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Rolls-Royce Ghost

5.2 - 7.95 Crore
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Rolls-Royce Ghost Overview

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Fuel Type







14.3 - 14.4 KM/L

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Tank Capacity

82.5 L



5 Seater




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Long Wheelbase

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Ghost Specifications & Features

Explore an in-depth overview of the Rolls-Royce Ghost specifications and features, offering comprehensive details on its engine choices, fuel efficiency, torque, power, transmission, dimensions, and trunk capacity. Additionally, gain insights into the car's advanced safety features and infotainment system.

Engine CC

6592 CC




14.3 - 14.4 KM/L

Max Torque

820 Nm

Max Power

563 bhp




5569 mm /1948 mm /1550 mm

Boot Space

490 L

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  • c&b iconKeyless Entry
  • c&b iconAirbags
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What's New?

The new-generation Rolls-Royce Ghost made its global debut in September 2020. The new uber-luxury car from the British brand will come in both the standard-wheelbase model and long-wheelbase (LWB) model, and the latter will be called Ghost Extended. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has announced base prices for both these models which start at Rs. 6.95 crore for the standard Ghost and Rs. 7.95 crore for long-wheelbase Ghost Extended. Both cars come with a range of customisation options that will add to the final price of the car, depending on the enhancements.

Is built on the company's new aluminium spaceframe architecture, which also underpins its flagship model Phantom, and the company's first-ever SUV - the Cullinan. The new Ghost comes with a host of new updates with regards to design, styling and features as well. The spaceframe architecture's flexibility and scalability also allowed Rolls-Royce to incorporate several mechanical updates, including features like all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering in the new Ghost.

In terms of dimensions, compared to the previous-gen model, the new Ghost is longer by 89 mm and wider by 30 mm. The total length of the LWB model, on the other hand, has been further extended by 170 mm, and it stands at 5715 mm. The wheelbase is 3295 mm long in the standard model and 3465 mm long in the Ghost Extended, but the width of the car remains common at 1978 mm. To preserve the lines of the car, the designers only extended the rear door and body around the rear door apertures.

Visually, the car comes with signature chrome grille with 20 LEDs underneath to create an illuminated effect. The 2021 Ghost also gets new laser headlamps with more than 600 metres of illuminated range. Also, for the first time, the Spirit of Ecstasy is not surrounded by panel lines but is placed within the bonnet line to achieve a cleaner design. The car gets an arched roofline with blacked-out pillars, while the rear comes with these almost squared LED taillamps.

Inside, the new Ghost gets a luxuriously appointed interior, along with the Starlight Headliner, which was introduced with the Phantom, that comes with integrated speakers. The dashboard also comes with the illuminated fascia on the passenger side, featuring a flowing Ghost nameplate surrounded by more than 850 stars. There is also the signature clock, and at the centre, you have the main infotainment display. The LWB model also gets reclining rear seats with a champagne fridge between them. Rolls-Royce says that 100 kg of acoustic damping materials have been incorporated into the chassis, bodywork and tyres.

The new Rolls-Royce Ghost also features a Micro-Environment Purification System (MEPS), an air filtering system that comes with impurity detection sensors that keep a check on ambient air quality. If air quality drops, it automatically activates fresh air intakes into recirculation mode. Other features include - vision assist, including day- and night-time wildlife and pedestrian warning; alertness assistant, a four-camera system with panoramic view, all-round visibility and helicopter view, active cruise control, collision warning, cross-traffic warning, lane departure and lane change warning; an industry-leading 7x3 high-resolution head-up display, Wi-Fi hotspot, self-park; and the latest navigation and entertainment systems.

Under the hood, the car comes with a 6.75-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine developed exclusively for Ghost. The motor is tuned to produces 563 bhp and 850 Nm of torque. The engine comes mated to the company's innovative Satellite Aided Transmission system, which draws GPS data to pre-select the optimum gear for upcoming corners. Additionally, the car also comes along with the all-wheel-drive and all-wheel steering, along with Rolls-Royce's same self-levelling high-volume air suspension technology.

Expert Review on Rolls-Royce Ghost

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  • Extreme luxury
  • Powerful engine
  • Bespoke


  • Steep running cost
  • Expensive

The Ghost is the most approachable Rolls-Royce. It’s the best way of getting introduced to and owning the Luxury brand. While for some it may still sound exorbitant, the saloon almost gives you the experience of the flagship Phantom at a much lesser cost. In a congested country like India, for those choosing the British brand, the Ghost comes across as the most sensible option.

