Lamborghini India Hits New Milestone As Sales Cross 400 Mark

The third edition of Lamborghini Day marked Lamborghini India delivering its 400th car in the country, and carandbike joined the lifestyle event in Goa as the company consolidated its leadership position in the presence of customers.

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Published on March 28, 2022

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    In a rare feat for a super luxury carmaker, Lamborghini India recently delivered its 400th car in the country. The company began operations in India in 2007 and the number is certainly massive considering that rivals in the extremely niche space retail about 20-25 cars a year. The landmark figure comes on the back of the 86 per cent recorded by Lamborghini last year as well as the popularity of products like the Urus with the 100th example delivered just last year. In fact, the 400th car has been delivered in a span of less than a year since the company announced delivering 300 cars in September 2021. To mark the milestone, Lamborghini India curated its third edition of Lamborghini Day, bringing the customers and their cars to Goa.

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    40 Lamborghini owners and their families participated in the 3rd edition of Lamborghini Day

    The 2022 Lamborghini Day saw about 40 customers in attendance in the specially curated lifestyle event. From customers with a garage full of exotics to those joining the Lamborghini India family for the first time, it was a variety of folks making it to the three-day extravaganza. Not just owners but their spouses and even kids were in attendance. Otherwise dressed sharply as ever at launches, Sharad Agarwal, Head of Lamborghini India, too dressed down, promising more play and less work in the Goan summer.


    Sharad Aggarwal, Head of Lamborghini India, flags the drive that had the Urus, Huracan and an Aventador in attendance

    The event hosted the owners at a luxury resort in South Goa that kicked off with a sundowner on the beach. With a band and a DJ keeping to keep the night going, the owners grooved to some foot-tapping music. As the party culminated in the early hours of the day, it was time to get some good rest and come back recharged to do what they actually came here to. Drive cars, of course!

    The next day, the hotel driveway was lined up with 40 Lamborghinis in all shapes and sizes. The Urus and the Huracan led the charge when it came to sheer volume, while there was just one Lamborghini Aventador making for a rare sight. Fun fact, all cars were transported to the venue from across different parts of the country.

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    The Quitol Helipad in Goa made a for a good photo op with all the cars, while the locals took pictures of their own

    Lamborghini India curated a route for its customers around South Goa that promised splendid views while ensuring the owners get to enjoy their cars in a safe environment. Goa was lit up with roaring V8s, V10s and a V12 as they made their way past the hotel gate into the narrow lanes of Cavelossim. This was probably the only time in the country when people were actually happy seeing a herd of big bulls blocking the road. And what a scene it was! From the pre-facelift Huracan to the new EVO, to special editions of the Urus, every car some something special about it.


    The Karwar highway was the perfect stretch to really let the engines roar on these Italian bulls

    The specially curated route barely saw any broken patches, making it near perfect to drive these exotics. And surprisingly, the speed breakers weren't all too bad either with all cars making it across. And no, it wasn't just the Urus that had the bragging rights here. The highlight was the smooth Karwar highway, a small patch of four-lane road that allowed owners to pull up the revs.


    The Lamborghini Urus is the brand's most successful car in India with well over 100 examples sold since its launch

    For the next couple of hours, the Italian bulls had taken over Goa as people dropped everything in their tracks to click pictures, selfies and videos of the cars roaring past them. Each face lit up seeing the sheer number of Lamborghinis together and the owners were equally ecstatic, sharing the same enthusiasm from behind the wheel.

    Back at the hotel, it was time once again to relax and enjoy some good music with the indie bands playing chartbusters. Owners were treated to some exotic Goan cuisine, while a cooler was just what you needed to beat the humidity. As the owners regrouped for dinner, it was clear that there were new friendships being forged as everyone let their hair down on the last night.


    Arriving from different corners of the country, its events like these that bring customers together to form a strong community

    Lamborghini says that about 70 per cent of its customers come back for Lamborghini Day with about 30 per cent new customers joining in every year. And we do expect to see a lot of these faces making a comeback next year too. This is one exclusive and expensive members' club, and you certainly would want to be on the invite list.


    Last Updated on March 28, 2022

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