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Here's How Tesla's Cybertruck Saved A Woman's Life

A Tesla owner took to Reddit for sharing his life experience as Cybertruck claiming that the pickup truck may have saved a life even before Tesla has started delivering the pickup truck to the customers

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The Tesla Cybertruck all-electric pick-up truck is set to hit the roads by the end of 2021


  • Tesla's Cybertruck all-electric pickup truck may have saved a life
  • Tesla already has 250,000 orders for the all-electric Cybertruck
  • It is expected to hit the roads towards the end of the next year

Tesla's Cybertruck, the all-electric pickup truck was unveiled last November and its radical design evoked different emotions for individuals. While some truly liked the Cybertruck, some simply mocked it. However, Tesla believed in the design and it's now all set to hit the roads towards the end of next year. It is, though, already hitting headlines across the globe because it managed to save a life. How? Well, a Tesla owner took to Reddit to share his life experience. 

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Tesla Cybertruck comes in three options, priced at priced at $39,900, $49,900 & $69,900

The Tesla owner with a Reddit username - u/Jeriath27 went on to disclose an extraordinary story related to the Tesla Cybertruck that changed not only his life but also his family's as well. He started narrating his astonishing story with an episode of his family taking delivery of a Tesla Model 3 about a year ago. The Tesla enthusiast booked a Model 3 years ago, however, circumstances prevented him from completing the purchase formalities when the electric car was officially launched. But he managed to purchase a Model 3 last year in April with the help of a down-payment from a new job.

Unlike the user, his wife was very much sceptical about the electric car, particularly because of the fact that she would be the one driving it 95 per cent of the time. To the Tesla enthusiast's astonishment, the Tesla Model 3 quickly endeared to his wife, and she started accepting Uber and Lyft rides to make some extra money. Seeing his wife love the car was indeed a special moment for the Tesla owner as she had anxiety issues and was generally uncomfortable with strangers.

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Everything was working smoothly for u/Jeriath27 and his family until summer arrived. His wife experienced a bad episode from a deep-rooted PTSD and anxiety while visiting a friend in another state. The episode was so bad that she ended up in a hospital and he had to fight the court to get her back home. Post this episode, the Tesla owner's spouse often had cluster seizures and vivid nightmares for months, which compelled her to fall into extreme depression. The impact was so immense that she started visiting a therapist. Her doctor worked with some medicine to atleast stabilize her mood swings which were uncontrollable the entire time. After four months, she continued to go to weekly therapy sessions, but she was still in a very deep depression.


Tesla could consider making an electric truck with a more conventional design.

Then on November 21, 2019, brought some positive things for the Tesla owner and his family. Being a Tesla enthusiast, he possibly remembered the day as he was awaiting the unfolding of the much-awaited Cybertruck. As u/Jeriath27 knew the design of the pickup truck will probably not be for every person out there, which is why he was not too excited about  it. After seeing that the design of the truck was not so appealing, he decided to show it to his wife the next day. To his astonishment, his wife loved the unique design of the Cybertruck. She was so impressed by Tesla's truck that she spent the next few hours continuously watching the unveiling of the product. Upon seeing how his wife reacted to the vehicle, the Tesla owner immediately decided to reserve a Cybertruck for his family. After booking the same, he printed the official email confirmation and showed it to his spouse. This small gesture made her overjoyed for the first time in four months.

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The cargo bay of the Tesla Cybertruck has a length of 6.5 feet and a capacity of 100 cubic feet

Interestingly, the reservation of the vehicle brought a small motivation for the Tesla owner's wife. Feeling excited to own an all-electric pickup truck, the couple had decided to save together for their next Tesla product. Her excitement level was so high that she started putting up charts and motivational pictures to inspire herself. And, she also started providing Uber rides and even started talking with other Tesla owners during road trips. The Cybertruck then, has proved to be quite the life saver for this woman and it truly is an inspiring story as one just needs a small push to keep things going, and that push can even come from a Tesla Cybertruck.



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