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Kia Sonet’s Connected Car Technology Hits The Right Spot

UVO Connect uses an embedded e-SIM that keeps the vehicle tethered to a wireless network.

The Kia Sonet is the most feature pack subcompact SUV in India right now expand View Photos
The Kia Sonet is the most feature pack subcompact SUV in India right now

The Kia Sonet has taken the sub-compact SUV by storm on the bedrock of radical styling, a powerful engine, varying levels of kit and smart technologies which aren't usual for the segment. In fact, the sheer number of variants on offer, give the customers a lot to choose from. But it's the UVO connected car technology that stands out and that's because it helps the Sonet stand out amidst the crowd and also makes it a premium offering. 

UVO Connect uses an embedded e-SIM that keeps the vehicle tethered to a wireless network. Why is this important? Well, simply put, you're never disconnected from what's going on when on the move. So, the trendy looking Sonet keeps you up-to-date with what's trending on all the social media channels. There are also other advantages to having this connected car technology. It allows the car to be geo-fenced so that it is not misused either by a valet or your own chauffeur. It even helps you connect to emergency services in the case you've encountered a breakdown or an accident. 


The 10.25-inch HD infotainment screen is loaded on tech and easy-to-use as well

You can also remotely control the car. So, you can start the engine from a push a button on the UVO connect app. You can control the climate control system. You can also check what's the AQI in the case it is quite polluted in the area you live and trigger the air purifier. All of this can be done from the UVO Connect app which has a slick interface for both Android and iOS. 

It even taps into the navigation system and can share some analysis on how efficient the car is and if its tyre pressure is in the right state or not. It will even give you servicing telematics and will update you when the car is up for service. 


The Tech Line gets a dual-tone cabin while the GT-Line gets an all-black layout on the Kia Sonet

All this works in tandem with a massive 10.25-inch display which is quite bright with good viewing angles. The resolution of this screen is also pin-sharp which means it is very easy to navigate. The infotainment system display is also home to modern frills like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which can be used by connecting a USB cable. Android Auto and CarPlay are of course the most convenient ways of projecting your phone's features onto the car — be it the music streaming service of your choice, mapping service, virtual assistant and contacts so that you can communicate in a safe way while driving. 


The front seats come with ventilation which is a segment-first feature and so is the Bose sound system

And the music experience is enriched by a banging Bose audio system which has a very sterile neutral sound which works with all kinds of music. It has seven speakers and even a woofer in the boot which is just awesome. It can be easily equalised using the controls on the massive screen to give you an optimal aural experience with your favourite tunes. The user can also make sure the sound is focussed in certain parts of the vehicle depending on whether the car is chauffeur-driven or self-driven. This grade of an audio experience is also a first for the segment. 

Unique new features like the Air Purifier and wireless charging pad are also segment firsts which make this a delectable combination which will pique the curiosity of your inner techie. Long story short, the if you are interested in tech, the Sonet is the most sophisticated subcompact SUV in India right now. 

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