Ultraviolette Rolls Out New Warranty Scheme For F77 Electric Motorcycle

The new scheme offers a warranty of 8 lakh kilometres on the battery and drivetrain of the F77 electric motorcycle.

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Published on April 9, 2024

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  • Ultraviolette now offers warranty of up to 8 lakh km on F77
  • Existing customers of F77 can upgrade to the new warranty scheme
  • Ultraviolette will soon launch the updated F77 in India

Ultraviolette has rolled out a new scheme, which offers warranty of up to 8 lakh kilometres on the battery and drivetrain. The company says that one of its test motorcycles recently completed 1 lakh kilometres of testing and still retained 95 per cent of its original rated capacity, and that led to Ultraviolette offering this new warranty scheme on the F77. The same motorcycle that covered one lakh kilometres during testing, continued to deliver a range of 304 km on single charge as per IDC (Indian driving cycle) norms, with fuel savings worth Rs. 4.41 lakh.


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Ultraviolette F77

Ultraviolette offers three warranty packages - UV Care, UV Care+ and UV Care Max. While the kilometres coverage on UV Care and UV Care+ has been doubled with the new warranty structure, the UV Care Max now offers eight times more than the previous kilometres limit. Existing owners of the Ultraviolette F77 will be able to upgrade to the new warranty scheme as well.


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Ultraviolette F77 Supernova Edited 1

Presently, the Ultraviolette F77 is offered in three variants, which are Original, Recon and the top-spec Space edition, which is a limited edition model. The original spec gets a 7.1 kWh battery pack while the Recon and the Space edition get a 10.1 kWh pack. The IDC range on the Original is 206 km, while on the other two, it is 307 km. 


Ultraviolette’s New Battery & Drivetrain Warranty Structure

Warranty PackDurationPrev km LimitUpdated km LimitStandard Availability (F77 Variants)Upgradable for (F77 Variants)
UV Care3 years 30,000 km60,000 kmOriginal -
UV Care+5 years 50,000 km100,000 kmRecon Original 
UV Care Max8 years 100,000 km800,000 km-Recon 
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