2024 Jawa 350 Road Test Review: In Pictures

The 2024 Jawa 350 gets slightly bigger dimensions, a larger displacement engine, more weight, yet makes less power. Do those changes make the Jawa 350 better? We spent some time with it to ponder about what the Jawa 350 offers.

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Published on March 26, 2024

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  • New Jawa 350 review through images
  • More weight, less power from bigger 334 cc engine
  • As many as 30 changes in the new Jawa 350

The 2024 Jawa 350 has been given a thorough update, with a bigger 334 cc engine, slightly bigger proportions, updated suspension and frame, and better finish levels. It's heavier now, and despite the bigger engine, loses some power over the 293 cc engine of the previous Jawa Classic. We spent a couple of days with the new Jawa 350 to get a sense of what those changes mean for the updated model. Is it better? Or has more weight, less power taken out the spunk from the new Jawa?


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Jawa 350 Image 10

The updated Jawa 350 retains the familiar design and silhouette of the earlier 293 cc Jawa Classic, but the stance has changed somewhat with the slightly taller placed headlight and taller front suspension. 


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Jawa 350 Image 26

The new Jawa 350 gets a longer wheelbase, taller front suspension and more ground clearance (178 mm) than before. Saddle height has gone up as well with a new seat with thicker padding and new seat design, but it's still accessible at 790 mm.


Jawa 350 Image 11

The wheel sizes remain the same, but the tyres are thicker than before, providing better grip and more visual mass. The front tyre now is a 110/90-18 while the rear is a 130/80-17.


Jawa 350 Image 24

Overall quality levels, including fit and finish, paint and chrome, have improved on the new Jawa 350. The riding position is comfortable and riders of average height will not find it daunting or cramped on the Jawa 350. 


Jawa 350 Image 12

The 334 cc, single-cylinder engine is eager to pick up speed. The short stroke unit is rev-happy, and feels peppier and eager than the long-stroke units of the competition. The low and mid-range response seems to have improved, even though peak power in numbers has taken a hit, going down 5 bhp.  

Jawa 350 Image 1

The 334 cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine now has a lower compression ratio, down from 11:1 to 9.5:1, to make it feel more relaxed. In numbers, the engine now makes 22.2 bhp at 7,500 rpm and 28.1 Nm of peak torque at 5,000 rpm. The valvetrain has been changed, the connecting rods have been changed, a lot of changes inside the engine, which has resulted in a much more smoother, more refined engine. There’s also a bigger throttle body and bigger fuel pump. 


Jawa 350 Image 9

The torque spread is nice and meaty across the first three gears, so you feel a sense of urgency while working the gearbox in the city. And the slip and assist clutch certainly makes it easier, when you’re stuck in traffic, or when you’re accelerating out of a red light. The overall improved refinement, in the engine, gearbox, clutch and fuelling has made the Jawa 350 a fun bike to ride, in the confines of the city, and out on the highway. 


Jawa 350 Image 8

Cornering clearance has improved, so you won't be scraping the footpegs, or the exhausts very easily on the new Jawa 350. The new seat, with thicker padding offers a comfortable perch and the re-tuned suspension seems to have made the suspension less stiff than before, but only just. The tuning of the soft front fork and the stiff rear shocks could have made the ride quality even better.

Jawa 350 Image 13

The Jawa 350 may be a thoroughly updated model, but it’s a definite improvement over the earlier Jawa Classic. Better engine refinement, overall quality improvements as well as the sense of being a slightly more substantial and better-built motorcycle definitely supports the new Jawa’s case. During our tests, the Jawa 350 returned an average of around 27.5 kmpl.


Jawa 350 Image 27

Could it have been better? Yes, better ride quality courtesy of better tuned suspension would have made the Jawa 350 more comfortable, and the instrument console is still partially visible from the rider's perch, that could have been addressed in this update. The position of the ignition key, as well as a separate slot for the steering lock just a few inches away could have been combined into one, instead of two slots on the same side.


Jawa 350 28

The sum of all the small changes has definitely made the Jawa 350 a better bike, if you look beyond the spec sheet (more weight, less power). As a modern classic in its segment, the Jawa 350 certainly offers an entertaining free-revving, short-stroke engine performance, as well as a different flavour in the 350 cc modern classic motorcycle segment.


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