Engine Capacity

164.8 CC

Fuel Tank Capacity

14.0 L


5 Speed

Pulsar N160 Variants


Ex - Showroom

Pulsar N160 Single Channel ABS


Starts at 1.23 Lakh

Pulsar N160 Dual Channel ABS


Starts at 1.28 Lakh

Features & Specifications

  • Engine CC

  • 164.8 CC
  • Fuel

  • Petrol
  • Brakes

  • Disc/Disc
  • Max Torque

  • 14.65 Nm
  • Max Power

  • 15.70 bhp
  • Tyre

  • 100/80-17 Tubeless/ 130/70-17 Tubeless
    • USB connectivity
    • Engine Kill Switch
    • Gear Indicator
    • Fuel Warning Indicator
    • Low Oil Indicator
    • Fuel Gauge
    • Low Battery Indicator
    • Pass Light
  • Detail

    Bajaj Auto has dropped a bombshell with the launch of the new Pulsar N160 sports commuter. The newest Pulsar is the second model based on the new Pulsar 250 platform. The new offering is available in a single-channel ABS version priced at Rs. 1.23 lakh, while there's a segment-first dual-channel ABS version priced at Rs. 1.28 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The new Pulsar N160 looks like a baby Pulsar N250, borrowing all the styling cues from the quarter-litre offering. The design language remains identical to the bigger bike with the projector lens headlamp with brow-like LED DRLs. The side and rear also sport the same panels and styling as the bigger model.

    The big change on the new Bajaj Pulsar N160, of course, is the smaller displacement motor. The bike draws power from the 164.82 cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that develops 15.7 bhp at 8,750 rpm and 14.65 Nm of peak torque at 6,750 rpm. That's 1bhp less than the Pulsar NS160, a model which this is likely to replace. Suspension duties are handled by telescopic forks at the front and a monoshock at the rear, while the Pulsar N160 get disc brakes at either end while riding on 17-inch alloy wheels and runs the same 100/80 section front and 130/70 section rear tyre sizes. The bike comes with a semi-digital instrument console similar to the N250 as well as USB connectivity.

    The new Bajaj Pulsar N160 gets a 14-litre fuel tank, while the kerb weight is said to be 154 kg. Bajaj is offering the Pulsar N160 in three colours – Racing Red, Techno grey and Caribbean Blue – on the single-channel ABS version. The dual-channel ABS version is only available with the Brooklyn Black paint scheme. The model arrives in a competitive space that already has some excellent offerings like the TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, Hero Xtreme 160R as well as the Suzuki Gixxer.

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    Bajaj Pulsar N160

    Price in India

    On-Road Price
    1.23 Lakh

    Bajaj Pulsar N160 Colors

    Bajaj-Pulsar N160 Racing Red

    Bajaj Pulsar N160 : Racing Red

    Available for all variants.
    Bajaj-Pulsar N160 Techno Grey

    Bajaj Pulsar N160 : Techno Grey

    Available for all variants.
    Bajaj-Pulsar N160 Caribbean Blue

    Bajaj Pulsar N160 : Caribbean Blue

    Available for all variants.
    Expert review

    Bajaj Pulsar N160

    People who are seeking for their first bike will find that the Bajaj Pulsar N160 is an excellent option. It is easy on the wallet, it comes with a potent engine, and it is comfy to ride. This article will provide an overview of the Bajaj Pulsar N160 bike, focusing on its most important aspects and characteristics.

    The debut of the brand-new Pulsar N160 sports commuter by Bajaj Auto has caused quite a stir in the automotive industry. The most recent generation of the Pulsar is the second vehicle to be derived from the brand-new platform known as the Pulsar 250. There is a single-channel ABS version of the new offering that can be purchased for Rs. 1.23 lakh, and there is a dual-channel ABS version that can be purchased for Rs. 1.28 lakh. Both versions are a segment-first (ex-showroom, Delhi). The new Pulsar N160 takes many design influences from the larger Pulsar N250, giving the impression of being a scaled-down version of the larger model. The projector lens headlamp and brow-like LED daytime running lights are carried over from the larger bike's design language in this smaller model as well. The panels and style on the sides and back are also identical to the larger model's counterparts. We will also go over its advantages and disadvantages, so that you will be able to make an educated choice on whether or not this bike is suitable for you.

    How is the design?

