First Drive: 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQA 250+

With the electric equivalent of its entry-level GLA SUV, Indian luxury car customers now have a three-pointed star option in the Rs 60-70 lakh segment

By Girish Karkera


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Published on July 8, 2024

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  • Gets a 70.5kWh battery pack with a claimed range of 560km
  • Features a front-wheel-drive, 140kW/385Nm electric motor
  • Only variant with features such as ADAS and Augmented Reality

If you are in the market for a luxury car with zero tailpipe emissions, starting July 8, 2024 there is one more option to choose from. Mercedes Benz - the current go to brand for most HNIs in India when it comes to ultra-premium cars, has also been pushing the EV agenda pretty strongly for the last couple of years. So, after the EQS Sedan, EQB 7-seater and EQE SUV, a fourth car of this kind gets added to the portfolio with the new-for-India EQA.



The EQA is a battery-powered crossover that has been built out of the current GLA SUV. First teased globally in 2021, in India it has arrived in the launch 250+ spec, which is a front wheel drive-only configuration. But this is with the face-lifted version that was introduced only last year. In the Mercedes-Benz portfolio, a EQA sits between a GLA and the bigger EQB SUV. It competes with the likes of a BMW iX1 or a Volvo XC40 Recharge, both of which are pretty formidable in their own right and also have a first-mover advantage here.


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Design & Dimensions

Mercedes Benz EQA 250 21

The silhouette of the EQA is similar to the GLA SUV.

In terms of dimensions, a EQA is 4463mm long, 1834mm wide and 1624mm tall. That puts it right in the middle of the “two formidable rivals” I mentioned earlier. For those not familiar with both, this car a shade bigger than say a Kia Seltos. 

Mercedes Benz EQA 250 22

A horizontal fibre-optic strip connects the DLRs.


The EQA underwent a significant visual change with last year’s facelift and looks substantially different than the previous launch avatar which was more reminiscent of a GLA. This one if more in lines with its EV kind. It is more rounded and can easily be identified by the more minimalist and all-familiar front black grille adorned with a big central ‘star’ logo and a sprinkle of smaller ones across. A horizontal fibre-optic strip connects the daytime running lights of the full-LED adaptive headlamps. There is a blue highlight within the headlamp that is a EQ hallmark for Mercedes-Benz. There is a chrome finish for the front and rear bumpers as well as the window sill.


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Mercedes Benz EQA 250 19

In profile, the visual differences compared to a GLA are more prominent. 


Just like at the front the rear too gets the bulbous taillamps connected by a light bar treatment. Only this one is red. Mercedes says the split design of the rear lights has made the opening of the boot wider. The rear number plate is also moved from the hatch to the bumper for a cleaner look. Also, helps to make space for the camera-incorporated, movable rear logo. Not much change in profile except a unnoticeable change in ground clearance (we reckon it is around 210mm) and 19-inch light-alloy AMG wheels (with Continental tyres) which are standard.

In profile, the visual differences compared to a GLA are more prominent shoulders of the bodywork and the coupé-like lines of the side windows. 

Mercedes Benz EQA 250 17

19-inch light-alloy AMG wheels (with Continental tyres) are standard.


The front wing features a high-gloss black badge with EQA lettering in blue. The doors reach over the sills, which not only improves ease of access but also keeps the door frames (and thus clothes) free of dirt. Merc says this has also improved impact protection in the event of a side collision. Overall, the proportions are handsome for a crossover/SUV. It is tall enough and that does the job on the visual side.

Powertrain & Battery

Mercedes Benz EQA 250 29

Indian EQA 250+ comes with a 70.5kWh battery pack. 


The original international launch model was a 66.5KWh battery pack, which interestingly is the same as in the current EQB. This double-decker lithium-ion battery has cells and construction similar to its more expensive stablemates. Also, it sits as a structural element in the underbody which helps with both rigidity of the chassis as well as overall safety in an unfortunate crash situation.


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Mercedes Benz EQA 250 28

A 100kW DC fast charger will add 400 kms in 35 mins.


Mercedes claims that the EQA’s massive battery can be charged from zero to 100% by its own wall-box AC slow charger in as low as 7 hours and 15 minutes. In other words, an easy overnight charge at home or regular office hours. Data shows that most luxury electric car owners prefer to use their own personal chargers rather than public chargers. 


Mercedes Benz EQA 250 9

The EQA is certified for a full charge range of 560 kms.


The latter is best kept for inter-city and long distance driving. By the way, the EQA is certified for a full charge range of 560km, which is real world terms is still a longish 420km. The EQA can also be charged from 10%-80% in just 35 minutes provided it is a 100kW DC fast charger. Currently, most of these public chargers in India operate in the 25-50kW range. In which case we estimate the 10-80% charge time to be between 60-90 minutes.


Ride & Handling

Mercedes Benz EQA 250 27

India gets a the front wheel drive version of the SUV.


