Last Recorded Price
73,573 - 1.43 Lakh

Piaggio Vespa Overview

Engine Capacity-icon

Engine Capacity

125.0 CC



45 - 52 KM/L

Fuel Tank Capacity-icon

Fuel Tank Capacity

7.0/7.4/8.0/8.7 L



105/114/115 Kg



Ventilated Disc/Drum

Starting Mechanism-icon

Starting Mechanism

Self / Kick Start/Self Start

Wheel Type-icon

Wheel Type

Alloy Wheels

Body Type-icon

Body Type


What's New?

The Notte 125 from Piaggio Vespa is the most affordable from its scooter segment. It was previously available in the BS-IV variant and is now launched with the mandatory BS-VI engine. Even though it’s the most affordable Vespa, compared to the other scooters, the price of the Notte 125 starts at ₹ 95,692.

The premium scooter is available only in one variant, Piaggio Vespa Notte 125 BS-VI and offers a single colour, which is matte black. The reason behind the all-blacked out appearance is hidden in the name of the scooter. In Italian, “Notte” translates to “night” and hence, the all-black exterior.

The Notte 125 closely resembles the Vespa VXL 125 and is said to be a cosmetic variant of the latter. No chrome is visible as an attempt to stay true to its ‘Notte’ appearance. Due to this, even the wheels are all black.

The premium scooter is powered by a single-cylinder, air-cooled, 125 cc engine which generates a max power of 9.78 bhp at 7500 rpm and a peak torque of 9.6 Nm at 5,500 rpm, just like the one in VXL 125. The Vespa scooter has a mileage of 60 kmpl which is coupled with a fuel tank capacity of 7.4 L. One can easily expect a riding range of over 300 km with a full tank.

Both the front and the rear end of the cosmetic scooter feature drum brakes and are equipped with the Combi-braking system, weighing 114kg.

The BS-VI variant of the Notte 125 is nearly ₹ 17k costlier than its BS-IV counterpart. In terms of features, there is no significant addition that can justify the surge in price except for the advanced and imminent update of BS-VI, an OBD port and fuel injection.

In terms of competition, the Vespa Notte 125 competes with Yamaha Fascino 125, Honda Activa 125, TVS NTorq and Suzuki Burgman Street in terms of the price tag. But when compared based on specification, there is no competition for this premium scooter except for other Vespa scooters and those from Aprilia, which is Vespa’s sister brand.

Piaggio Vespa Expert Review

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  • Good build quality
  • Light weight
  • Compact dimension


  • Ride quality is stiff
  • Brakes lack bite
  • Lack of network reach

The Piaggio Vespa is a fun scooter, with a likeable old-school design that has been around for almost five decades. It offers decent performance, has a stiff ride quality. It handles well too but is now getting a little long in the tooth, with Piaggio not having made any recent and significant updates in the last few years. Despite decent dynamics, the brakes lack bite, and the scooter is on the expensive side, even for 150 cc scooter models.


Vespa is Italy’s legendary line of products, manufactured by the conglomerate Piaggio. Piaggio Vespa Notte 125 BS6 is a funky scooter with that familiar retro styling that has been around on the streets for more than five decades. As always, the scooter is significantly on the high-end side and particularly appeals to the affluent market instead of the mass commuters. However, the Notte 125 is marginally affordable but significantly costlier than the rival scooters from other brands. It stays true to its name and appears in a dark edition. It undercuts the Vespa 125 VXL which had been the most affordable of all Vespa models. 

How is the design? 

‘Notte’ means night in Italian and the new Vespa is endowed with an all-black bodywork, which signifies its name. Besides the matte black appearance, it features dark grab rails, wheels and mirrors. It also flaunts the typical rear styling of Vespa and the overall appearance is quite premium, minimal and simple. At the front section, it carries the same round hand lamp along with the customary corner lights. The instrument console facing the rider comprises the standard displays such as the speedometer and odometer with premium switches. The painted storage compartment is easy to operate. Across the storage section, right below the black seat of the scooter, a hook is attached for carrying shopping bags and backpacks. It comes with a rather utilitarian design. The tail-end significantly showcases the standard Vespa design. The storage capacity beneath the seat is moderate but has ample space for fitting a helmet. 

How is the performance?

The Piaggio Vespa Notte 125 has been the most premium scooter of its class in the market. This scooter is propelled by an air-cooled, single-cylinder, 124cc engine that dishes 9.78 bhp of peak power at 7500 rpm and 9.6 Nm of maximum torque at 5500 rpm. The BS6 compliant engine is supported with a fuel injector for making the engine more refined and seamless. The Notte is well-suited for commuting daily and cruising through busy traffic as a result of its comfortable handling and an abundant mileage. The scooter performs the best from to initial pick-up to the mid-range, particularly between 40 kmph and 60 kmph speed range. No vibration can be felt until the scooter picks the high range speeds. Beyond 60 kmph, the scooter struggles for power. The Notte 125 can pick up a maximum speed of 90 kmph.

How does the Piaggio Vespa Notte 125 ride?

