Maserati GranTurismo EV Prototype Teased

The GranTurismo will be the first EV from the stable under new ownership

By Sahil Gupta


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14-Jun-21 07:04 PM IST



  • The GranTurismo will be the first 100% EV by Maserati
  • Stellantis has earmarked Maserati having huge growth potential
  • The GranTurismo will be manufactured at the Turin facility

The car that will be the flag-bearer for Maserati's reinvention - the GranTurismo has been teased in a prototype state. Maserati which is the luxury Italian brand of Stellantis, formerly, the sister brand to Ferrari when both were part of the erstwhile FCA has been aiming at reinvention for a while has released several photos of the new GranTurismo. This will be the brand's first fully electric vehicle joining in the GranCabrio. Both cars could be delayed by a bit and could instead launch in 2022. 

"The new Maserati GranTurismo will be the brand's first car to adopt a 100% electric solution. Ahead of the launch of the new model, the prototype cars are currently undergoing a period of intensive road and circuit testing, in various conditions of use, to acquire vital data for the preparation of the final setup," said the company in a statement. 


Both the cars will be produced alongside their conventional versions at the Mirafioro production hub in Turin, Italy, which also the hub of the Agnelli family that holds a major stake in Stellantis, a controlling stake in Ferrari and even football club Juventus. 


The GranTurismo will be the first EV for the Italian stable

In 2020, Maserati teased a distinct electric sound for the cars which would be its signature. Even Italian stable Lamborghini has announced its plans to electrify its portfolio, however, Maserati remains far behind in such overtures. Though it is likely it will beat Lamborghini to the punch alongside Ferrari which is even further behind. 

The landscape has dramatically changed with recent vehicles from Tesla, Rimac and Porsche proving the market readiness off an electric luxury car that combines with a lot of performance. In fact, in such a realm, EVs tend to outperform internal combustion engine based rivals. 

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