Mercedes-AMG To Build A 1000bhp Mid-Engine Hypercar For 2017

To celebrate its 50th anniversary next year, AMG has something very special planned in the form of a 1000hp hypercar.

By Cyrus Dhabhar


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Published on September 5, 2016

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  • The Mercedes AMG hypercar will be a hybrid with turbocharged engine
  • The hypercar will use the same 1.6-litre unit seen on the Mercedes F1 car
  • The hypercar will get a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio
2017 is an important year for AMG as it turns 50. From its humble beginnings Mercedes-Benz tuners as ‘AMG Motorenbau und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH’ (AMG Engine Production and Development, Ltd.), by former Mercedes engineers Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher to being owned fully by Mercedes-Benz from 2005, the firm has often set benchmarks in motorsport and road cars. To celebrate its 50th anniversary next year, AMG has something very special planned.

According to the strong rumours circulating, AMG has been secretly working on a mid-engined hypercar for the road using the same technology that goes into the current Formula 1 car. The new car is set to have the same 1.6-litre V6 engine that is currently in the W07 F1 car and will of course be turbocharged. And just like the F1 cars, the new Mercedes will also have hybrid technology with electric motors adding to the performance. Expect the car to make over 1000bhp and have electric motors powering the front wheels while the IC engine combined with an electric motor powers the rear wheel.
Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo Concept

The new Mercedes-AMG hypercar is set to have a 1:1 setup, which means 1bhp for every kilogram and is expected to weigh just above 1000kgs. The hypercar will be made out of exotic materials like carbonfibre and is expected to have a carbon tub just like the ones found in the McLaren road cars. The new Mercedes-AMG hypercar will probably be made in very very limited numbers and could get both a coupe and a convertible variant just like we have seen with the SLR McLaren in the past.

Although the car will be built in the Mercedes-AMG plant in Affalterbach, expect the engines to be built at the F1 facility in the United Kingdom. The development of a road engine could also herald in improvements in the next generation race engine with regards to reliability. Expect the hypercar to cost at least a couple of million US-Dollars and to be sold out as soon as it is shown to the public.
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