    Those individuals who are looking for a bike that is both fashionable and sporty will find that the Bajaj Pulsar N160 is an excellent option. The iconic Pulsar 200NS, which has been one of the most successful bikes in terms of sales in India, served as the inspiration for the design of the new motorcycle. The N160 gets its name from the fact that it has a more powerful engine than the 200NS, which is a result of its larger displacement of 160cc. In addition to this, the bike receives some visual upgrades that make it look even more fashionable.

    The new Bajaj Pulsar N160 features a motor with a lower displacement, which is, of course, the most significant upgrade. The 164.82 cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine provides the power for the motorcycle. It generates 15.7 horsepower at 8,750 revolutions per minute and 14.65 Nm of peak torque at 6,750 revolutions per minute. That's 1 horsepower less than the Pulsar NS160, which is probably going to be replaced by this model. The Pulsar N160 gets disc brakes at either end while riding on 17-inch alloy wheels and uses the same 100/80 section front and 130/70 section rear tyre sizes. The front suspension is handled by telescopic forks, and the rear suspension is handled by a monoshock. The bike comes equipped with USB connectivity as well as a semi-digital instrument console that is quite similar to the one seen on the N250. The fuel tank on the new Bajaj Pulsar N160 is rated at 14 liters, while the kerb weight is estimated to be 154 kg. The single-channel ABS version of the Bajaj Pulsar N160 is available in three different colors: Racing Red, Techno grey, and Caribbean Blue. These colors are offered by Bajaj. The Brooklyn Black paint scheme is the one and only option when purchasing the dual-channel ABS version.

    How is the performance?

    The starting weight of the motorcycle is 152 kilograms, and the capacity of the fuel tank is 12 liters. It comes standard with a fully computerized instrument dashboard, LED headlamp and tail lights, and tubeless tyres, among other things. The motorcycle is capable of reaching its maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour and can accelerate from 0 to 60 kilometers per hour in 4.8 seconds.

    Take control of the streets with the new, improved engine's addictive acceleration and the everyday rideability it provides. DTS-i engines provide 16 PS (11.7 kW) of power and 14.65 Nm of torque. These engines are oil-cooled and use twin spark plugs. Never find yourself without any juice. Because of its broad torque band, this motorbike is able to produce 85% of its peak power over a longer range of revolutions than any other motorcycle in its category. The Pulsar N160 has a higher Tractive Effort in all of its gears compared to its competition. Now is the moment to ride based on your instincts rather than the modes! When it comes to passing acceleration in third, fourth, and fifth gear, the Pulsar N160 is the class leader in the 160cc category (30-70 kmph). In the mode for maximum excitement! Feel for shifting gears that is unmatched in its class, paired with a damper that improves noise and vibration characteristics.

    1. What is the Torque Figures?

    The engine generates torque of 14.65 Nm @6750 rpm.

    2. What is the max Power?

    The max power of The Bajaj Pulsar N160 is 16 PS @ 8750 rpm.

    3. What is the Top Speed?

    The top speed of the The Bajaj Pulsar N160 is 120 km/h.

    How does the motorbike ride?

    The Bajaj Pulsar N160 is an excellent choice for riders who want a bike that is both inexpensive and effective in its operation. It has a single-cylinder engine that runs on four strokes and produces a respectable amount of power and torque. Because of its low weight and intuitive controls, this bicycle is an excellent option for traveling around town. The bike has a strong suspension, and it rides and handles quite well on both flat and bumpy pavement. The braking hardware consists of a single disc in both the front and the rear, with the option of either a single or dual-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS). It has alloy wheels of 17 inches in diameter. The Pulsar N160 comes standard with a semi-digital instrument cluster and a USB charging connector, both of which were included by Bajaj as standard equipment. Because it has efficient brakes and a wide variety of accessories, this bicycle is an excellent choice for a wide variety of riding situations.

    How comfortable the motorbike is?

    People who are seeking for a bike that is easy on the body will find that the Bajaj Pulsar N160 is an excellent option. Your rides will feel much more comfortable thanks to the excellent suspension system that comes standard on this bike. In addition to this, the seat on the bike is rather comfy, which will make it much simpler for you to ride for extended periods of time. The bicycle also comes equipped with a fantastic pair of handlebars that will provide you with a firm grip while you are riding it.

    The Bajaj Pulsar N160 ends up being a motorcycle that is rather likable despite its little size. It is very close to being a great fit for the market thanks to its smooth, tractable, and easy moving motor. It has outstanding handling, and the availability of dual-channel ABS is a significant plus.

    How’s the tech?

