Google Introduces AI-Powered Smart Texting Feature For Android Auto

Google's Android Auto uses AI for a new testing feature allowing the system to summarise message strings and shortlist ideal reponses.

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Published on January 27, 2024

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    Google has announced a new AI-powered messaging function for Android Auto aimed at making reading and replying to messages easier and safer. The reveal came during the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24.

    The AI-powered feature aims to streamline text-based communication for drivers by automatically summarising lengthy texts and messages, offering an overview of the conversation. Leveraging the familiar Google Assistant, users can receive spoken summaries instead of having to read through detailed messages.


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     Android Auto 3

    New update will even allow for ETA sharing with people via messages while on the move.


    Furthermore, Android Auto will suggest quick and relevant responses to incoming texts which the company says will minimise the need for drivers to manually engage with their devices. The system can even utilise data from Google Maps to provide updates on the user's estimated time of arrival if the user is conversing with someone he is on the way to meet.

    In addition to these features, Google also plans to enhance the visual integration of Android Auto with the driver's phone. This includes sharing wallpapers and icons between the Samsung Galaxy S24 and the car's infotainment system, creating a more seamless and consistent user experience.
     Android Auto 4

    Samsung S24 users will also be able to mirror their wallpaper and icons onto Android Auto.


    Talking of more advanced features in Android Auto, Google at CES 2024, revealed a slew of updates for its smartphone integration platform including new apps and EV-specific features. The Chrome browser app, currently in beta testing on select Volvo and Polestar cars, allows internet browsing via the central touchscreen while parked. Google Maps on Built-In systems now monitors an EV's real-time state of charge, offering charging recommendations while new apps for video streaming, and weather updates will also be added.

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