You must know when to pay. Pay a small token amount to fix the deal but do not transfer the entire amount before you have thoroughly checked the car and the paperwork. Verify the Sellers' Credentials before making the payment, and make sure you can drive away once you have made the final payment, especially if you are dealing with a private seller/owner. If it's a dealer then you'll probably go through the same process as when buying a new car.

Last Updated on May 8, 2021

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