Hero Mavrick 440 Review: Hero’s Top Gun Tested!

Hero MotoCorp’s most expensive motorcycle tested on everyday roads. Does it make for an impressive product as the world's largest two-wheeler manufacturer's flagship motorcycle?



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Published on June 11, 2024

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  • Hero Mavrick 440 is the brand's flagship motorcycle
  • Shares common platform with Harley-Davidson X440
  • Hero Mavrick 440 based on 440 cc, single-cylinder engine

(Photography: Arvind Salhan)


The Hero Mavrick 440 is Hero MotoCorp’s latest shot at the premium 400-500 cc motorcycle segment. A sort of neo-retro roadster, with the Mavrick 440, Hero is looking to break new ground in the “premium” segment, although in recent years, Hero MotoCorp has not been able to make quite a mark with slightly more aspirational and premium motorcycles. With the Mavrick 440, that’s precisely the statement Hero wants to make, based on the common platform shared with the made-in-India Harley-Davidson X440.


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Now, Hero MotoCorp has been sitting pretty at the top of the volumes game, being not just India’s, but the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer by volume. And when we say volume, in FY 2023-24, Hero MotoCorp sold over 56 lakh motorcycles and scooters, but most of those numbers come from small-displacement 100 cc commuter motorcycles. The Mavrick 440 is not just Hero’s most expensive and flagship product, but the brand will be looking to make an impression in the rapidly growing 300-500 cc motorcycle segment. The question I had in mind, before swinging a leg over the Mavrick 440 was, does it have the goods to make a solid impression?


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Hero Maverick Image 5

The common 440 cc platform was first introduced in the made-in-India Harley-Davidson X440.


Hero’s 440 platform has been in the making for sometime now, developed in-house by Hero’s R&D department at its Centre for Innovation and Technology in Jaipur, but also with inputs from Harley-Davidson engineers in Milwaukee. After all, the platform did make its debut with the Harley-Davidson X440, and not the Mavrick 440. Apart from the engine and chassis combination, there’s a lot different on the Mavrick 440, which completely sets its apart from the X440.


Hero Maverick Image 1

The Hero Mavrick 440 manages to stand its own and look different than the Harley-Davidson X440. It's more a neo-retro roadster than a street naked.


Design & Features

In terms of styling, silhouette and design, the Mavrick 440 manages to look completely different than the X440. The face gets a round LED headlight, with circular LED indicators, which looks different, but the overall silhouette is more roadster than naked street or cruiser, like its sibling, the X440. There’s a muscular 13.5 litre fuel tank, and a single-piece seat that offers good surface area for a comfy riding position. 


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Hero Maverick Image 3

The Hero Mavrick 440 runs on 17-inch wheels, with the front wheel suspended from a 43 mm telescopic front fork.


And even though the Mavrick uses the same steel trellis frame as the X440, unlike the Harley’s 18-inch front wheel, the Mavrick runs on 17-inch wheels at both ends, with diamond-cut alloys on the top variant. The Mavrick also gets a 43 mm telescopic front fork, instead of the upside down forks of the Harley-Davidson X440. Rear suspension is dual shock set-up with a box-section swingarm, and braking is dual-channel ABS.There's a LED taillight as well, but the rear mudguard design feels somewhat out of proportion.


Hero Maverick Image 15

Better visibility of the readings in the instrument console would have certainly helped.


The instrument console is a negative LCD unit, and even though it gets connected features and more, and is well-equipped with read-outs, it misses out on size. The display screen is somewhat small, and even though it’s a matter of time to get used to it, a bigger, more legible screen certainly would have helped.   


Hero Maverick Image 7

The 440 cc, air/oil-cooled, single-cylinder engine makes 27 bhp and 36 Nm.


Engine & Performance

As mentioned earlier, the Mavrick 440 uses the same 440 cc, air and oil-cooled, single-cylinder, two-valve, SOHC engine, but it’s slightly different. The ECU map is different for the Mavrick 440, so while it puts out the same 27 bhp at at 6,000 rpm, it makes marginally less torque (2 Nm less and comes in 1,000 revs higher), making 36 Nm at 4,000 rpm. But pulling power is still good, and there’s plenty of shove from as low as 2,000 rpm, spreading out to 4,000 revs and beyond. 


Hero Maverick Image 21

The Hero Mavrick 440 has a relaxed, chilled-out vibe. If you are into that kind of riding, it won't disappoint you.


The result is that the Mavrick 440 has a relaxed vibe to it, just like the X440. Not many downshifts are required, and the engine is made for relaxed cruising, for a play on the torque, rather than outright, top-end performance. If you’re looking for quick acceleration and top-end performance, the Mavrick 440 is not the bike for you, but if you’re someone who likes a relaxed, chilled-out ride, then the Mavrick 440 will not disappoint you.


