Kawasaki Endeavour Electric Motorcycle May Be Close To Completion

New patents show that the Kawasaki electric motorcycle, called the Kawasaki Endeavour, could be very close to production.

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Published on July 24, 2020

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  • Kawasaki has already teased the Endeavour EV in videos earlier
  • The Endeavour will be an electric motorcycle with a 4-speed gearbox
  • Patent images reveal how the Endeavour will be shipped to customers

Latest patent images show that the Kawasaki Endeavour electric motorcycle project may be getting close to completion. Kawasaki had revealed the Endeavour a few months ago in a series of teaser videos, giving a quick glimpse of the bike's electric motor, a track lap and event the four-speed transmission on the electric bike! Now, as latest patent filings seem to prove, the Endeavour may be one more step closer to becoming a production reality. Although, there's been no official word from Kawasaki about the Endeavour's launch timeline, latest patent images give us a fairly good idea of how the Endeavour will be offered to customers.

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Latest patent images reveal the Kawasaki Endeavour electric motorcycle with its components

The patent images show the Kawasaki Endeavour electric motorcycle with the bike's frame, motor, battery, gearbox and parts of the frame. But more than showing the details and components of the bike, what the latest patents reveal is how the bike will be delivered to customers. One of the patent images shows a complete timeline of sorts, showing a bike without the battery or control unit being transferred to a location, presumably the dealership. Once there, the battery and control unit are shown as being fitted before the customer collects the bike.


Patent images reveal a modular form of delivery for the Kawasaki Endeavour electric motorcycle

What the patent images reveal is not necessarily a finished bike, but showing a modular process of shipping the bike to the end user. This may mean one of two things - either to meet and work around complex regulations of shipping high power electrical components, or to manufacture and assemble part of the bike at the dealership level, while the main electronics are manufactured elsewhere. Either way, what the patent images do point to, is the fact that Kawasaki may be seriously looking at launching the Endeavour electric motorcycle, and all that remains to be known is when.


Last Updated on July 24, 2020

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