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Confederate Motorcycles Renamed As Combat Motors

Confederate Motorcycles came under new management two years ago, and Combat Motors will continue to support Confederate-branded bikes.

American motorcycle brand Confederate Motorcycles will be re-branded as Combat Motors expand View Photos
American motorcycle brand Confederate Motorcycles will be re-branded as Combat Motors


  • Combat Motors will continue to support existing Confederate customers
  • Confederate customers are also offered the option of re-branding bikes
  • Ernest Lee took over the management of Confederate Motorcycles in 2018

American motorcycle brand Confederate Motorcycles has changed its name to Combat Motors. Confederate Motorcycles is known for making radical and niche bikes like the Confederate Combat Fighter and Confederate Hell Cat, is known to be an off-shoot of Curtiss Motorcycles. According to some reports, Confederate was renamed as Curtiss Motorcycles to become an all-electric brand, in collaboration with electric motorcycle brand Zero Motorcycles. While Curtiss Motorcycles will continue to be an electric motorcycle brand, Confederate Motorcycles will continue the internal combustion engine machines under the Combat Motors name.

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confederate fa 13 combat bomber

Confederate makes radical motorcycles like the FA-13 Combat Bomber

In a statement, the management explains the name change, saying that the new name "better exemplifies the spirit and values of our company, our manufacturing partners and our clients." Combat Motors will continue producing the same range of bikes, the F-117 Combat Fighter, P-51 Combat Fighter, FA-13 Combat Bomber and the Combat Wraith. With each continuing to be built on the same design that sees the frame carved out from a single piece of aerospace grade aluminium.

"The brand is bigger than any one of us. It lives on in the clients that have owned our bikes and in the people who have been involved with the company since its inception in 1991. As long as we have motorcycles on the road, our brand will live through their owners," said Ernest Lee, CEO and curator of the brand.

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The Confederate Motorcycles brand was revived by venture capital fund Ernest Lee Capital, which acquired the intellectual property rights to the Confederate brands and designs two years ago. Combat Motors will continue to support Confederate branded motorcycles and is offering re-branding with any service at its Birmingham, Alabama location in the US for any Confederate Motorcycle owner interested in an update. With a new name, the management says that Combat Motors will be built for many years to come.

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