Volkswagen Taigun Tech Check: Impressive All Rounder

At the end of the day, you are not going to choose the Taigun because it is loaded with tech, even though it is impressively loaded.
17-Aug-21 05:48 PM IST
Volkswagen Taigun Tech Check: Impressive All Rounder banner
  • Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto make an appearance on the Taigun
  • It gets the same 10-inch infotainment panel as the Kushaq
  • It gets a virtual instrument cluster and also cylinder deactivation mode

The Taigun isn't just the twin of the Skoda Kushaq, it could be the VW group's most important car in India for 2021. It jumps up on the compact SUV bandwagon that has taken the country by storm thanks to the popularity of the Hyundai Creta and the Kia Seltos. But this Taigun isn't just about driving pleasure, it brings a lot of technology to the fore that is also possible at very aggressive pricing. Whatever be the case, one thing is clear, this is a VW that's not going to underwhelm you with the kit. We tell you why in this carandbike tech check. 

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Impressive Infotainment System 


The Taigun gets a 10-inch touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, wireless charger, rear AC vent, electric sunroof and more

The 10-inch screen which was seen first on the Skoda Kushaq now finds its way in the Taigun. Naturally, there are similar traits, thankfully positively. You get a TFT panel that has tremendous black levels mimicking an OLED screen, coupled with a great touch response that is more iPhone than Volkswagen and good viewing angles. It is nice and easy to use. The ease bit is helped by a logically designed and very simple to use user interface which has been copied and pasted from the Kushaq as well. To add to the gravy that the Kushaq doesn't have, the top of the line 1.0 litre TSI and 1.5-litre TSI models also get a fancy virtual instrument cluster which brings forth a ton of information right in front of the driver. 

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6 Speaker Audio System 

Sure, there are no big-ticket brands here like Bose on the Hyundai's and Kia's of this world. Heck, even the number of speakers is lower. But that doesn't matter, because this sound system is on par. Maybe it is because these speakers have larger drivers which balance the equation but whatever it is in typical German fashion, you get a slick sound system that works with all kinds of music, especially modern electronic dance music, rock and Bollywood. That's due to a very flat sound signature, a thumping bass and chunky mids.

Connectivity Galore 


The cabin gets a virtual instrument cluster, a three-spoke steering wheel, and red ambient lighting

You get a total of 4 USB Type C ports and a very logically designed spot for the wireless charging system. Now, USB Type C is nice to have. I applaud the VW group for going all-in on it as even the Kushaq had it. But for folks who are using phones that are more than 2 years old will have issues as those may need a USB Type-A port. Using an adapter is not intuitive because you lose it at times and then it may not squeeze into the port easily, but at the same time, the tech needs to move forward. Perhaps there could be one USB Type-A port somewhere. The wireless charging pad was nicely designed and it could even accommodate a large phone like an iPhone 12 Pro Max. But no matter what you, it will still charge your phone like a tortoise. 

Limited Connected Car Tech 


The manual version came with the optional red coloured dash panelling, along with the the standard VW layout of twin dials and info screen in the centre

Yes, this car gets connected car tech which offers rudimentary Geo fencing and car location information, but you can't remotely start the car or set up the air conditioning. It also gets a suite of applications, for instance, there is embedded on an infotainment system level. But then there is also wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which will give you access to really good voice assistants, streaming services like Apple Music or YouTube Music, excellent maps in Google Maps and general access to all aspects of your phone like your contacts and messages using speech recognition. 

At the end of the day, you are not going to choose the Taigun because it is loaded with tech, even though it is impressively loaded. You will choose it for its blend of magnetic driving pleasure, handsome looks, German precision and the tech that it presents. Most of all, the unique and attractive combination is coupled with a rather aggressive pricing strategy. It is certainly poised to be one of the cars of the segment. 

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