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Okinawa PraisePro Electric Scooter Review

Okinawa launched its new electric scooter, the PraisePro, in India and we get an opportunity to ride the new electric scooter and see how it fares as a daily ride.

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The Okinawa PraisePro is positioned between the Praise & the iPraise in Okinawa's line-up


  • The Okinawa PraisePro is priced at Rs. 71,990
  • It gets two riding modes - Eco and Sports
  • It has a range of 88 km in Sports mode & 110 km in Eco Mode

Okinawa Autotech is one of the more prominent electric two-wheeler brands in India and it has stepped up its activities as far as new product launches are concerned. The company recently launched the Okinawa PraisePro in India, which is its third model in the 'Praise' line-up. As far as positioning is concerned, the PraisePro slots in between the Praise, which is the base model and the iPraise, which is the top-spec model in the line-up. With the PraisePro, Okinawa's electric scooter range goes up to seven models in India. We had the opportunity to ride the PraisePro and see how it fared as a daily ride. Here's our detailed review.

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(The Okinawa PraisePro is one of the better looking scooters in Okinawa line-up)

Design & Styling

Okinawa electric scooters have always been close to the conventional scooter design. So is the case with the PraisePro as well. The front apron has a pulled back design with a V-shaped LED headlamp and daytime running lights placed on the sides of the apron. The handlebar mounted indicators along with red and black colour scheme give the electric scooter a sporty look. View it in profile and while the theme is sporty, the first thing that you notice is the high floorboard, which does make for a cramped riding position (More on that later). The red and black colour interplay is continued here too and the side panels culminate into a neat tail section with blacked out grab-rails. Oh, and we really like the Aluminium alloy wheel design up front. We really wish the rear wheel got that design as well. Overall, the PraisePro is one of the better looking scooters among Okinawa's line-up.

Features & Cycle Parts


(The PraisePro gets an LED headlamp along with LED daytime running lamp as well)

There is a decent list of features on board the Okinawa PraisePro as well. There is all LED lighting to begin with and a fully digital instrument console which shows the speed, battery levels, trip and odometer and the typical tell-tale lights. But even though the display shows the battery levels, it doesn't show the remaining range in kilometres, which we believe is a big miss. The other thing where the PraisePro left us a little wanting was the fit and finish and the quality of plastics used. It could have been better in a bid to offer a more premium feel. Also, thanks to the battery, the scooter doesn't have any underseat stowage.


(The PraisePro gets a twin shock absorbers with dual-tube technology, but the ride quality is quite bouncy)

All of it is taken up by the battery. The only stowage that scooter get is near the key hole, where you can store your wallet or small sundry items. So, practicality takes a hit here. Although the machined and adjustable brake levers do make up to a small extent for that. The PraisePro gets twin shock absorbers with dual tube technology at rear and telescopic suspension at the rear. Plus, it gets 90/90-12 tubeless tyres at both ends along with disc brakes too.

Electric Motor & Specifications


(The scooter gets a 2 kWh lithium-battery and the scooter has a range of 110 km in Eco mode)

The PraisePro gets a 1,000 watt brushless DC (BLDC) motor which is waterproof and generates peak power of 2,500 watts. There is a 2 kWh lithium-ion battery which offers a range of 88 kilometres in Sports mode and 110 kilometres in Economy mode according to ARAI. The top speed of the PraisePro is restricted to 35 kmph in the Economy mode, while it goes up to 65-70 kmph in the Sports mode. Should you want short burst of speed, you can always push the turbo button, which further pushes the speed up to 75 kmph. But of course, that is the speed shown on the display. In reality, the speed could be significantly less.

Performance & Ride


(The Okinawa PraisePro offers decent performance but in case you are in a tearing hurry, you might as well choose another mode of transport)

So, the Okinawa PraisePro will get you from point A to point B at a comfortable pace. As long as you are riding in the 30-55 kmph range, you will be fine and the occasional use of the turbo button will allow you to overtake slow moving vehicles. Going faster will be a problem, though. You will always be stuck with the slower lot when riding on city roads. If you are in a tearing hurry, you might as well choose another mode of transport. It is a light scooter and filtering through traffic is easy and doesn't feel like a chore.


(The design of the front alloy wheel is quite nice! We wish the rear wheel got the same design too)

The riding position feels a little cramped as the floorboard is too high and more often than not, your knees will end up hitting your elbows. Taller riders will find it even more cramped. And we wish the suspension setup were a little softer. The ride quality is bouncy and even small speed bump or pothole will leave you with a jarring ride experience. Apart from that, it is a decent performer.



(At ₹ 71,990, the Okinawa PraisePro is an expensive proposition. But it is clean and green)

At a price of ₹ 71,990 (ex-showroom, Delhi), the Okinawa PraisePro sure is an expensive proposition. But you would be surprised to know that the battery by itself, costs ₹ 45,965. So, for all electric two-wheelers, it is the battery which forms the biggest cost component of any electric two-wheeler.


But the running costs will be lower than those of any petrol-powered scooters and decent performance means that the PraisePro is a decent option for first time riders, college goers and elderly people. It can easily manage a daily commute of up to 40 kilometres. Plus, taking the battery out, charging it and putting it back means you will get your dose of daily workout as well (It weighs in at 14 kg!)

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