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LandWind X7 - A Chinese Copy of the Range Rover Evoque

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China's penchant for manufacturing fake products and copying brands isn't exactly a secret, which has brought upon them not only disgrace but also the tag of 'global copycats'. While fake phones, watches and other electronic devices were regular affairs till now, they have now turned to copying cars as well.

In China, one can buy fake copies of cars like the Ford F-150, Cadillac SRX, and Volkswagen Taigun for almost 1/3rd the cost of the original. What's even more shameful is the fact that they are not just inspirations, but exact copies of the original cars and are being manufactured by some known automakers and not car modifiers.

One recent example is the LandWind X7, which is not 'inspired' but looks exactly similar to the Range Rover Evoque. To add to that, the manufacturer of this fake Evoque had the audacity to not only debut the SUV at the famous Guangzhou Motor Show but also reveal its price. While the Range Rover Evoque is priced at around $62,000, the LandWind X7 will be retailed at a mere $22,000. Just so you know, LandWind is a joint venture between two leading Chinese automakers - Jiangling Motors and Changan Auto.

If this is not sheer mockery of intellectual property and copyright laws, then what is?


Anyway, word has it that Tata Motors-owned Land Rover is planning to lodge a complaint against LandWind for violating intellectual property rights.

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