While internationally, the 250+ is also available as a all-wheel drive (AIRMATIC), India gets a the front wheel drive version where the asynchronous motor powers the front axle. Zero to 100kph is 8.6s, while top speed is regulated at 160kph. So in terms of numbers, it isn’t the quickest of the lot but the sense of urgency when shown is quite satisfying. The steering weighs well and it instills a sense of confidence while manoeuvring city traffic, aptly helped by the overall commanding view as well as features such as accurate 360-degree camera view.


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Mercedes Benz EQA 250 24

The suspension set-up is pretty solid on the EQA.


This is a heavy car so while it helps with it feeling planted at most speeds the weight can be felt under panic braking. Of course, you feel safe and that’s because it has a slew of active and passive safety features. The EQA comes with 7 airbags and ADAS which includes emergency braking and park assist as standard.


It isn’t too bouncy but still absorbs small potholes and road joints with aplomb. It is not too stiff either so doesn’t spoil the ride quality for handling benefits. It seems like a good balance both for the city and the highway. It isn’t sprightly but something like a 400m sprint runner with long confident strides rather than an outright burst of power. The SUV isn’t too hard to control when it comes to body roll either. It could be a bit numb for some who prefer adrenaline rush.

Mercedes Benz EQA 250 25

We drove the new EQA in Jaipur.


While the ride at the rear is plush, the rear seat doesn’t offer much in terms of under thigh support. One also sits with knees higher than in a GLA, which is thanks to the increase in the floor height to accommodate the battery. In the Jaipur heat we also struggled with the lack of AC blower controls at the rear. Sun roof blinds had to be shut all the time. The cabin is ideal for small families though or young couples or someone who won’t need to accommodate more than two adults in the car all the time.


Interiors & Features

Mercedes Benz EQA 250 11

The cabin layout and look is similar to a GLA. 


While this is a entry-level EV for Mercedes-Benz, the makers have ensured that it will be tough to spot that intent by packing it with every feature as standard. The cabin layout and look is similar to a GLA. Just like the new one, it seems cosy but spacious for 4 to 5 passengers. The twin sunroof set up lights up the cabin well. Overall fit and finish is one of the best in the business, apart from the upholstery on the dashboard. 

Mercedes Benz EQA 250 5

The front display is a two-part set up. 


Apart from that, the rest of the dashboard feels super busy and luxurious. The turbine style AC vents with rose gold finish is an extra touch. The front display is a two-part set up. It comes with the latest MBUX system with features such as updated gesture control and Augmented Reality. The later is cool bit where the front cameras on the EQA can relay real time message onto the front screen with navigation graphics. Catch is you have to be using the onboard Merc navigation and not Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. By the way, both are available with wireless feature. 

Mercedes Benz EQA 250 35

A highlight is the 12-speaker Burmester sound system.


It also gives the traffic light info on the screen incase not visible from the front windscreen. Also aiding the driver apart from the ADAS suite is the latest Head-Up Display system. Is colour rich, crisper and shows more data. Additionally its position can be individually stored alongwith the seat memory function. There are three C-type 18W charge ports at the front. These can also work as data ports. Only seat ventilation is missing we think in the front.

Mercedes Benz EQA 250 4

The cabin is ideal for small families or young couples. 


At the rear, nothing fancy beyond a well-contoured seat with an airy cabin. Seat blinds would been nice but we assume there will be lesser than usual chauffeur driven EQA owners. There are AC vents at the rear but without blower controls. Two C-Type chargers and a centre arm rest with two cup holders is the only extra pampering rear passengers can expect. The door pockets are deep though with bottle holders. The boot is 340 litres in volume, nearly 25% smaller than a GLA because of the battery. It does seem okay for 3-4 cabin luggage pieces. Tailgate is electronically operated and even by gesture control. It can be opened or closed by a front kicking action.



Mercedes Benz EQA 250 15

Mercedes-Benz has started a new buy-back scheme with the EQA. 


The Mercedes-Benz EQA+ brings the electric experience with the three-pointed star to a new segment that is hotly contested. It isn’t the quickest or the most dynamic of the lot but it is a supremely comfortable take which is unlike others in the segment. For those looking at a more rounded package at this price point, it could make a lot of sense, especially with that rather respected Mercedes-Benz badging.


Interestingly, Mercedes-Benz also starts a new buy-back scheme with the EQA. It assures to offer customers a 67% residual value for the car at the end of 4 years of ownership, if they come back to sell or upgrade. This value is similar to that offered on a GLA.

Mercedes Benz EQA 250 18

A single feature loaded variant has come to India.


The car will come with 6 colour options – red, blue, black, white, silver and two shades of gray, one of which you see here in pictures. The other grey and blue are from ist custom ‘Manufaktur’ range so might carry a premium.


Mercedes had not announced its prices at the time of publishing but it did indicate that the on-road price will be similar to the GLA’s. Which means it will probably hover around Rs 70 lakh mark considering an EV gets taxed lower than petrol/diesel cars. We will update this soon.


Editor’s Rating: 8.5/10

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