In September of 2020, Rolls-Royce introduced the world to the next iteration of the Ghost automobile. The long-wheelbase (LWB) version of the brand's upcoming ultra-luxury vehicle, which will be known as the Ghost Extended, will be available from the British manufacturer in addition to the standard-wheelbase model.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is an absolutely amazing vehicle to look at. Not only is it stunning to look at, but it also ranks among the most technologically advanced automobiles ever produced. The Ghost, which was designed by Adrian Newey, was created with the intention of showcasing the very best in engineering and design. And that is exactly what it did, becoming not just one of the most sought-after automobiles of its time but also a symbol of elegance and sophistication in the process. Read on for an examination of The Rolls-Royce Ghost if you have an interest in autos and technology, or if you simply want to find out more about one of the most famous automobiles in the annals of automotive history.

How is the Design?

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is intended to be an automobile that is both one of a kind and of the highest possible level of luxury. The exterior of the vehicle is finished in a stunning black leather that gives the impression that it was only recently driven away from the dealership. The interior of the Ghost is also completely black and equipped with plush furnishings.

It is constructed using the company's innovative aluminium spaceframe architecture, which also serves as the foundation for the company's flagship model, the Phantom, as well as the company's first-ever SUV, the Cullinan. The new Ghost comes with a plethora of fresh changes, not only to the style and styling, but also to the features itself. Because of the flexibility and scalability of the spaceframe architecture, Rolls-Royce was able to implement a number of mechanical changes in the new Ghost.

The automobile has a characteristic chrome grille that has 20 LEDs mounted underneath it to provide the appearance of illumination. Visually, the car is very impressive. The 2021 Ghost also comes equipped with brand new laser headlamps that have an illuminating range of more than 600 meters. For the first time ever, the panel lines that surround the Spirit of Ecstasy have been removed, and instead, it has been put within the bonnet line in order to produce a more streamlined appearance. The automobile features an arching roofline with blacked-out pillars, and the back end is equipped with LED taillamps that are practically square in shape. The new Ghost has a front grille similar to previous models, but this time the trademark vanes are subtly lighted by LEDs to increase the car's presence without being flashy. As with the rest of the vehicle's seamless hand-welded aluminium body structure, incorporating this feature was a deliberate design choice. The last action is intended to provide a homogeneous fluid canvas devoid of the normal car's shut lines. The iconic Spirit of Ecstasy now rests on the hood without being disrupted by any of the panel lines that previously surrounded it. The car's length is emphasized by a single, straight stroke that runs over the whole length of the vehicle's side profile. The Ghost's softly arched roof line and taillights, which mimic the modern Rolls-Royce design down to the almost nonexistent panel gaps, further emphasize the vehicle's energy and vitality.

How does it perform?

Under the hood of this vehicle is a 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine that was designed specifically for the Ghost. The engine has been fine-tuned to produce a maximum of 563 horsepower and 850 Nm of torque. The engine is paired with the cutting-edge Satellite Aided Transmission system that the manufacturer has developed. This system utilizes GPS data to automatically select the gear that will be most effective for future turns. The vehicle has a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour, can reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.8 seconds, and has a trunk area that is 490 liters in capacity. It has an enormous gasoline tank that holds 82.5 liters. This luxury beast competes head-to-head with the Bentley Flying Spur in this market segment. The shifting tasks are handled by an automatic transmission with eight speeds, and all-wheel drive comes as standard equipment.

How’s the Mileage?

The mileage for the Ghost is 6.33 kilometers per litre.

How’s the Driving Experience?

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is a slick and seductive automobile that is certain to attract people's attention. It is one of the most distinctive automobiles available today in addition to providing an exceptional driving experience. The engine is coupled to the cutting-edge Satellite Aided Transmission system developed by the firm. This system utilizes GPS data to automatically select the gear that is most suited for the impending turns. In addition to this, the vehicle is equipped with all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, in addition to the self-levelling high-volume air suspension technology that is standard on Rolls-Royce vehicles.Because of this, the Ghost is among the most powerful and swift automobiles now on the road.

Rolls-Royce also boasts that the new Ghost provides a more incisive driving demeanour than the previous model. As evidence, the company points to the all-wheel-steering system and the 50/50 weight distribution as evidence that the satisfaction of drivers played a significant role in the development of the vehicle. The Ghost has a standard adaptive suspension that utilizes a road-scanning camera to help the vehicle anticipate and correct for potholes. As a result, the Ghost offers a ride that is unequalled by any other vehicle.

