Yezdi Adventure vs Rivals: Spec Comparison

The Yezdi Adventure takes on the Royal Enfield Himalayan, KTM 250 Adventure and the Benelli TRK 251. Here's how each of these adventure tourers compares against each other on paper.

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  • The Yezdi Adventure & RE Himalayan are quite identical in design and spec
  • The KTM 250 Adventure & Benelli TRK 251 offer more touring ability
  • The Yezdi Adventure is evenly priced against its rivals
The Yezdi Adventure is the newest entry-level adventure offering in the market and sales have begun at the Jawa-Yezdi showrooms pan India. The new Yezdi Adventure is a direct rival to the Royal Enfield Himalayan and even looks identical to an extent as a no-nonsense offering that can take on all kinds of terrain. But how do the Adventure and the Himalayan perform in a spec to spec comparison? And to make matters a bit more interesting, we've added the KTM 250 Adventure and the Benelli TRK 251 which are also options for those looking at entry-level adventure tourers. Here's how each of these adventure tourers compares against each other on paper.
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The Yezdi Adventure and the Royal Enfield look nearly identical


The Royal Enfield Himalayan gets the largest displacement engine in this comparison but makes the least amount of power. The Benelli TRK 251's motor is the next most powerful engine here, while the KTM's 249 cc mill and the Yezdi Adventure's 334 cc mill are identical in terms of power output. Power also kicks in earlier on the Himalayan at 6,500 rpm while peak power arrives on the Yezdi at 8,000 rpm. Both the KTM and Benelli offerings are high-revving engines with power coming in over 9,000 rpm.

Engine Specifications Yezdi Adventure Royal Enfield Himalayan KTM 250 Adventure Benelli TRK 251
Displacement 334 cc Single-Cyl, Liquid-Cooled 411 cc Single-Cyl, Oil-Cooled 248.8 cc Single-Cyl, Liquid-Cooled 249 cc Single-Cyl, Liquid-Cooled
Max Power 30 bhp @ 8,000 rpm 24bhp @ 6,500 rpm 29.6 bhp @ 9,000 rpm 25.4 bhp @ 9,250 rpm
Peak Torque 29.9 Nm @ 6,500 rpm 32 Nm @ 4,500 rpm 24 Nm @ 6,000 rpm 21.1 Nm @ 8,000 rpm
Transmission 6-Speed 5-Speed 6-Speed 6-Speed

Torque output is the highest on the Himalayan at 32 Nm, followed by the Yezdi, 250 Adventure and the TRK 251. The latter makes a substantially 10 Nm less than the Himalayan. Do note that the Himalayan runs on an oil-cooled set-up, while all other motorcycles here get liquid-cooling. All bikes here use a 6-speed gearbox but the Himalayan is the only offering to opt for a 5-speed unit.
The Yezdi Adventure manages a decent power to weight ratio with a kerb weight of 188 kg, which is about 11 kg lighter than the Himalayan's 199 kg. The KTM 250 Adventure is a fairly lighter motorcycle at 177 kg. Benelli hasn't shared the kerb weight on the TRK 251 but the bike's dry weight stands at 164 kg, which will make it heavier than the KTM with the fuel and oils.

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The Royal Enfield Himalayan makes the most torque here, followed by the Yezdi and KTM offerings

Suspension & Ground Clearance

Both the Yezdi Adventure and Royal Enfield Himalayan get telescopic front forks with 200 mm of travel and a monoshock at the rear with 180 mm of travel. The KTM Adventure gets the more sophisticated USD front forks from WP with 170 mm of travel, while the rear gets a monoshock with 177 mm of travel. The Benelli TRK 251 gets the least adventure-spec suspension with its telescopic forks getting 135 mm of travel, while the rear monoshock comes with 51 mm of travel.

Specifications Yezdi Adventure Royal Enfield Himalayan KTM 250 Adventure Benelli TRK 251
Front Suspension Telescopic Telescopic USD USD
Travel 200 mm 200 mm 170mm 135mm
Rear Suspension Monoshock Monoshock Monoshock Monoshock
Travel 180 mm 180 mm 177 mm 51 mm
Front Brake 320 mm Disc 300 mm Disc 320 mm Disc 280 mm
Rear Brake 240 mm Disc 240 mm Disc 230 mm Disc 240 mm
ABS Yes (3 Modes) Yes (Switchable) Yes (Switchable) Yes

With respect to the braking, all four motorcycles get disc brakes at either end with dual-channel ABS. Barring the Benelli, all three bikes offer switchable ABS that disengages the rear wheel. The Yezdi though offers three ABS modes - Road, Off-Road and Rain. In terms of ground clearance, the Yezdi and Royal Enfield offerings are evenly matched at 220 mm, followed by the KTM at 200 mm and then the Benelli 170 mm.


The KTM 250 Adventure gets a more sophisticated suspension with USD front forks and a monoshock rear from WP

Cycle Parts

The Yezdi Adventure and the Royal Enfield Himalayan run 21-inch front and 17-inch rear spoked wheels. These are not tubeless tyres though. In contrast, the Benelli TRK 251 and KTM 250 Adventure get alloy wheels with tubeless tyres. The KTM's 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheel set-up work well for light off-roading, while the TRK 251 is more road-biased with 17-inch wheels.

Specifications Yezdi Adventure Royal Enfield Himalayan KTM 250 Adventure Benelli TRK 251
Wheel Type Spoke-wire, Tube Type Spoke-wire, Tube Type Alloy Wheels, Tubeless Alloy Wheels, Tubeless
Front 90/90R21 90/90R21 100/90R19, 110/70R17
Rear 130/80/R17 120/90R17 130/80R17 150/60R17
Fuel Tank 15.5 Litres 15 Litres 14.5 Litres 18 Litres
Ground Clearance 220 mm 220 mm 200 mm 170 mm
Seat Height 815 mm 800 mm 855 mm 800 mm
Kerb Weight 188 kg 199 kg 177 kg 164 kg

The Benelli is also the more touring friendly motorcycle with a fuel tank capacity of 18 litres. The Yezdi ADV comes second with a 15.5-litre fuel tank while the RE Himalayan is a close third with its 15-litre capacity. The KTM 250 Adventure gets the least capacity here at 14.5 litres.


The Benelli TRK 251 is designed for more touring ability and gets an 18-litre fuel tank, the largest in this comparison

Seat Height

The RE Himalayan and the Benelli TRK 251 get the lowest seat height at 800 mm, followed by the Yezdi Adventure at 815 mm. The KTM 250 ADV gets the tallest here at 855 mm.

Instrument Console

On the feature front, the Yezdi Adventure's tilt-adjustable digital console certainly appears to be more loaded than the other offerings here. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity with turn-by-turn navigation via the Yezdi app. The Himalayan gets an analogue unit in comparison but does come with the Tripper pod navigation that also brings turn-by-turn navigation. Both the KTM and Benelli offer digital consoles but miss out on navigation in any form.

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