First Official Image Of The Pininfarina PF0 Released

One look at the teaser image and you can see what Automobili Pininfarina has been able to achieve. Pininfarina has decided to follow their heritage design philosophy and have a cleaner design language.

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Published on August 28, 2018

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    Automobili Pininfarina has released the first official image of the PF0 electric hypercar concept model. We had already told you a lot about the PF0 back in April 2018 and that time we also brought you a few teaser images as well. . The first car will be launched in 2020 and the electric hypercar making almost 2000 bhp of peak power. Expect a 0-100 kmph in just under 2 seconds, while 0-300 kmph is likely to be posted in just about 12 seconds. Top speed will be just over 400 kmph while it can go for 483 km on a single charge. The electric hypercar will cost about 2 Million Euros and will have a very limited production run with very high levels of customisation.

    One look at the teaser image and you can see what Automobili Pininfarina has been able to achieve. Pininfarina has decided to follow their heritage design philosophy and have a cleaner design language. That means that there will be no massive gaping air intakes running down the side of the car, no ridiculous front splitters or canards in exposed carbon and most certainly no gigantic wing around the back. What the car will however have are wide and swooping fenders, which again, is very distinctly Pininfarina.


    The final version of the car will be  showcased at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show

    Luca Borgogno, Automobili Pininfarina Design Director, said: "Our ambition for PF0 is based on classic Pininfarina principles - to combine elegance and beauty with functional design that defines a new product vision. From 2020 the world will see the emergence of luxury electric hypercars that set new standards for performance and visual drama. Cars dreamt about, but not yet seen on the road."

    Up front, the Pininfarina PF0 is likely to share its design language with the likes of the Sergio, which was designed for Ferrari. It also plans to retain that complete lighting pattern around the front while integrating LED lighting for the headlamps in a very unique flip down headlight, so the PF0 will have a set of headlights that will be concealed for the sake of design and aesthetics and when switched on, two panels will retract downwards to reveal the headlights from under the bodywork.

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    Now the overall package of the car may look like a blend between the McLaren 720S and even a Ferari 488 Pista, so traditional mid-engined supercar proportions. But the part which separates it from any other supercar is the rear. The teaser of the PF0 shows how it manages to stands out amongst the supercars on offer in today's day. The tail lamps are just thin strips of LEDs and these are mounted on low-lying horizontal planes which are mounted close to the body. There's a similar pair of lights at the bottom of the rear fascia. Both the top wings have a retractable spoiler which us mounted within so we may see them work in a similar fashion as the air brake on a McLaren.


    Pininfarina's first car will also have Rolls Royce or Bugatti Chiron rivalling luxury. 

    Michael Perschke, Automobili Pininfarina CEO, said: "For a new car company this US launch programme was hugely challenging, exciting and ultimately rewarding. Our guests in Pebble Beach were classic and performance car aficionados and judged that the PF0 design delivered the right balance of beauty and functional performance visuals. They came to see classic Pininfarina and weren't disappointed. Most importantly, we have some great feedback from clients who have owned numerous Pininfarina-styled supercars. We know we are on the right track and we will now return to Europe to deliver on our aim of producing the world's most beautiful, innovative and rare hypercar."

    Inside the car the cockpit is focused around a 'vanishing point' concept for the main dashboard display that will look unique and exciting, focusing the driver's attention on the job in hand - a new definition of a driver-centric layout. The final name and design of the Pininfarina PF0 will be revealed at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2019

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