Omega Seiki Partners With Log 9 Materials To Introduce New EV Tech

Omega Seiki Mobility and Log 9 Materials have partnered to develop and introduce a new rapid charging battery technology for electric three-wheelers.

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Published on May 13, 2021

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  • Omega Seiki and Log 9 Materials to launch rapid charging battery tech
  • The rapid charging battery will be introduced in Rage+ EV range
  • The batteries will be available in two specifications

Omega Seiki, and EV manufacturer and Log 9 Materials, a leading start-up in the field of battery technology in India have collaborated together to develop and introduce a new rapid battery charging technology for electric three-wheelers in India. The technology will be offered on Omega Seiki's Rage+ electric three wheeler platform. There will be two variant on offer - a 5.8 kWh, 120 Ah unit and a 6.5 kWh, 140 Ah battery which will take 30 minutes and 35 minutes respectively to charge fully. Both variants can operate in temperatures between -40 degree Celsius and +65 degree Celsius.

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(Omega Seiki Mobility has a range of electric three-wheelers and has plans to introduce electric two-wheelers as well)

Dr. Deb Mukherji, Managing Director, Omega Seiki Mobility, said, "We are excited to enter into a long-term supply agreement with Log 9 Materials. With sustainability at the heart of our strategy and an increasingly important requirement for our customers and consumers, we are delighted to be working with our partners to deliver best technology via our products to the market."

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(Omega Seiki Mobility electric three-wheelers)

Developed by Log 9 Materials, these batteries will have 15,000 charge cycles. Adding to the peace of mind will be a class-leading 15-year warranty. The Rapid charging batteries will have a range of around 65 to 100 km when fully charged. Omega Seiki says that this is the first time that fast charging technology is being introduced in electric three-wheelers in India.

Dr. Akshay Singhal, Founder & CEO, Log 9 Materials, said, "India needs battery technologies built ground up based on local conditions, requirements and usage patterns. This has been the underlying thesis of our technology development at Log 9 Materials. Our RapidX battery technology addresses the core challenges of high downtime due to charging, low reliability due to dropping power in the vehicle during discharge and rapidly degrading range of the vehicle as the battery gets old. This will drive adoption of EVs in the last mile sector where there is a huge pent up demand."

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