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2019 Triumph Street Scrambler Review

The 2019 Triumph Street Scrambler gets a bunch of updates along with increased output and better off-road capability. We test ride the new Street Scrambler and come away impressed.

The 2019 Triumph Street Scrambler is priced at Rs. 8.55 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) expand View Photos
The 2019 Triumph Street Scrambler is priced at Rs. 8.55 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi)


  • The 2019 Triumph Street Scrambler gets a bunch of updates
  • The engine has been significantly updated; makes 18% more power
  • It is priced at Rs. 8.55 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi)

Modern classic motorcycles are usually elegant, classy. And while they might have exhilarating performance, people prefer riding them in a relaxed, easy-going manner. But the 2019 Triumph Street Scrambler is slightly different. It is a modern classic and a good looking one at that but it also offers a certain degree of off-road ability and doesn't complain if you go dirty dancing with it. Along with the Street Twin, the Street Scrambler too got a few updates for 2019.

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(While it may not be a hard-core off-roader, the Street Scrambler is more than capable of handling mild trails and will not mind some air time)

Looks and design

The overall silhouette of the street Scrambler largely remains the same. As far as updates are concerned, the 'Triumph' logo on the fuel tank is new and the instrument console now feels premium, with the 'Bonneville' badge on the upper rim. There is a small digital display, which reads out information such as fuel, riding modes and other pieces of information. Also, the headlamp bracket is new along with front fender.


(The 'Triumph' logo on the fuel tank is new. It looks much better now)

Overall, the motorcycle looks achingly good, with its retro styling. The side-mounted exhaust is perhaps the coolest bit on the motorcycle and unfortunately, it is the least practical too. In Indian summer, the heat from the exhaust is going to roast your right thigh to anywhere between rare and well-done. The fly-screen on top of the headlamp is an optional accessory. Also, the luggage rack in place of the pillion seat is more or less useless as the maximum weight you can put on it is just 3 kilograms.

Mechanical and electronic changes?


(The flyscreen is an optional fitment and the bike now gets 3 riding modes including and off-road mode)

The 900 cc parallel-twin motor now gets new and lighter parts such as cam covers, dead shafts, crankshafts and balancer shafts and with the a slight re-tune, the engine pumps out 18 per cent more power which is 64 bhp 7,500 rpm instead of the earlier 54 bhp. The peak torque output stays the same at 80 Newton metres but it is delivered at 3,200 rpm which means even more torque in the bottom and mid-range.


(The 900 cc parallel-twin engine now makes 64 bhp instead of 54 bhp on the earlier model)

It is a must for any motorcycle which claims to be a scrambler. The other important updates are to the electronics. The Street Scrambler now gets 3 riding modes, which are road rain and off road. In the off road mode, ABS and traction control can be switched off completely. The catch here is that in order to choose the off-road mode, you need to be stationary while choosing road and rain modes can be done on the go.

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How's the performance?


(The road manners of the new Street Scrambler are quite likeable. The low-end grunt means quick acceleration)

The motorcycle continues to get a bigger 19-inch wheel up front and a 17-inch unit at the rear. Both wheels are spoked and are shod with Metzeler Tourance dual-sport tyres with tubes. Also, the front suspension consists of cartridge type front forks with rubber gaiters and is spaced wider apart, which not just gives a purposeful stance to the motorcycle, but also gives a more planted front end feel. The front brake is still a single disc unit, but gets Brembo four-piston calipers for better bite.


(The side-mounted twin-exhaust is perhaps the coolest looking bit on the bike, but riding it in summer is going to roast your leg )

The ride quality on the new Street Scrambler is supple and it soaks up all the bumps and ruts on off-road trails quite well too. The 5-speed gearbox is smooth and offers precise shifts, making for an engaging ride.


(The ergonomics are comfortable and with flatter, wider handlebar, you feel like spending more time on the saddle)

The engine and the power delivery are smooth and refined and thanks to a more comfortable riding position along with wider handlebars, you can put in more kilometres on the bike. The engine retains its smoothness and the motorcycle now feels peppier and more eager when building up speed. Plus, it loves to tip into corners aggressively and barring the low footpeg clearance, you end up coming out of the corner with a smile. And yes the low end torque also helps when you go off-road.



(Priced at ₹ 8.55 lakh, the new Street Scrambler is a lifestyle motorcycle but it has oodles of desirability)

The Street Scrambler, in essence, is a lifestyle motorcycle and it offers excellent on-road performance along with decent off-road ability thrown in. It has a likeable characteristic and no matter what shape or size you are, swing a leg over it and you will inadvertently end up looking good! Yes! It is that stylish! Priced at ₹ 8.55 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) it is the perfect motorcycle for you if your primary need is to ride a cool, hip motorcycle and go-off road occasionally...


Photography: Rakesh Singh

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