3 Variants

3 Colors
Last Recorded Price:
1.18 - 1.19 Lakh

Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0 Overview

Engine Capacity-icon

Engine Capacity

149.0 CC



42 KM/L

Fuel Tank Capacity-icon

Fuel Tank Capacity

12.0 L



6 Speed

Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0 Prices

Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0 price starting from 1.18 Lakh. Yamaha offers YZF R15 V2.0 in 3 variants.


Last Recorded Price

YZF R15 V2.0 GP Blue

1.18 Lakh
Petrol, 42 KM/L, 149.0 CC

YZF R15 V2.0 Streaking Cyan

1.18 Lakh
Petrol, 42 KM/L, 149.0 CC

YZF R15 V2.0 STD

1.19 Lakh
Petrol, 42 KM/L, 149.0 CC

Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0 Specifications & Features

Explore an in-depth overview of the Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0 specifications and features, offering comprehensive details on its engine, fuel efficiency, mileage, brakes, max power, and tyre. Additionally, gain insights into the bike's advanced safety features.

Engine CC

149.0 CC




42 KM/L


Hydraulic Disc/Disc

Max Torque

15.00 Nm

Max Power

16.70 bhp


90/80-17/ 130/70-R17

  • YesEngine Kill Switch
  • YesFuel Gauge
  • YesPass Light

Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0 Mileage

86 %
Better mileage than other Sports
Check YZF R15 V2.0 Mileage in Detail

Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0 Colours

View All YZF R15 V2.0 Colours

Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0 is available in 3 different colors namely Revving Blue, Adrenaline Red & Sparky Green.

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Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0
Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0
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Ex-Showroom Price
₹ 1.18 - 1.19 L₹ 16.43 - 19.28 L₹ 19 - 24 L₹ 20.3 - 24.55 L₹ 17.9 - 22.5 L₹ 23.69 L
C&B Expert Rating
Engine CC
149.0 CC999.0 CC1170.0 CC999.0 CC999.0 CC1099.0 CC
6 Gears6 Gears6 Gears6 Gears6 Gears6 Gears
42 KM/L18.00 Km/L22.00 Km/L17.00 Km/L21.00 Km/L12.00 Km/L
Max Torque
15.00 bhp114.00 Nm116.00 Nm113.00 Nm114.00 Nm125.00 Nm
Max Power
16.70 Nm189.00 bhp110.00 bhp206.00 bhp162.00 bhp214.00 bhp
Hydraulic Disc/DiscHydraulic Discs With 4-piston Calipers (Nissin/Brembo) (Front) / Hydraulic Disc With -piston Caliper (Rear)Dual Discs (Front) / Disc (Rear)Twin disc brake, diameter, 4.5 mm, 4-piston fixed caliper (5 mm M wheels) (Front) / Single disc brake, diameter, 1-piston floating caliper (Rear)Twin Disc (Front) / Disc (Rear)Dual Disc (Front) / Single Disc (Rear)
Fuel Tank Capacity
12.0 L16.0 L18.0 L16.5 L17.5 L17.9 L
Colour Count
Detailed Comparision
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About Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0

The Yamaha R15 has been on sale in India since 2008 and is underpinned by the same deltabox frame from the v-ixxion and eschewing a design from the larger R1. The facelifted version came in 2011 and has never looked better. The R15 comes with a 150cc single cylinder unit that produces 17bhp and 15Nm of torque. The engine transmits power via a six-speed gearbox and a chain drive. It gets telescopic forks in the front and a monocross unit at the back. Standard features include pilot lamps.
R15 Orange

Upcoming Models are the MT-03, New YZF R3 and XSR155

Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0 Expert Review

Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0

The Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0 is one of the most powerful and impressive models in its category. Should you go for the same? Here’s looking at whether it makes for a good value proposition or not.

How is the design?

The Yamaha R15 was the first cheap sports bike in India, and it featured the majority of the aesthetic elements of Yamaha's more costly R series bikes. In addition, the R15 was named after Yamaha's R series of motorcycles. This bike became recognized almost immediately due to its appearance and its performance, and looking at its popularity and rising competition, it is clear that its popularity will only continue to grow. The base model of the motorcycle, which is known as the Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0, can be purchased for a price of 1.18 million Indian rupees. There are three distinct iterations of the bicycle, each of which is offered in a choice of three colors.

