MG Hector Connectivity Features: All You Need To Know

The upcoming MG Hector SUV will be the second connected car in India and will feature over 100 connected car services.

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MG Hector will most likely be the second connected car in India.


  • The MG Hector will sport a massive 10.4-inch full-HD touchscreen.
  • TomTom IQ Maps has also made its debut on the Hector in India.
  • The iSmart next-gen system will receive over-the-air (OTA) updates.

Connected cars have been in the news for quite sometime and finally we will see them materialising. The upcoming MG Hector will mark China-based SAIC group's entry in India and will be India's second connected car after the Hyundai Venue. MG Motor has partnered with several tech companies to provide the segment first connected car experience which MG has recently previewed. Here's everything you need to know about the new iSmart system which will feature in MG Motor's upcoming connected car.


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  1. The iSmart is a complete integrated system which combines software, hardware, connectivity, services and application. MG Motor has partnered with Cisco, Unlimit, Microsoft, TomTom, Nuance, Adobe and Gaana among others to come up with over 100 connectivity features.
    gaqto1dg The Hector will be equipped with a 10.4-inch full-HD vertical touchscreen unit.
  2. The massive 10.4-inch full-HD vertical touchscreen has been designed by Cisco and uses the Jasper IoT management platform that automates the connectivity features.
  3. The second partner- Unlimit- will provide the integration platform through which all the applications will operate. It will give windows to the Entertainment services, Analytics, AI, Big Data, Device Management System, Connectivity Base, Value Added Services and other apps. The Operating system will also receive Over-The-Air (OTA) updates like firmware updates, new features and upgrades.
  4. Tech giant- Microsoft will provide the cloud support on the Hector where the data will be stored and secured with the Microsoft Intelligent Security which will provide multi-layered protection to the data centre.
    l0b9ivp4TomTom IQ Maps has also made its world premiere in India on the MG Hector and interface will receive over-the-air updates.
  5. MG Motor has also tied up with Netherlands based TomTom- a renowned navigation system provider for IQ Maps. The IQ Maps can also be activated with a voice command to display live routes on the infotainment screen.
  6. Nuance has facilitated MG Motor to render the best in-car ecosystem which will recognise the voice of the entire family in Indian-accented English to operate majority of the features such as sunroof operation, Headlamps, navigation, play music among other on the "Hello MG" command. It will even help you find the nearby location with live map on the infotainment screen or make any purchase on the go. The idea is to manage majority of the functions without taking your eyes off the road.
  7. MG Motor India will also have its own call centre- Pulse which apart from assisting the customers for the above mentioned personalised services, will also alert the emergency contact numbers and nearby medical assistance in case of an emergency. Precisely, as soon as the airbags are deployed.
    3nta78jThe iSmart nect-generation will come with pre-loaded entertainment system.
  8. Furthermore, Adobe will also assist the company to enhance the connected ecosystem.
  9. Lastly, MG Motor has tied up with for the entertainment service like streaming music online or watching videos when the car is not moving.
  10. The Hector will be embedded with a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) e-Sim which is designed on the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV 6) platform which will be 5G ready. Airtel will be the service provider and MG Motor will give free data to customers for the first few years. The MG Hector will also feature Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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