Hero Maverick Image 23

You can cruise all day at 100 kmph, and between 90-100 kmph is the Mavrick 440's sweet spot.


The Mavrick is happiest at speeds of 90-100 kmph, and at 4,000 rpm, you can cruise all day long at 100-110 kmph, without any stress or the engine feeling strained. Sure, you can go higher if you need a quick overtake at those speeds. I saw a speedo-indicated top speed of 138 kmph, but beyond 110-115 kmph is when the Mavrick starts feeling unhappy. You will start feeling some buzz, some vibes at high triple digit speeds. But if your commute is long, and your like being relaxed on the highway, without chasing acceleration or top-end performance, the Mavrick 440 will not disappoint you.  


Hero Maverick Image 22

Ride quality is plush and comfortable, and it's a comfortable motorcycle, which doesn't compromise on agility.


Ride, Handling & Brakes

The Hero Mavrick 440 gets 43 mm telescopic front forks, unlike the X440’s upside down set-up. At the rear are seven-step preload adjustable twin shocks and not a monoshock set-up, but that’s also part of the roadster appeal that the Mavrick (and the X440) tries to convey, rather than being a naked street or sporty model. From our experience, the suspension set-up is more than adequate, and the Mavrick 440 sails over broken patches when we did encounter them, and gave no reason for any complaints when it came to its ride quality.


Hero Maverick Image 26

Show it a few corners and the Mavrick 440 impresses with its on-road handling ability.


And when you hit the twisties, the Mavrick 440 is surprisingly stable and planted. The chassis and suspension combination really shines through giving the motorcycle a level of sure footed-ness that is immediately likeable. Sure, it’s no sports bike when it comes to being agile and planted, but the Mavrick 440 


Hero Maverick Image 29

Prices for the Mavrick 440 begin at Rs. 1,99,000 (Ex-showroom), but for the top-spec variant, prices will go up to Rs. 2,24,000 (Ex-showroom).


Price & Competition

Prices for the Hero Mavrick 440 begin at Rs. 1,99,000 (Ex-showroom, Delhi) for the base variant, with wire-spoke wheels and tube-type tyres, going up to Rs. 2,24,000 (Ex-showroom, Delhi) for the top-spec variant. But the top-spec variant is priced closer to the Triumph Speed 400, and even its sibling, the Harley-Davidson X440. More importantly though, the Mavrick 440 will also need to compete directly with the 350 cc models from Royal Enfield, particularly the Classic 350, which will be a task to beat.


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Hero Maverick Image 25

The Bajaj Pulsar NS400Z now undercuts the Hero Mavrick 440 in pricing.


When it was launched, the Hero Mavrick 440 was the most affordable 400 cc motorcycle, if you looked at the base variant price. But the segment has since seen several new entrants which will compete squarely against the Mavrick 440, at least at its price point, if not its character and personality. If you look purely at value, then you can't ignore the new Bajaj Pulsar NS400Z, which is not just more performance-oriented, with a high-revving engine, but at a significantly more attractive price point as well, at Rs. 1,85,000 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)..


Hero Maverick Image 20

The Hero Mavrick 440 is an impressive motorcycle and scores in several different qualities.




The Hero Mavrick 440 certainly is an impressive motorcycle. If you ask me, how's the bike, there's one thing I can say with full confidence, and that is that it’s definitely a good bike!.At the same time, what it lacks is that desirability factor, that “wow” factor. It's more of a Jack of all, than being best at one thing. And that to me, makes all the difference between a good bike and a great bike.


Hero Maverick Image 27

The Mavrick 440 has a tractable engine, great road manners and is priced right. Will Hero's Top Gun be able to impress the market?


In the eventual analysis, I wouldn't be surprised if the Mavrick 440 slowly and steadily, creates a strong fan following. That is something, which time will tell. But if you're considering a motorcycle in this segment, you definitely should take a test ride. The Hero Mavrick 440 could be all the bike you need.


Hero Mavrick 440 Key Specifications:


Engine 440 cc, air/oil cooled, single-cylinder, 2V SOHC
Max Power27 bhp @ 6000 rpm
Peak Torque36 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Compression Ratio9.65:1
Wheelbase1388 mm
Ground Clearance175 mm
Kerb Weight187 kg (alloy version)
Saddle Height803 mm
Front Suspension43 mm telescopic front fork
Rear Suspension7-Step Preload Adjustable Twin Shocks
Front Brake320 mm disc (ABS)
Rear Brake 240 mm disc (ABS)
Front Tyre Size110/70-17
Rear Tyre Size150/60-17
Fuel Tank Capacity13.5 litres

(Source: Hero MotoCorp)

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