What Is An RV Or Motorhome? Types Of RVs

The type of RV depends upon the personal needs of amenities; some prefer home-like living, while others want a camp vibe. No more worrying about finding hotels! Stick around till the end of the article to identify the types of RVs and motorhomes.

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Published on February 10, 2022

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  • What is an RV?
  • Benefits of having an RV
  • Drivable RVs, towable RVs, and truck campers

What is an RV?

A recreational vehicle, or RV, is a motor vehicle designed for compact yet comfortable accommodation and is particularly loved by travellers. Different in architecture from tiny houses, an RV is lightweight and follows the aerodynamical structure to ease its movement from one location to another. The vehicle is structured to give dedicated spaces to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living area using modern furniture and organisation hacks. 

Benefits of having an RV

  • Personal space

  • No stress of finding rooms at the tourist destination.

  • Home-like comfort

Types of RVs

  • Class A Motorhomes


These are the largest, most spacious, most luxurious, and most expensive types of RVs. The lightweight models have gas engines, while the heavyweight has diesel engine. A class A RV is a perfect choice for a family trip because you get plenty of indoor space, storage space for gear, home comforts, and modern appliances. However, its repair costs are very high.

  • Class B Motorhomes or Campervans.


Class B motorhomes, or campervans, are the smallest and easiest-to-drive RVs. They have restricted space and amenities. This would be perfect for couples who are willing to try living in a tiny house on a budget.

  • Class C Motorhomes


These are the most popular and rented RVs amongst families. These are built on the truck or chassis. They have roofs that either pop-up or are fixed, giving an extended space for accommodation on the rooftop. But they have poor gas mileage and are challenging to drive.

  • Fifth-wheel trailers


The biggest types of towable RVs have a fifth-wheel in the front, which is connected to the U-shaped coupling mounted in the truck bed. You can have an expandable patio, an outdoor kitchen, and a bedroom loft to enjoy a long-term full-living lifestyle. You would need storage space because they are hard to park.

  • Pop-up campers


These are modern, towable tents that include pop-ups to create extra space for sleeping. Pop-up campers are lightweight, easy to tow, affordable, and take up less parking space. These are designed to enjoy the camping vibe with the family.

  • Tiny Travel Trailers


They are often called micro trailers and include clamshells, some pop-ups, fibreglass, and teardrops. Because of their small size and lightweight, they require little parking space and are preferred by solo travellers. 

  • Toy Haulers


Also known as Sports Utility RV Trailers, Toy Haulers have a dedicated space to store small motor vehicles like dirt bikes, kayaks, and large sports gear. The limited portion of the RV is for living in. These towable RVs suit well for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

  • Travel Trailers


These are the most popular RVs because of the variations in length and weight. They are easier to tow and detach than fifth-wheel trailers. A family can easily be accommodated in this lightweight and budget-friendly RV.

  • Truck campers


These are little homes structured inside the bed of a truck. Truck campers are affordable and efficient for solo and couple travellers, but they need at least a one-ton truck to load the trailer.

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