As you set off, the Piaggio Vespa Notte 125 offers utmost premium-ness and everything has that high-end feeling starting from the grip of the handlebar to the switches. The revamped engine feels smoother and more refined with good feedback from the throttle. The initial pickup of the scooter reciprocates the similar smoothness. The engine seamlessly runs without hindrance up to 60 kmpl and can be rear easily between 40 kmph and 50 kmph. As mentioned earlier, the engine struggles at the higher speeds, degrading the overall quality of the ride and causing some amount of vibration. It is therefore advisable to ride this scooter between 40 kmph and 50 kmph because you will not get that expected thrill beyond 60 kmph. However, this scooter quickly overtakes traffic with ease and comfort even with low-end acceleration. It can easily filter through busy traffic and the light built makes it easier to squeeze through narrow gaps.  

How comfortable is the Piaggio Vespa Notte 125? 

The Notte 125 has a rather light body weight and even with the smaller wheels this scooter offers comfortable riding experience on rough terrains. But surprisingly, the suspension is the comfort element in the Notte 125. The feedback from the suspension has been excellent and the impact caused by bumps and potholes, that are found in plenty on the rough Indian roads, is reduced to the bare minimum. The seat plays a significant role in contributing to the comfort of the scooter. The seats are wide and plush for offering long-term comfort. There is ample leg space for the rider but the raised area in the centre affects the overall comfort of the scooter.

How's the tech?

The Notte 125 has not undergone any significant shift when it comes to technological specifications. This scooter is propelled by an air-cooled, single-cylinder, 124cc engine that dishes 9.78 bhp of peak power at 7500 rpm and 9.6 Nm of maximum torque at 5500 rpm with fuel injection mechanism. The engine is BS6 compliant. The braking duty is carried by a combined braking system. There is a fuel gauge and indicators for fuel and battery warning. The central instrument console features an analogue odometer and speedometer and other display essentials. There is Bluetooth connectivity for adding to the premium quality of the scooter.

How's the mileage of the Piaggio Vespa Notte 125? 

The BS6 compliant Notte 125 offers an on-road mileage of about 60 kmpl with a fuel capacity of 7.4 litres. The claimed mileage is expected when you are riding on highways but you can very well expect a mileage of about 50 kmpl in city traffic considering the reputed fuel economy of Vespa that it has achieved with the BS6 upgrade. 

Is the Piaggio Vespa Notte 125 good value for money? 

The Piaggio Vespa Notte 125 cannot be judged from the value perspective. This is because Vespa has its own loyal fan base who are not likely to compare the scooters with that of the other brands. The simple yet premium design, the sleek finish of the body sporting the all-black finish appeal to the high-end customers. The braking performance can be improved but otherwise this scooter is unmatched in terms of performance and fuel economy. This scooter is also cheaper than its siblings.

How is the after sales service? 

You must get your Vespa serviced every 90 days. The expected cost of servicing is around 800 and should be done from the authorised service centres of Vespa in India. The maintenance cost of Vespa scooters is average to high depending on how you ride it and keep it.

Which scooters compete in this segment? 

Some of the top-notch competitors of the Vespa Notte 125 are Suzuki Burgman Street, Honda Activa 125, TVS NTorq and Aprilia SR 125.

Verdict (Value for money)

As mentioned earlier, Vespa is all about class and premium-ness and cannot be perceived from a standpoint of value. Vespa is its own competitor. The Notte 125 comes in a stunning look and is marginally cheaper than the other offerings of Vespa. So, owning a Vespa at this price is something the fans love about.

Specifications & Features

Explore an in-depth overview of the Piaggio Vespa specifications and features, offering comprehensive details on its engine, fuel efficiency, mileage, brakes, max power, and tyre. Additionally, gain insights into the bike's advanced safety features.

Engine CC

125.0 CC




45 - 52 KM/L


Ventilated Disc/Drum

Max Torque

10.60 Nm

Max Power

9.60,10.00 bhp


90/100-10 53J/ 90/100-10 53J

  • c&b iconCBS
  • c&b iconSuspension
  • c&b iconSeat
  • c&b iconHeadlight
  • c&b iconTail Light
  • c&b iconFuel Warning Indicator
  • c&b iconLow Oil Indicator
  • c&b iconFuel Gauge
  • c&b iconPass Light

Piaggio Vespa Price List (Variant Wise)

Piaggio Vespa price starting from 73,573. Piaggio offers Vespa in 18 variants.


