Honda 2-Wheeler Launches Custom Accessory Packs For CB350 RS And H’Ness CB350

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India is now offering an exhaustive range of custom accessory pack for the H’Ness CB 350 and the CB350 RS motorcycles. Prices start at Rs. 7,500 and go up to Rs. 22,200.

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Published on March 6, 2023

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  • Six new accessories pack launched by Honda Two-Wheeler India For H'Ness CB350 & CB350 RS
  • Prices start at Rs. 7,500 and go up to Rs. 22,200
  • All accessories pack can be retro-fitted

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India has launched a slew of custom accessory packs for the Honda CB350 RS and the H’Ness CB350. There are six accessory packs in total, four for the H’Ness CB350 and two for the CB350 RS motorcycle. The good news is that along with purchasing the accessories pack in a bundle, customers can mix and match accessories or buy individual accessories as well. The idea is offer personalisation and individual styling options for customers of the CB 350 motorcycle series. In addition to launching new accessories, Honda says that the H’Ness CB350 and the CB350 RS are now OBD-II compliant and will get new colour schemes as well. Given below is a brief description of the various accessories pack. All accessories pack can be retro-fitted as well. Both motorcycle stay the same, in terms of technical specifications.


Comfort Custom (H’Ness CB350)

The Comfort Custom accessory pack is priced at Rs. 16,500 and consists of a two-piece seat, with thicker cushioning, a backrest, mounts of saddlebags, a flyscreen, fork gaiters and new, wider footrests along with handguards. 


Tourer Custom (H’Ness CB350)

The Tourer Custom accessory pack consists of a two-piece seat with thicker cushioning, a metal carrier, mounts of saddlebags, a flyscreen, handguards, chrome exhaust pipes and guard-rails, fork gaiters, wider footrests and chrome embellishment on the side panels. It is priced at Rs. 17,600.


Café Racer Custom (H’Ness CB350)

Honda is offering a café racer custom accessory pack for the H’Ness CB350, which consists of a headlight cowl, removable seat cowl, chrome-finished elements such as the mudguards, exhaust pipes and guard rail. The single piece seat is a new unit too and the wheels get coloured piping, adding to the sporty demeanour of the motorcycle. But, the handlebar unit remains the same as before, no clip-ons, in case you were wondering. The pack is priced at Rs. 22,200.


Solo Carrier Custom (H’Ness CB350)

For those riders, who are perennially single and prefer to ride solo, Honda is offering the Solo Carrier custom accessories pack, which is priced at Rs. 16,200. In terms of accessories, it gets a new single-piece seat, a carrier rack, chrome details, fork gaiters, a small flyscreen and new bar-end weights. 


Café Racer Custom (CB350 RS)

Similar to the H’Ness CB 350, there is a café racer accessory pack for the CB350 RS as well. It is priced at Rs. 17,500 and it gets body-coloured pin-stripe for the wheels, a single-piece seat with a cowl, headlight cowl, brushed Aluminium finish for the handlebar and bar-end weights and various chrome elements, enhancing the look of the motorcycle. 


SUV Custom (CB350RS)

Lastly, if you are one of those who prefer a minimalist look, with limited accessories, then the SUV Custom accessory pack is your best bet. It is priced at Rs. 7,500 and the accessories that come bundled with this pack are a flyscreen, handguard, body-coloured pin-striping on the wheels and mounts for luggage along with new chrome detailing.   

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