Mazda Unveils Iconic SP Concept Car With Unique Hybrid-Rotary Powertrain

The concept car features a distinctive two-rotor hybrid powertrain, capable of running on various fuels, including hydrogen, and generating electricity from carbon-neutral sources.

By Yashraj Singh


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Published on October 27, 2023

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  • The Iconic SP gets a unique two-rotor hybrid powertrain that runs on various fuels, including hydrogen, and acts as a power extender.
  • The company aims for a 50:50 weight distribution for the car.
  • The car has an anticipated power output of approximately 365 bhp.

Mazda introduced its latest creation, the Iconic SP concept car, at the 2023 Japan mobility Show. This innovative show car features a distinctive two-rotor hybrid powertrain, capable of running on various fuels, including hydrogen, and generating electricity from carbon-neutral sources.


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Mazda designed the Iconic SP with a keen focus on performance. The key to this concept is its low centre of gravity, which enhances stability and handling. The lightweight and compact two-rotor rotary engine is placed low in the car, contributing to this goal. Furthermore, the company aims for a well-balanced 50:50 weight distribution, adding to the car's overall prowess.


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The Iconic SP sets itself apart with its unique dual rotor hybrid powertrain. However, it's important to note that this rotary power plant doesn't drive the wheels directly. Instead, it serves as a power extender and can even function as an auxiliary power source, making it possible to run appliances or act as a power supply when venturing off the grid. According to Mazda, it can supply ample energy to sustain a family for over a week.

Inside the Iconic SP, Mazda opted for a minimalist approach. The cabin features a simple three-spoke steering wheel with a digital display positioned behind it. Adjacent to this is another small screen, while the central console holds four switches reminiscent of a gated manual shifter. The surfaces within the cabin are adorned with a material akin to Alcantara.

In terms of dimensions, the Iconic SP surpasses the current MX-5 Miata, measuring 4180 mm in length, 1850 mm in width, and 1150 mm in height. The wheelbase stretches to 2590 mm, providing stability and contributing to a more spacious interior. However, the larger size comes with added weight, making it approximately 362 kg heavier than the Miata.

Driving enthusiasts can anticipate an exciting experience with the Iconic SP. The vehicle has an estimated curb weight of less than 1450 kg and a targeted power output of approximately 365 bhp. 


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Although it remains uncertain how Mazda will position the Iconic SP, it has sparked intrigue and curiosity among car enthusiasts. The concept car's larger size and unique powertrain depart from the Miata's convention, indicating that Mazda may be exploring new possibilities in its portfolio. With the automotive world steadily shifting towards electrification, the Iconic SP offers a glimpse into a future where Mazda stays committed to producing small, lightweight sports cars that prioritise the pure joy of driving.


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