Revolt RV400: What We Know So Far

The Revolt RV400 is the first electric motorcycle from Revolt Motors, and the bike has been officially unveiled and will be formally launched with pricing, specifications and details in July 2019. Here's all that we know about the Revolt RV400 electric motorcycle so far.

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The Revolt RV400 will be launched in July 2019


  • The Revolt RV400 is the first electric motorcycle from Revolt Motors
  • The RV400 will have a top speed of 85 kmph, with a range of 156 km
  • The Revolt RV400 will be launched in July 2019

Revolt Intellicorp has just unveiled the electric vehicle manufacturer's first electric motorcycle, the Revolt RV400. The new electric motorcycle will be launched in August 2019 and the start-up has announced pre-bookings for the RV400 for ₹ 1,000 at the official website of the company as well as on Amazon. After it's launched, the Revolt RV400 electric motorcycle will be available in seven metro cities, including Delhi-NCR, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Chennai within the next four months. Revolt Intellicorp has showcased a few unique features of the RV400 at the unveil ceremony in New Delhi, but more details like price, specifications and features of the RV400 will be revealed once the electric bike is launched.


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Revolt Motors founder Rahul Sharma at the official unveiling of the Revolt RV400

Here's what we know about the Revolt RV400 so far:

  1. The Revolt RV40 looks like a conventional naked street commuter bike and has a handsome design, with LED lighting, sculpted bodywork, upside down front forks, a monoshock rear suspension and 17-inch alloy wheels with combined braking system and disc brakes on both wheels. The electric bike will also have regenerative braking, which will use the braking energy to recharge the batteries.

    The Revolt RV400 has a handsome design with LED lighting, upside down front forks, alloy wheels and sculpted bodywork

  2. The RV400 electric motorcycle will have three riding modes - Eco, City and Sport, with an ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) certified range of 156 kilometres on a single charge in Eco mode. In City mode, the range is expected to be around 80-90 km on a single charge, and Sport mode with full performance is expected to offer around 50-60 km of range. The RV400 has a claimed top speed of 85 kmph.

    Revolt Motors promises a complete ecosystem of battery swapping locations, and on-demand recharged batteries which can be ordered on the dedicated app

  3. Revolt Motors promises to offer complete peace of mind from range anxiety for customers. In addition to a dedicated battery recharging and swapping network, customers can have access to an on-board charger to charge the bike on a conventional 15A power socket, and can also remove the battery and carry it home, or the workplace, to re-charge using a portable charger.

    Removable batteries with portable charger, as well as on-board charger will be provided on the RV400

  4. The Revolt RV400 is a smart-connected electric motorcycle which will have artificial intelligence (AI). The RV400 will offer a dedicated mobile app which will show features like battery range, remote starting, bike location, real-time riding information, geofencing, satellite navigation, location of battery swapping locations, and a first-of-its-kind synthesised sounds which can be further customised by the rider and selected from the app. Important documents like registration certificate, driving licence and insurance can be uploaded on the app, and customers can even order recharged batteries to be delivered to a selected address. In addition, the RV400 is also expected to get a voice command system.

    Rahul Sharma, Founder of Revolt Motors is the former co-founder of Micromax mobiles, and says the pricing will be affordable for all

  5. Revolt Motors maintains that the RV400 electric motorcycle will be affordable to a wide variety of customers, and it's expected to be priced to disrupt the two-wheeler market, not just in the electric space, but also conventional internal combustion engine motorcycle with similar performance and styling. We expect pricing to be aggressive, maybe even below ₹ 1 lakh once it's launched in July 2019.

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