Last Recorded Price

Vespa Notte 125
₹ 73,573
Petrol, 45 KM/L, 125.0 CC
Vespa Urban Club
₹ 73,733
Petrol, 45 KM/L, 125.0 CC
Vespa VX
₹ 74,273
Petrol, 45 KM/L, 125.0 CC
Vespa Std
₹ 77,816
Petrol, 45 KM/L, 125.0 CC
Vespa S
₹ 78,495
Petrol, 52 KM/L, 125.0 CC
Vespa RED
₹ 88,147
Petrol, 45 KM/L, 125.0 CC
Vespa VXL
₹ 88,339
Petrol, 45 KM/L, 125.0 CC
Vespa SXL
₹ 93,093
Petrol, 45 KM/L, 125.0 CC
Vespa Elegante
₹ 97,724
Petrol, 52 KM/L, 125.0 CC
Vespa Notte 125 BS VI
₹ 1.12 Lakh
Petrol, 45 KM/L, 125.0 CC
Vespa Urban Club BS VI
₹ 1.12 Lakh
Petrol, 45 KM/L, 125.0 CC
Vespa LX BS VI
₹ 1.15 Lakh
Petrol, 45 KM/L, 125.0 CC
Vespa ZX BS VI
₹ 1.17 Lakh
Petrol, 45 KM/L, 125.0 CC
₹ 1.31 Lakh
Petrol, 45 KM/L, 125.0 CC
Vespa Sports Edition
₹ 1.35 Lakh
Petrol, 45 KM/L, 125.0 CC
₹ 1.35 Lakh
Petrol, 45 KM/L, 125.0 CC
Vespa Racing Sixties SXL BS VI
₹ 1.41 Lakh
Petrol, 45 KM/L, 125.0 CC
Vespa 75th Anniversary Edition
₹ 1.43 Lakh
Petrol, 45 KM/L, 125.0 CC

Piaggio Vespa Mileage

6 %
Better mileage than other Scooter
Check Vespa Mileage in Detail

Piaggio Vespa Colours

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Piaggio Vespa is available in 11 different colors namely Yellow, Glossy Red, Vibrant Red, Azzure Provenza, Pearl White, Tuscany orange Sports, Tuscany orange, Midnight Blue, Matt Black, White & Dark Green.

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Vespa scooters greeted us at the lake resort with a few being parked all over including one interestingly on a traditional Kerala canoe. It was an almost perfect setting for the fun evening that was planned for us.
Discovering Kerala With a Vespa
8 years ago
1 mins read

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Piaggio Vespa
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Ex-Showroom Price
₹ 73,573 - 1.43 Lakh₹ 73,450 - 82,320 ₹ 74,536 - 82,734 ₹ 70,590 - 82,290 ₹ 77,106 - 1.03 Lakh₹ 77,600 - 87,200
C&B Expert Rating
Engine CC
125.0 CC124.6 CC109.5 CC124.6 CC124.8 CC124.0 CC
45 - 52 KM/L49.00 Km/L45.00 Km/L54.00 Km/L60.00 Km/L64.00 Km/L
Max Torque
10.60 bhp10.20 Nm8.90 Nm10.40 Nm10.50 Nm10.20 Nm
Max Power
9.60,10.00 Nm9.10 bhp8.00 bhp9.00 bhp9.10 bhp8.58 bhp
Ventilated Disc/DrumDrum (Front) / Drum (Rear)Drum (Front) / Drum (Rear)Drum (Front) / Drum (Rear)Drum (Front) / Drum (Rear)Drum (Front) / Drum (Rear)
Fuel Tank Capacity
7.0,7.4,8.0,8.7 L5.0 L5.3 L5.0 L5.0 L5.6 L
Kerb Weight
105,114,115 Kg110 Kg106 Kg115 Kg118 Kg104 Kg
Colour Count
Detailed Comparision
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Piaggio Vespa FAQs

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  • The Piaggio Vespa seat is designed to provide maximum comfort for riders, even during long-distance rides. The seat is made of high-quality materials and is ergonomically designed to provide excellent support and cushioning.
  • The Piaggio Vespa has a suspension system that is designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride, even on bumpy or uneven roads. The single-sided front suspension system and rear monoshock suspension system work together to absorb shocks and vibrations, reducing the impact on the rider.
  • Some Piaggio Vespa models have backrests for the rider or passenger to lean against, providing additional comfort and support.
  • The engine capacity of the Piaggio Vespa varies depending on the model, but most models have engine capacities ranging from 125cc to 150cc.
  • The maximum power output of the Piaggio Vespa also varies depending on the model, but most models have power outputs ranging from 8.2 horsepower to 12 horsepower.
  • The Piaggio Vespa usually has a four-speed or automatic transmission, depending on the model.
  • The design of the Piaggio Vespa was inspired by the need for affordable and practical transportation in post-World War II Italy. The key design elements that made it unique were its streamlined, aerodynamic shape, which was inspired by aircraft design, and its enclosed bodywork, which provided protection from the elements and improved fuel efficiency.
  • The design of the Piaggio Vespa has evolved significantly over time. Early models had a more rounded shape, with a single-piece handlebar and smaller wheels. Later models featured more angular lines, larger wheels, and a split handlebar. More recently, the design has become more modern and streamlined, with features like LED lighting and a digital instrument cluster.
  • The design of the Piaggio Vespa contributes to its functionality and practicality as a mode of transportation in several ways. The enclosed bodywork provides protection from the weather, while the small size and lightweight design make it easy to maneuver in traffic and park in tight spaces. Additionally, the large wheels and responsive suspension system provide a smooth ride on a variety of road surfaces.