What’s the Interior like?

Driving the Rolls-Royce Ghost is an experience like no other you've ever had. The opulent vehicle has seats that are unbelievably comfy, an automated curtain system that shields the driver and passengers from the atmosphere outside, and an audio system that plays a variety of ambient music.

The Ghost's cabin is another outstanding part of the vehicle. The inside is meant to give a calm and soothing ambiance, and the seats, which are upholstered in leather, are roomy and comfy. In the middle of the vehicle is a space that can serve as storage, or it can be utilized to transport a small child or an animal.In addition, inside the new Ghost receives a luxuriously appointed inside in addition to the Starlight Headliner, which was first debuted with the Phantom and comes with built-in speakers. Both of these features were first seen in previous models of the Phantom. On the passenger side of the dashboard is an illuminated fascia that features a moving Ghost nameplate surrounded by more than 850 stars. Both of these features are included in the package. In addition to that, there is the iconic clock, and in the very middle is the primary information and entertainment display. Additionally, the LWB model comes with back seats that recline and have a champagne refrigerator installed in the middle of them. According to Rolls-Royce, there are a total of 100 kilograms of acoustic dampening materials integrated into the chassis, bodywork, and tires of the vehicle.

Do not pass up the opportunity to take a spin in a Rolls-Royce Ghost if you want to create memories that will last a lifetime!

Tech and Infotainment

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is a one-of-a-kind and ground-breaking automobile that has been developed with the most cutting-edge technologies available. The automobile was designed to give the driver an opulent and unique experience, and it comes equipped with cutting-edge information and entertainment technologies that give the driver the ability to handle all of their electronic gadgets while they are behind the wheel.

The Ghost comes equipped with a variety of high-end features that not only make the journey more pleasurable but also help the driver stay safe while operating the vehicle on public roads. These features include modern driver aid systems.The brand-new Rolls-Royce Ghost also comes equipped with a Micro-Environment Purification System (MEPS), which is an air filtration system that comes with impurity detection sensors that monitor the quality of the air around the vehicle. In the event that the air quality worsens, it will immediately switch the fresh air intakes over to recirculation mode. Other features include active cruise control, collision warning, cross-traffic warning, lane departure and lane change warning, an industry-leading 7x3 high-resolution head-up display, Wi-Fi hotspot, self-parking, and the most up-to-date navigation and entertainment systems.

Those individuals who are looking for a driving experience that is genuinely one of a kind should go with the Ghost. Anyone who goes for a spin in it is going to be blown away, and the cutting-edge technology that it possesses is going to leave them speechless.

Safety Equipment

The Ghost comes equipped with a variety of safety features for the driver and passengers' peace of mind. An emergency stop system, airbags, and traction control are all included in these safety features. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with electrical stability software that assists in preventing skids.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost comes equipped with a plethora of driver aid systems, including adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, making it one of the most technologically advanced luxury automobiles on the market.

Some of the other features include the following:  

  • Automatic emergency braking as a standard, including recognition of pedestrians
  • Lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist are both included as standard features.
  • Standard adaptive cruise control.

Which variant to buy?

If you're a fan of the Rolls-Royce Ghost, you probably have a few queries regarding which model or trim level would be best for you. The following is a rundown of the various choices that are available to you:

The Rolls-Royce Ghost has a pricing range that begins at 6.95 Cr and goes all the way up to 7.95 Cr. The Rolls-Royce Ghost is available in two distinct models: the V12, which serves as the entry-level model; and the Rolls-Royce Ghost V12 Extended, which is the most expensive model and retails for 7.95 crore rupees.

Which Cars Compete in this Segment?

The Rolls-Royce Ghost's primary competitors include the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, which is its nearest rival. It can also be a rival to its own stable mates, namely the Rolls Royce Wraith and Rolls Royce Dawn. Simply to state the obvious- the best car in the world does not really have rivals like others!

Verdict Value for Money

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is a dream on wheels! It has possibly everything that a car should have and could have. The ride itself is the stuff that magical dreams are made of! The experience is indescribable in a few words or phrases. The Rolls Royce is best from the back seat, although it is a powerful car at that, in fact, laying claim to being one of the most powerful in the whole world, despite its huge dimensions. The Rolls Royce Ghost is outside the value for money equation. Those who have this kind of money will naturally want a regal ride that nobody else can offer. And when that’s clear, then only option emerges elegantly from the mist- a Rolls Royce Ghost!

