7 Parameters That Define a True Value-For-Money Car

Learn a new approach to picking the perfect value-for-money ride. Know more.

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Published on January 12, 2022

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  • It can be daunting to judge what makes a car value-for-money.
  • Several factors can end up influencing your decision.
  • Find out how affordability and great car purchases go hand in hand.

People buy cars based on a majority of considerations. However, for most car buyers in India, value-for-money is the biggest consideration of them all. There are several factors that give value to the car but the perfect vehicle is the one that offers all those factors at the most affordable price. To pick such a car, you need to take a certain approach. Today, we're going to be showing you the 7 parameters that define a true value-for-money car.



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Good looks are no longer the domain of expensive vehicles. Even affordable cars come with a great deal of visual appeal these days. And having that appeal definitely contributes to their value-for-money nature.

Safety features


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When buying a car, one must never compromise on safety. But the sad part is, some manufacturers do reserve high-end safety features for their expensive models. Nonetheless, basic safety features like airbags, seatbelts, lane assist, backup cameras, and much more are indeed part of affordable cars and help give them the value-for-money tag.

Fuel economy


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Fuel economy is something we Indians have been obsessed with since the dawn of cars. And with prices of petrol and diesel skyrocketing all the time, it has garnered added significance in recent years. That's because fuel economy can lead to long term savings. There's no doubt that it's one of the main parameters that define a true value-for-money car.

Added features and boot space


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Carmakers are increasingly trying to bring luxury features to affordable models. These include sunroofs, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay support, keyless entry, Bluetooth connectivity, climate control, and more. The more such features get added to your car, the better its value. Moreover, the availability of boot space for carrying luggage is also an important factor for a vehicle to succeed in India.

Cost of ownership


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The cost of ownership doesn't just involve the price of the car. It also includes service and maintenance costs, the interest that you'll be paying on the car loan, as well as the money you'll be spending on the fuel. If these factors are not properly considered, the cost can spiral out of control easily.

Resale value


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The car resale market is something that you need to have a good understanding of in order to ensure that your car fetches a good amount once you decide to sell it. Certain cars and manufacturers are known for having good resale value and they contribute a lot to the car's value-for-money nature.



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You can't expect an affordable car to do a 0 to 100 in 3 seconds but you can certainly choose one that meets your daily driving needs. A car that offers quick pick-up, decent traction, a reliable engine, and a good overall drive is something that increases its value furthermore.

Keep in mind all these 7 parameters that define a true value-for-money car when you're making your next car purchase.

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