The YZF-R15 v2.0 is Yamaha's most extreme sport bike in the 150cc class, and it features a design that is influenced by the R-series. It also has a split seat, an aluminium swing arm, and a link-type mono suspension. It is equipped with telescopic forks up front, and a monocross unit is located at the rear. Pilot lamps are included as a standard feature. A pair of headlights is mounted on the front end in a configuration that is both sharp and aerodynamic.

Yamaha R15 V2.0 has all-LED headlamps and a split seat. Its raised rear end creates a snazzy look. It also reveals the pillion seat's sheer height. Its tank is perfectly sculpted and comfortable. Its tires are finished in black with an outer tape. The bike now has a larger 220mm rear disc for improved braking, an all-new LED tail lamp that looks much better than the model of the YZF-R15 from 2010, new ECU mapping for improved pick-up and fuel efficiency, a weight increase of 5 kilograms (it now weighs 136 kilograms), a new design for the saree guard and mudguard, as well as a new design for the silencer/exhaust pipe. Additionally, the weight has increased by In the R15 Version 2.0; Yamaha implemented a few improvements that are immediately evident.

How is the performance?

The 149.8cc engine that propels the Yamaha R15 V2 is a four-stroke unit that is cooled by liquid. It is a single cylinder engine with four valves and single overhead camshaft (SOHC), and it is designed to produce 16.8 horsepower at 8500 revolutions per minute (rpm), with a maximum torque generation of 15 Nm attainable at 7500 rpm. The transmission that comes with this engine has six speeds, and the shift pattern is one gear down, followed by five gears up. This new engine has a similar "feel" and "throttle reaction" to the one it's replacing, which means it won't be long before it's obsolete. Yamaha has made some modest adjustments to the engine, but these changes are hardly evident due to the approximately 4 kilograms that have been added to its overall weight.

Because of the way the first gear ratios are set up, it is ideal for everyday use. After going above 6000 revolutions per minute, you will be able to observe the sluggish behaviour of this engine for the first time. However, there are no vibrations up until 8500 rpm, and the refinement level is also extremely excellent. However, the high-end performance of the engine indicates that it should have a lower displacement. The motorcycle is now far quicker than it was in the past and can go from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in just over thirteen seconds. This motorcycle has a maximum speed of approximately 130 kilometers per hour.

How does the motorbike ride?

If the Yamaha YZF R15's incredibly potent 150c c engine is a cake, then the bike's handling is unquestionably the frosting on the cake. The R15's suspension system, which consists of hydraulic telescopic forks up front and a linked-type monoshock in the rear, is largely responsible for the bike's nimble and precise handling. As a track-tool, this setup performs like a wonder, but shockingly, it is also capable over speed breakers and potholes, which ultimately results in a ride that is stress free and comfortable. You'll have a planted and confident sensation on straight roads as well as sharp turns thanks to the combination of thicker rubbers at the front and rear, a sturdy aluminium swingarm, and a longer wheelbase of 1345 millimetres.

The aggressive aerodynamic layout of low seating, totally rear-set foot pegs, and clip-on handlebars allowed the rider to bend forward with their knees rolled back in an ideal confidence aspiring posture on the R15's sporty seating stance, which was also the first of its kind. However, in terms of practical considerations, the pillion seat that is mounted so high is not ideal. The brakes have also been improved over the previous model, with larger discs at the front and rear of the vehicle compared to what they used to be. This upgrade results in much more accurate and secure braking, despite the fact that the bike does not have anti-lock brakes (ABS), which, once implemented, may double the bite of the already wonderful stopping power of the disc brakes.

The front disc brake on the bike is 267 millimetres, while the disc brake on the bike's rear wheel measures just 220 millimetres. Because of the larger discs, the barking sound is now more precise and secure, ensuring that your journey will be risk-free. The new R15 Version 2.0 exudes an air of self-assurance and is antsier to get moving as a result of its longer wheelbase (1,345 millimetres), fatter tires, and aluminium swing arm at the rear. The bike is now securely planted on the road, and thanks to its superb suspension and ground clearance of 160 millimetres, it provides you with a ride that is exceptionally comfortable. This bike's light weight and responsive handling are among its most appealing selling points, and these characteristics have been carried over into the design of the new model. Turning corners on the bike gives the impression of being both quick and sharp. The R15 V2 has a more aggressive appearance than previous iterations, and the increased size of its brake discs and tires makes it a lot of pleasure to ride.

How comfortable the motorbike is?

