Bosch Highlights Motorcycle Safety Innovations At EICMA 2023

With Bosch’s prioritising the safety of the riders, the brand is developed new technology including radar-based motorcycle assistance systems and a comprehensive portfolio of functions

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Published on October 31, 2023

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  • Bosch's Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) expansion to smaller motorcycles aims to reduce 5 per cent of injury-related motorcycle accidents.
  • Bosch's radar-based assistance systems for motorcycles can potentially prevent one in seven motorcycle accidents with improved range and accuracy.
  • Bosch's next-generation electric wheel hub motor and Drive Control Unit offer weight savings of up to 2kgs

At EICMA 2023, Bosch is set to showcase a range of safety solutions aimed at enhancing motorcycle safety. Keeping rider’s safety in mind, the brand is developing technology spanning across their engine components, electric powertrains, safety systems, displays, and connectivity. 


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Safety Tech 


To further accentuate Bosch’s focus on rider safety, the brand has extended its Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) software for smaller motorcycles. Bosch Accident Research estimates that if MSC was integrated into every motorcycle, they could potentially reduce 5 per cent of injury-related motorcycle accidents. To make it most cost-effective, the system now relies on a more compact ABS variant and a 3D sensor.


Moreover, Bosch also introduced radar-based assistance systems to enhance motorcycle safety. These systems leverage electronic assistants to react swiftly in emergencies and can prevent one in seven motorcycle accidents. The latest Bosch radar generation for motorcycles has improved range and accuracy, further enhancing safety.

Digital Enhancements for Convenience



At EICMA, Bosch has launched a 5-inch TFT display that allows riders to view the vital information required while riding without it causing a distraction to the rider. Additionally, Bosch’s Integrated Connectivity Cluster (ICC) adds connectivity to the TFT Cluster, enabling riders to connect their smartphones and access various other features, including navigation, music, and telephony. The version of the ICC that measures nearly ten inches now offers a split screen, allowing for the simultaneous display of navigation and other essential information.


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Emissions and Efficiency


Bosch has introduced a next-generation electric wheel hub motor, which has achieved weight savings of up to 2 kgs while maintaining optimum performance. The Bosch Drive Control Unit is a compact component that combines the inverter, vehicle control, and engine management system. In conjunction with the wheel hub motor, the Drive Control Unit provides comfort features such as a smoother starting mode or cruise control. The electric traction control, controlled by the electric motor, prevents the rear wheel from slipping when starting off, improving riding safety, and increasing powertrain efficiency by allowing the motorcycle to recover braking energy when the rider rolls off on the throttle with one-throttle ride.


Bosch is also showcasing its specific engine management systems and components for two-wheelers and powersports vehicles that can support gasoline blend ratios up to E100, including various driving modes or quickshift solutions that can be easily implemented via the engine control unit, even in smaller vehicle classes. Alongside the latest sensor technology, the engine management systems can achieve significant efficiency gains compared with the conventional carburettor still in use in emerging markets. Bosch also provides full Onboard Diagnostics II (OBD), Step 1 and 2 aimed at helping manufacturers meet future emissions regulations, such as Euro 5 and India's BS 6 (Bharat Stage 6).


Written by: - Ronit Agarwal

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