Rolls-Royce Ghost Price List (Variant Wise)

Rolls-Royce Ghost Ex-Showroom price ranges from ₹ 5.2 to 7.95 Crore. Rolls-Royce offers Ghost in 3 variants. The top variant of Ghost is Long Wheelbase and the base variant is STD.


Ex-Showroom Price


Ghost STD
Starts at
₹ 5.2 Crore
6592 CC, Petrol, 14.3 KM/L, Automatic
Ghost Extended Wheelbase
Starts at
₹ 5.6 Crore
6592 CC, Petrol, 14.4 KM/L, Automatic
Ghost Long Wheelbase
Starts at
₹ 7.95 Crore
6592 CC, Petrol, 14.4 KM/L, Automatic

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Ex-Showroom Price
₹ 5.20 Cr

Loan Amount

5.20 Cr



Duration (5 years)

5 years

EMI ₹ 10.79 L
For 5 Year @9%* Interest Rate

*Interest rate may vary subject to your credit score.

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Rolls-Royce Ghost On-Road Price in India

Explore Rolls-Royce Ghost pricing in India's major cities. The Rolls-Royce Ghost is priced between ₹ 5.2 to 7.95 Crore.

CityOn-Road Price
New Delhi₹ 5,91,14,787
Mumbai₹ 5,51,37,170
Bangalore₹ 5,50,41,170
Hyderabad₹ 5,85,94,787
Chennai₹ 5,59,41,170
Kolkata₹ 5,42,89,670
Pune₹ 5,51,37,170
Mysore₹ 5,50,41,170
Chandigarh₹ 5,81,56,170
Ahmedabad₹ 5,18,47,170
Lucknow₹ 5,84,02,170
Allahabad₹ 5,84,02,170
Agra₹ 5,84,02,170
Jaipur₹ 5,84,02,170
Nagpur₹ 5,51,37,170
Bhubaneswar₹ 5,94,42,170

Rolls-Royce Ghost Mileage

31 %
Better mileage than other Sedan
82.5 L Fuel Tank Capacity

What is the fuel efficiency of Rolls-Royce Ghost

Rolls-Royce Ghost mileage is 14.3 to 14.4 KM/L as per ARAI The Automatic Petrol engine has a mileage of 14.4 KM/L.

Mileage By Fuel Type

Fuel Type
City Mileage
Highway Mileage
PetrolAutomatic14.4 KM/L4.7 KM/L10.2 KM/L
Check Ghost Mileage in Detail

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • The Rolls-Royce Ghost's exceptional ride comfort is achieved through a combination of advanced suspension technology, noise insulation, and luxurious interior materials. The car's air suspension system and active anti-roll bars work together to provide a smooth, stable ride, while the car's double-wishbone front suspension and multi-link rear suspension help to absorb bumps and vibrations on the road.
  • The Rolls-Royce Ghost's air suspension system is a key component of its ride comfort and handling. The system uses multiple air springs and dampers to adjust the car's ride height and damping characteristics in response to changing road conditions. This allows the car to maintain a smooth, stable ride, even on rough or uneven roads.
  • The seats in the Rolls Royce Ghost are designed to provide exceptional comfort and support for passengers. The car's front seats are fully adjustable, with a wide range of settings for height, tilt, and lumbar support. The seats are also heated and ventilated, and can be covered in a range of luxurious materials, including leather, suede, and wool.
  • The Rolls-Royce Ghost features a powerful 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine, capable of producing 563 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. This allows the vehicle to achieve a top speed of 155 mph and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds.
  • The Rolls-Royce Ghost features several advanced chassis technologies to provide optimal stability and handling. These include an adaptive air suspension system, active anti-roll bars, and four-wheel steering, all of which work together to provide a smooth and comfortable ride, while also maintaining precise control and handling.
  • The Rolls-Royce Ghost features a variety of driver assistance features, including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and night vision, all of which enhance the driving experience by providing added safety and convenience.
  • The key design elements of the Rolls-Royce Ghost's exterior include its iconic grille, sleek and streamlined body, and signature coach doors that provide a sense of occasion when entering and exiting the vehicle.
  • The exterior design of the current-generation Rolls-Royce Ghost has been updated to offer a more modern and dynamic aesthetic, with sharper lines and more sculpted surfaces compared to the previous model.
  • Rolls-Royce offers a range of standard and bespoke exterior colors for the Ghost, including classic hues like black and white, as well as more unique options like purple and green.