The Yamaha R15 is well-known for its athletic attitude, which was previously unavailable on any luxury motorcycle sold in India. Because of the bike's aerodynamic shape, the rider is able to perfectly position themselves by leaning forward with their knees rolled back. The low sitting allows for a rider to quickly obtain a firm hold on the bike, which provides a level of self-assurance that is lacking in other motorcycles, such as the Pulsar and the Hero Karizma ZMR. This level of self-assurance is not present on those other motorcycles. The foot rests on the new seat are positioned further back than they typically would be, which contributes to the seat's high level of comfort. The clips on the handle are great to look at and comfortable to hold, and the sensation that you get while riding this bike is really incredible. The bike is comfortable riding over most speed breakers and potholes without making any noise of protest, and it is also able to handle the majority of bumps without any difficulty. Because of the suspension system, the high-seated pillion rider may be assured that they will have a stress-free and comfortable ride. The price of the bike is really reasonable, and it comes with a solid package from Yamaha; hence, it is unquestionably worthwhile to get this bike.

How’s the tech?

The bike comes with Yamaha’s Advanced Suspension system (YAMS) that allows for a soft or hard setting for the shock absorbers as well as for rebound and compression adjustments. The Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0 comes with an excellent braking system that features 320 mm petal discs front and rear with 4-piston callipers in each corner. The handlebars are adjustable for height and width, while the seat is also comfortable and adjustable for rider position. You can toggle between two riding positions - upright or sporty - depending on your preference.

How’s the mileage of the motorbike?

In addition to its status as a high-performance motorbike, the Yamaha YZF-R15 delivers decent efficiency in the area of fuel consumption. It can offer up to 40 kmpl approximately.

Is the motorbike good value for Money?

The YZF-R15 v2.0 is now available for purchase for a price of Rs 1,18,383 (ex-Delhi), which is a reduction of Rs 950 from its prior price of Rs 1,19,788. In 2011, Yamaha debuted the all-new YZF-R15 Version 2.0 in India, which featured an improved chassis as well as an air of refined sophistication. The equipment now has an energized aspect thanks to a brand-new design that was implemented. The price was raised by the manufacturer along with the improved aesthetics; nevertheless, in a country like India where everything is constantly exaggerated, the price increase was irrelevant. The following colour options are available for this ready-to-race module from Yamaha: GP Blue, Streaking Cyan, Raring Red, and Invincible Black.

The 149.8cc, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve, single-cylinder engine that comes standard on the Yamaha YZF-R15 Version 2.0 is cooled by liquid and features four valves. Because the engine is coupled to a six-speed constant make transmission, the ride quality is exceptional. It has a likable pick-up and is extremely aerodynamic and lightweight. The motorcycle was put together with the well-known Delta Box frame, and a rear tyre with 130 millimetres of tread was utilized to make the ride more stable. In addition, a reliable brake system and suspension unit have been installed on the bike so that it may continue to deliver jaw-dropping performance. So, if you're on the lookout for a reliable, powerful motorcycle that's also affordable, the Yamaha YZF-R15 V2.0 is definitely worth considering

How is the after sales service?

The after sales service of this bike is top-notch, and it is easy to get help when needed. Yamaha offers a one-year warranty on the bike, and there are always people available to help with any questions or problems that may arise. If anything is not working properly on the bike, riders can take it in for repair and receive a free adjustment or replacement as part of their warranty coverage. The after sales service offered by Yamaha makes this an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful motorcycle that they can rely on.

Which Motorbikes Compete in this Segment?

The Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0 competes with rivals like the Honda CBR150R, Suzuki Gixxer SF, and TVS Apache RTR 160 2V.

Verdict (Is it Value for Money?)

As the flagship model in Yamaha’s R lineup, the YZF-R15 V2.0 is a powerhouse of a bike that offers riders an incredibly smooth and fast ride. With its inline-four engine, this machine offers decent performance. However, despite its prowess, there are a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing this bike.

For starters, the R15 V2.0 isn’t for everyone - it’s definitely not for beginners or those who are looking for an easy or slow ride. It’s also not the best choice if you plan on commuting to work or running errands on a regular basis - this bike is built for high-speed adventures and serious racing. So, if you're someone who plans on using their motorcycle only for recreation or occasional transportation, you may want to look elsewhere.

On the other hand, if you're ready to take your riding to new levels, then the Yamaha YZF-R15 V2.0 is definitely worth considering! It has all the features and performance that experienced riders demand and then some - so if speed and power are two things you prioritize when choosing your next motorcycle, then the R15 V2.0 should definitely be at the top of your list.

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