World Environment Day 2023: Top 5 Electric Two-Wheelers With The Longest Range

Range anxiety is natural while driving or riding an electric vehicle. But here are the top 5 electric scooters that would manage to kerb your anxiety of running out of charge by offering the most extended range in India.

By Yash Sunil


2 mins read


Published on June 4, 2023

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    We Indians really love our two-wheelers, don’t we? Globally, the two-wheeler segment in India is one of the largest, and over the past couple of years, there is a significant shift in people opting to buy electric two-wheelers instead of petrol-powered ones. Now the benefits of owning an electric two-wheeler are plentiful, but there was one specific thing that was always its archils heel. That was the range it offered! But this World Environment Day, we have curated a list for you showcasing the top five electric two-wheelers that offer an incredible range.


    Gravton Quanta

    This e-scooter from the Hydrabad-based startup might only be able to go 25 kmph. But it has a claimed range of nearly 320 kilometres, which is something that even electric four-wheelers can find hard to beat!


    Ultraviolette F77

    Now, Ultraviolette has clearly designed the motorcycle to be as performance-oriented as it can be. But yet another party trick up its sleeve is the range it offers! At a claimed range of 307 kilometres, it is the only electric motorbike offering such high figures. Stay tuned to our social channels for our review of the same launching soon! 


    iVOOMi S1 240

    You probably have never heard of this brand or this scooter, and frankly, we haven’t either. But the S1 240 that is made by iVOOMi has a claimed range of nearly 240 kilometres!  It is powered by a 2.5kW hub motor backed by a twin battery pack with a combined capacity of 4.2kWh.


    Simple One 

    Simple Energy had recently announced the production-ready version of its electric scooter, the Simple One. Powering this scooter is a 5kWh battery pack that offers a claimed range of nearly 212 kilometres until it runs itself dry. 


    Ola S1 Pro 

    Ola has dominated the electric two-wheeler segment since it first showcased the S1 and S1 Pro. This feature-rich and funky scooter can travel for almost 181 kilometres as the brand claims, before it runs out of juice! Furthermore, Ola claims that the S1 Pro’s battery can be charged up to 75km in just 18 minutes from a fast charger. However, from a regular charger at your home, it’ll take 6 hours and 30 minutes for a full charge.

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