    The best-in-class 37 mm Telescopic front forks that ensure superb handling and agility will make navigating the streets a breeze now that they are equipped on this motorcycle. Embraced on either side by our distinctive Naked Wolf LED Daytime Running Lights, which provide an unparalleled level of illumination and a pinpoint beam for enhanced public safety. Integrated within the Infinity console for improved maneuverability and fuel management. You can know whatever gear you are in with just a fast glance, which will allow you to ride more efficiently on the street. Isn't this a vast improvement over the practice of making educated guesses? The new infinity console brings the aesthetically pleasing contrast between contemporary digital readouts and the more traditional analog tachometer to life. The brand-new and improved suspension provides precision handling while maintaining balance. A mobile charging station that is handily located near the tank flap will ensure that you never run out of juice while you're out and about.

    How’s the mileage of the motorbike?

    The Bajaj Pulsar N160 is a bike that has been developed specifically for individuals who have a passion for riding. It has an excellent layout, and riding it is a very pleasant experience overall. Additionally, the Bajaj Pulsar N160 has a mileage that is very respectable. Since I've had this bike for a time now, I can confidently tell that it gets an outstanding mileage out of each gallon of gas. I'm getting somewhere between 40 and 50 kilometers per liter, which is really decent taking into account the power and performance of this bike. It gets its power from a 164.82cc single-cylinder engine that is cooled by oil and produces 15.7 horsepower and 14.65 Newton-meters of torque. A gearbox with five different speeds is connected to the motor. The Bajaj Pulsar N160 shares its chassis with its larger 250cc sibling and comes standard with traditional telescopic forks up front and a monoshock assembly in the back.

    Is the motorbike good value for Money?

    When it comes to prices for two-wheelers, the Bajaj Pulsar N160 is most definitely on the higher end of the spectrum. However, in exchange for your money, you will receive a very high-quality bicycle that is durably constructed. The engine in the N160 is dependable and robust, making it capable of taking you everywhere you need to go. This is true whether you're driving to work or hitting the open road for a weekend road trip. Additionally, it has a comfortable seat and excellent suspension, which enables you to enjoy a smooth ride regardless of the condition of the road. Overall, we believe that the Bajaj Pulsar N160 is an excellent value for the money that it costs.

    How is the after sales service?

    The after-sales support for the Bajaj Pulsar N160 is of the highest caliber. To better serve its customers, the company offers a toll-free number for customer assistance, and its executives are always accessible to assist with any questions or concerns that customers might have. There is also a website that you can visit in order to learn everything there is to know about the product and the capabilities it possesses. Additionally, the company supports its customers by maintaining a nationwide network of authorized service shops where they may have their bicycles serviced or repaired.

    Which Motorbikes Compete in this Segment?

    Are you interested in purchasing a new bicycle? You might want to have a look at the Bajaj Pulsar N160, which is a well-liked option for the category of midsize bikes. But what other bicycles do you consider to be competitors in this particular market segment? The TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, the Suzuki Gixxer, and the Hero Xtreme 160R are some of the motorcycles that the Pulsar N160 competes against.

    The power output is slightly lower than that of its predecessor, the NS160, although the torque output is much higher than it was. A comparable model, the TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, also offers the same levels of power and torque as its rival. The new N160 is equipped with a transmission that is a five-speed constant mesh gearbox. In addition, Bajaj claims that the new engine is capable of delivering 85 percent of its maximum power and torque across a broader range of revolutions per minute (rpm). In addition, they claim that the Pulsar has the quickest acceleration from thirty to seventy kilometers per hour in gears three and four. The N160 is able to deliver a strong performance in its market because it has an abundant amount of torque across its whole rev range. On the other hand, if you're looking for top-end wallop, the N160 won't deliver for you.

    Verdict (Is it Value for Money?)

    In India, a street bike known as the Bajaj Pulsar N160 can be purchased for a minimum cost of Rs. 1,23,583 (USD 232). It comes in a total of 4 colors and 2 different variations, the most expensive of which can be purchased for Rs. 1,27,169. The engine that powers the Bajaj Pulsar N160 is a 164.82cc BS6 unit that is capable of producing 15.68 horsepower and 14.65 Newton-meters of torque. Anti-lock brakes are standard on the Bajaj Pulsar N160, which also features front and rear disc brakes and is equipped with a rear disc brake. This Pulsar N160 motorcycle features a petrol tank that can hold up to 14 liters and weighs 152 kg. The Bajaj Pulsar N160 is an excellent motorcycle for the price that you pay. It has a ton of different features, and riding in it is an extremely relaxing experience. The fact that it isn't quite as quick as some of the other bikes in its category is the only thing holding it back from being an outstanding buy for the money.

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